June 6th Whitman Show @ Emo’s Lounge

Have you seen my face?  I think I left it on the floor of Emo’s Lounge on Friday night.  Austin darlings Whitman brought the jams out on Friday night at Emo’s Lounge here in Austin.  Most would think the band would be a bit sloppy having been absent from the stage for around two months but that wasn’t the case on Friday.

Whitman played fast and loud throughout their 45 minute set opening for Unwed Sailor and Sybris.  The band tends to skip the slow songs off their most recent album Torch Songs but crowds usually don’t complain. At one point Ram Vela (lead singer of Whitman) announced “it’s time for a ballad”, when in fact the band started into their heaviest song “Cloak & Dagger”. Each song was played without a hitch despite the lack of recent shows for the band. Several members of the audience were shaking their butts and singing along as the band thrashed through their set. Whitman closed out the night with crowd favorite and most radio friendly song “The Drifter” much to the crowds delight. Whitman have been playing and touring since 2003 and plan to embark on a west coast tour starting in July.  For more info & tour dates on this up and coming band in Austin, check out their myspace page. I know you’ll enjoy this band just as much as we do.

All Pictures are provided by the master photographer Jonathon Edwards. For more info on Jonathon or to tell him how cool he is, contact him here

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