Last Week’s Jams (3.11 – 3.15)

For some reason or another, we were rather preoccupied with the Austin goings-on, so perhaps we didn’t cover as much as we might have liked. I’ll be circling back through this week to try and get as much of it up as I can. But, we did have some really solid jams…and a few premieres…or whatever you call it. I was definitely feeling a little electronically inclined, covering new stuff from Maria Chiara Argiro and Cong Josie. Got blown away by the new Lightheaded track, not to mention fawning over tunes from Kindsight and Mammoth Penguins. Oh, and speaking of premieres…we had a new Unwed Sailor and a live cut from The Wind-Ups. Check them below.

Unwed Sailor Share Blue Tangier Single

Having just caught Mogwai play the other night, it seems fitting that I’m settling into my midweek with a fresh track from Oklahoma’s Unwed Sailor. Both bands have always operated in like territory, creating narratives within the realms of instrumental rock, much like this single below. At its start, it’s harrowing in a sense, synth notes washing over a thunderous riff, until the the lead guitar begins its journey. That journey sees a glimmer of light work its way into the track, telling a story of reaching out of the darkness to find comfort, which is where you are just after the 1 minute mark. Thundering noise sneaks in too, but it’s a reminder that there’s a natural ebb and flow to the tale coming through your speakers. If you’re into instrumental storytelling, you need look no further than Underwater Over There, out May 10th!

Last Week’s Jams (2.12 – 2.16)

Sorry for taking off yesterday, but we’ll be honest, this site’s run by folks in the education field, so when we’re granted a rare day off mid-semester, you better believe we’re hanging with our families! But, here I am with hopefully a link to last week to set you up for this week. We covered perhaps too much music last week, getting 28 songs on the mark, and I was super stoked to hear that both Parsnip and Mammoth Penguins were back in business…with new albums heading our way. Plus, Kindsight gave us another sparkling single from their forthcoming LP via Rama Lama Records. I’m in on new Bolis Pupul, so we’ve got that, plus Unwed Sailor have a new release…there is maybe too much new stuff out there! Just take a listen!

Unwed Sailor Announce Underwater Over There

Having spent my college years in Oklahoma, I have always had an affinity of the work Unwed Sailor (there were only so many weird kids in the state in the 00s). While post-rock stylings of late seem to mostly mimic the quietloudquiet formula, this single has the group operating on more of a vibrant horizon; they’re offering these riffs that seem to rise and fall, like a light Spring shower continuously falling atop your head as the sun shines on in the distance, which seemingly matches up with the visuals from the video that accompanies it; I’m pretty sure that the vid was shot in Eureka Springs too, a nice little nod to those of us who spent time in that part of the country. It’s nice to hear some instrumental jams that just bring a natural warmth to the songwriting. Looking forward to Underwater Over There, out on May 10th via Current Taste.

Get Swept Away By Unwed Sailor

If you’re looking for something a little more mellow to kick off your week this morning, might I suggest this sweeping new number from our Seattle based pals in Unwed Sailor. Typically a more dreamy and atmospheric instrumental band, this one called “Ajo”, brings more of a slick, almost funk like beat paired with shiny guitars. This should be perfect for your mid morning work day.

“Ajo” appears on the new Unwed Sailor album Truth or Consequences due out on May 14th via Spartan Records.

Epic New Song Form Unwed Sailor

Seattle based Unwed Sailor is a longtime favorite around the ATH offices. When it comes to mostly instrumental bands, they are likely in the top 3, maybe even top 2, of all time. Never shying away from pumping out new music, band founder and main creator Johnathon Ford just put out an album last year, but has another one in the works for this summer. To preview the new material, check out this epic and banging new track called “Look Alive”. It offers a myriad of musical moments and emotional ranges as it can be soft, mellow and mesmerizing, but then loud, fast, and truly head nod inducing.

Unwed Sailor will release new album Look Alive on June 12th via Old Bear Records.

Beautiful New Track/Video From Unwed Sailor

Possibly a little late on this one so I’ll go ahead and apologize for my tardiness. With that out of the way, I’m pleased to share with you this new track called “Indian Ocean” from the legendary musician Johnathon Ford and his project known as Unwed Sailor. As always, the song is completely instrumental, has tons of rises and falls, and is a real thing of beauty. As someone who has always loved this style of instrumental, emotional music, I’m loving this.

Unwed Sailor will release Heavy Age on May 3rd. Pre-orders are up now.

Your Thanksgiving Break In Music

As many of you also probably take part in, we here at ATH will be taking a bit of vacation time for the Thanksgiving holiday over the next couple of days.  Of course that doesn’t mean we’re going to leave you high and dry on show recommendations so we’ll do this as a send off or Happy Holidays if you will.  So if you’re planning on staying in town for the holidays or you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (communists), here’s a few shows to check out.

Friday 11/27

J. Tillman @ Waterloo Records (5pm/free)

J. Tillman, Pearly Gate Music @ Mohawk (9pm/$10)

Neon Indian, Tunnels, Tigercity @ Stubbs indoor (9pm/$10)

SAT. 11/28

Cursive, Capgun Coup, Booher & The Turkeys @ Mohawk (8pm/$11)

Old Canes, Haunting Oboe Music, Always Already, Abby Birds @ Emos (9pm/$5 door)

MON 11/30

Unwed Sailor, Native Lights @ Mohawk inside (10pm/$5 door)

Unwed Sailor @ Emo’s (11/19)

Johnathon Ford will be bringing his instrumental outfit Unwed Sailor to Emo’s Austin on Wednesday evening.  Doors for the show are at 8 with music beginning around 10.  Local Austin act, The Calm Blue Sea, will also be playing in support of the Oklahoma based act.  Preview the show with recent single from Unwed Sailor “Copper Islands”.


Download: Unwed Sailor – Copper Islands [MP3]

June 6th Whitman Show @ Emo’s Lounge

Have you seen my face?  I think I left it on the floor of Emo’s Lounge on Friday night.  Austin darlings Whitman brought the jams out on Friday night at Emo’s Lounge here in Austin.  Most would think the band would be a bit sloppy having been absent from the stage for around two months but that wasn’t the case on Friday. Read more

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