FT5: Why Fun x3 Fest Is One Of The Best Music Festivals Around

So, last week saw the unveiling of the 2010 Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup by the Fun Fun Fun Fest corporation, and some of us were privilege to the official announcement via a press conference conducted at Austin’s Wyndham Garden Hotel. Complete with corporation adorned ties and suits, a PowerPoint presentation, donuts, fried chicken, and tap water, the leaders tickled and enticed with the revelation of it’s real goal for us and our future. “Prepare yourself for an exponential growth in awesome” was one of the leading lines into the disclosure of the lineup. Now, why is Fun Fun Fun Fest rapidly becoming one of the more popular music festivals amongst true music fans these days? 5 years in and this is what we have to look forward to during Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010.


5. Non-Music Activities

So, aside from the lineup that kinda rocks, there are many other non-music activities that are set to take place this year at Fx3 Fest. Anyone down for an Air Sex contest? I’m down with almost anything involving the word sex. Alamo Drafthouse has been housing this for awhile and are behind bringing this entertaining event to the festival. Of course the mechanical bull will be making another appearance this year, and although not confirmed, I would imagine that the half-pipe will be in attendance as well. And if fornicating with air isn’t your style (nerd), then maybe some live wrestling might be in order with a healthy dose of veggie hot dog eating. A veggie hot dog eating contest to boot. Don’t expect Kobayashi to make an appearance though..


4. Waterloo Park

Unfortunately it seems that this year’s festival might be the last year that it calls Waterloo Park home. The scheduled Waller Creek Tunnel Project threatens not only some of our treasured music live music haunts on Red River, it will more than likely displace Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011. And if you have been to Fun Fun Fun Fest in previous years, you understand how complimentary this park is to this festival. The stages are easily accessible, the layout is user friendly, and there is an abundance of park to make it feel comfortable.


3. Food and Vendors

If you live in Austin and haven’t figured it out yet, we have a plethora of great local food artists creating tasty morsels at very reasonable prices. I’m not talking your regular pizza or hot dog stands, I’m talking Anthony Bourdain quality noms. And while ACL might be skimming the surface, Fun Fun Fun Fest hits the deep artery on this one. Veggie, local, carnivore, and good. It’s all in place. And don’t fret if you forgot to pack supplies for the fest, as they’ll be readily on hand for purchase, and all quality local. One word of caution though..just because the festival touts a generous variety of smoking utensils, security isn’t always willing to let you in with the..subject matter.


2. Diversity

You have comedy, you have heavy, you have punk, you have old school, new school, beats, mosh pits, dance parties, chuckles, rap, maybe a little disco, tattoos, face paint, tight jeans, jean jackets, day glo whatever, and a park full of music lovers having… FUN. Just to name a few: Devo, MGMT, Bad Religion, The Hold Steady, Gwar, Dirty Projectors, Slick Rick, Weird Al Yankovic, Suicidal Tendencies, WAVVES, Deerhunter, ……get it?



A band that has endured the years as art-rock, nerd-rock, new wave, whatever, still holds strong and still has a message to deliver. Pro information and anti-stupidity. Their de-evolution rap shouldn’t be of any surprise to any us, especially those of us punching our tickets for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010. This November will be a great excuse to whip it, whip it good.


November 5th, 6th, and 7th. Get tickets now.

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