Newish Music from I Break Horses

I Break Horses keeps showing up on my liked and most played playlists after several introductions around the web as featured new music. So, I decided to share this track.

Out of Stockholm, I Break Horses is Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck. Winter Beats is definitely a slow build, a chilly shoegaze track. I love this stuff this time of year – just enough fuzz teamed with space and synth around vocals and calming layers of noise that are perfect for being lazy on a summer afternoon (indoors).


Download: I Break Horses – Winter Beats [MP3]

Friday Top 5: Subscribe

I am not just referring to @austintownhall or

There was big news recently about Spotify bringing their all-you-can-eat music service to America hammering the tech sites and delighting music fans.  Now, this concept is nothing new to me as a long time subscriber and advocate of Microsoft’s Zune Pass.  It has however been a chore to evangelize the merits of renting your music catalog.  Let’s face it, there is a warm fuzzy around “owning” your music, isn’t there.  But let’s go over the Top 5 reasons why you subscribe to a music service, especially as there are now several great multi-platform services to choose from.

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The Fair Ohs – Everything is Dancing

Rating: ★★★½☆

Let’s be honest; it’s hotter than blazes basically everywhere in the country. So what kind of music is perfect to ease the sweat on your brow or the sunburn on your shoulders? While there may not be any certain genre that can take away the heat entirely, perhaps just riding those heat waves out with summer themed music can help in some way. On Everything is Dancing, you’ll find the nautical guitar riffs and the surfy pop melodies that can make you feel as though on the beach, or at least close to something refreshing.

The Fair Ohs, hailing from London, kick off this debut with “Baldessari,” a summery-from-the-get-go number that doesn’t waste any of your time to get things started. Tropical guitars begin right as you press play, leading you to the waves of crashing cymbals and the yelping vocals of Eddy Frankel. He is also joined by what sounds like the rest of the band: Matt Flag and Joe Ryan, for some quality gang vocals. All of the elements combine and overlap each other to make for a complex, yet simply summery mix. Following this opener, is “Eden Rock,” in which this band just keeps moving forward, and faster. The pacing certainly increases on this second song, and so does the amount of cymbal, which contributes to an even simpler sound than that of the first.

At this point, it is plausible to wonder if The Fair Ohs are just a one trick pony; that all their songs revolve on their sunny disposition alone. However, this is an assumption to be proven faulty from later on songs off of Everything is Dancing. Example: “Marie,” the second to last number, brings in a slightly more somber feel to the beachy tunes. The overall beat is a little slower, and the sunshine switch is at half volume, alluding to the end of that favorite season when the band asks “where does summer go?”

But in reality, you’ll probably remember the sensationally fast-paced and mad summer tunes of songs like the band’s single and title track “Everything is Dancing, ” or even “Helio,” in which you can’t help but sing along with Frankel as he drags out his words, or move your feet to the those rolling drums in the background. In the end, it’s just a really fun and entertaining release; perfect to sweat out the last of your energy dancing through the heat of this summer.


Download: Fair Ohs – Baldessari [MP3]

Show Preview: Weird Weeds @ the Mohawk (7/30)

Date Saturday, July 30th
Location Mohawk
Doors 900p
Tickets $6 at the Door

Austin’s Weird Weeds have been knocking around our town for quite some time, and they’ve built up a pretty decent following.  This means you’ll be in for some good times, along with some great music at the Mohawk on Saturday evening.  Also, you have to get their early to catch one of our favorite acts Sleep Good, still riding high after the release of their latest album, Skyclimber. Lean Hounds will be the first act of the evening; another good act.  With a slew of shows going down over the weekend like Iron and Wine and Joanna Newsom, you’ll get more bang for your buck by ending up over at Mohawk.


Download: Sleep Good – Shoneys [MP3]

New Music (and album) from We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves

If you scour the Interwebs long enough late at night, you’re bound to come across something decent, which is exactly the case when I stumbled upon We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves. They’ve just self-released their own album, One Belongs Here More Than You, and you can pick it up for the lucky “name your own price” tag. While the band might be from the States, they definitely have the dance-hall feel of British bands celebrated in the annals of Northern Soul.  Give this a try, and get your feet moving and your arms swinging on another sweltering summer day.


Download: We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Back of My Bible [MP3]

New Music from Comet Gain

I’ve known this project was in the works for some time, and I’m super excited to bring you all new tunes from one of my most beloved bands, Comet Gain.  You’ll find this new tune, as well as twelve others, on their latest effort, Howl of the Lonely Crowd, which will be released in the US on October 4th by the incredible folks over at What’s Your Rupture.  In my mind, this is one of the most under-appreciated bands in the whole world, as they always have infectious tunes.  Perhaps the fact that Edwyn Collins from OJ helped produce this record will give the group the extra push it needs to be the next big thing in indie pop.  If you love this, and realize you’ve been wrong by ignoring this band for so long, I suggest you go to Whats Your Rupture and order Broken Record Prayers (their last LP) or Cinema Red and Blue (a hot joint featuring Comet Gain and Crystal Stilts members).


Download: Comet Gain – An Arcade From The Warm Rain That Falls [MP3]

More New Music from Case Studies

There’s been a lot of people getting really excited about Case Studies, the new project from former Dutchess and the Duke member Jesse Lortz. His first record under the moniker, The World is Just a Shape to Fill the Night, will be out August 16th via Sacred Bones.  This track below is just another in the slew of tracks floating around the Internet promoting Jesse’s new band. I like the playfulness in Jesse’s songwriting, or at least its straight-ahead approach to writing lyrics.  Good to see the guy still knows how to write a great track!


Download: Case Studies – You Folded Up My Blanket Like We Were Already Lovers [MP3]

New Song from Sad Accordions

One of our favorite local acts Sad Accordions have just released a split EP with Monahans, each offering up two songs for the endeavor.  It’s a limited release being put out by new label Mt. Inadale Records, so we’re definitely happy to see a new label spring up with Austin bands in mind.  The Accordions track definitely continues to show how the band has improved upon their sound, growing into one of the most complete groups in town.  We hope you dig this track, and if you do, scramble to get yourself one of the 500 copies of the limited pressing floating around!


Download: Sad Accordions – Denial Takes the Train [MP3]

Folk Jam from Book Club

In case you hadn’t completely take notice, it seems that Atlanta is the new Brooklyn, or since it’s smaller, it’s probably the new Austin, sadly.  But, good for the ATL, especially considering they have this great little group, Book Club.  The song below comes from the group’s record, Ghost, which will be released next week, August 2nd.  For me, it sounded like a sad-bastard version of a serious Moldy Peaches tune.  But, hold on for lush arrangements, folk texturizing, and you’ll be pleased with what you hear.  This is definitely a good way to begin a Thursday in my opinion.


Download: Book Club – Meal of Dreams [MP3]

Show Pics: Moonface @ Emo’s

Spencer Krug brought his current project to town to play an inside show at Emo’s on a Tuesday night. Moonface can be familiar and foreign to Wolf parade fans. It borders on percussive Electronica at times, smooth keyboard driven poppiness at others. In all, a group of ardent Krugophiles enjoyed themselves. They were even treated to a Moonface’d version of a Swan Lake song to close things out.

Pics and a few more comments about Moonface and the openers, White Dress and Flow Child, after the break.

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