ATH SXSW Show & Sampler (3/16/12)

It’s that time again folks, time for SXSW and another awesome show by yours truly here at ATH.  This year we’re teaming up with our amigos over at local label Sonora Records to bring what is arguably the best SXSW show around.  We’ve got a sweet lineup that’s been worked on behind the scenes for months now with some equally incredible local sponsors.  Here are the deets on the show after the jump.

Date: Friday, March 16th

Times: Music from 12 noon until 12 midnight.  That’s 12 friggin’ hours of music!

Location: 2nd Street Showdown @ 1500 E. 2nd Street (ATX)

Lineup with set times: Young Girls (12 noon), Snowmine (1:30pm), Twerps (1:45pm), Seapony (2:45pm), Suckers (3:45pm), Choir of Young Believers (4:45pm), The Loom (5:45pm), On After Dark (7pm), Whitman (8pm), Literature (9pm), Western Ghost House (10pm), ATH DJ Sets (whatever the hell time is left till midnight)

All ages.  Free Drinks for 21+!  No RSVP required.  RSVPs are for chumps!

Our show also features….. FREE BOOZE!  Here also is a thank you to the following sponsors: Tiff’s Treats, EarPeace, Mr. Gattis, Zico Coconut Water, Treaty Oak, and Adelbert’s Brewery.

It also wouldn’t be SXSW time without our annual sampler.  We’ve got 26 songs from all our showcasing bands along with tons of other great bands coming into town for the festival.  After the jump you’ll find a handy dandy Soundcloud player where you can stream each song, download them, or even embed it on your own site.  Thanks to for also helping us out by promoting the mix on their site; you should check them out. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for features on all our showcasing bands as well as our annual guide featuring the best shows to attend on any given day.

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