Show Pics: Ty Segall @ Mohawk (5/25)

Last Friday was a disgustingly busy night of shows. The ATH crew split time between The Mohawk and Red7.

First up for show coverage is the four band line-up at The Mohawk headlined by Ty Segall. After the recent recorded collaboration, it was only natural for White Fence to back up Ty. Along for the ride were Memphis band Useless Eaters and one of my local favorites Rayon Beach.

Click through and play a little Where’s Waldo with the crowd pics…

I am a sucker for synth playing while drumming. I have seen Rayon Beach a few times now, they seem to be getting more comfortable with the material. Nice set, bailed to get creds at the next venue so I missed the start of Useless Eaters. They had a full head of steam by the time I got back to the friendly confines. The crowd was working itself up.

White Fence notched the intensity level up a bit as cameras from Texas Monthly filmed. Ty joined them for a song. They were loud and fast. By the time Ty took to the stage, people were ready to lose their shit, so they did. Ty had a rotating door of stage support, members of White Fence, a couple different drummers. There was a little crowdsurfing and crowdcrashing, beer throwing, lighting snags, fist pumping and general mayhem. So yeah, exactly the cathartic party release you would expect for a Ty Segall show.

More pics available over at the photo site


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