Fun Fest Preview: Cursive

Fun Fun Fun Fest is growing ever closer friends, and as promised, we’re going to continue previewing bands right up until the festival starts on Friday.  I see it as a great way to start easing us into the weekend with a band playing early on Friday at the festival, so let’s take a look at veteran act Cursive.  Follow the jump for more info on the band and their set times.

It’s hard for me to pinpoint when my fandom of Cursive started.  It was for sure in my earlier days as a late teenager or at the beginnings of my college career.  I can say that the band was definitely on my radar in high school, but I really became a huge fan after seeing them perform several times at Emo’s when I first moved to Austin during their Domestica and Burst and Bloom EP tour.  Their shows during that time period had amazing energy with songs like “The Night I Lost the Will to Fight” absolutely killing it every time I saw it live (shit I hope they play that one…).

So as my fandom grew more and more at that time, I’ve stayed true and in touch with the band ever since their turn of the century days and into 4 more superb album, including I am Gemini from earlier this year.  With each and every album that comes out, the band continue to be one of the best veteran acts who grow musically and artistically on every LP.  I’m a huge fan and you’ll find me front and center during Tim Kasher and crews set during Fun Fest.

You can join me for the Cursive set on Friday at 2:35pm over on the Orange Stage.


Download: Cursive – From the Hips [MP3]

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