Last Week’s Jams (7.8 – 7.12)

After a brief vacation, I apparently over-indulged while RayRay was out on the town, hitting up nearly 30+ songs, and some of those, like the premiere we ran for legendary Refrigerator, aren’t even on streaming platforms, so you have to go find em’ on the site! Austin had a big week, with acts like Club Coma, Liz Burrito, Voxtrot, Font and Letting Up Despite Great Faults throwing out some new jams. But, don’t think San Francisco/Oakland were game for being overshadowed, with Tony Jay, Sad Eyed Beatniks, Chime School, Fake Fruit and Parallel all dropping new jams. So, this is nearly 2 hours of really really great music, so sit back, press play, and escape the madness, albeit for a brief moment.

Cursive Share Botch Job Single

We here at the ATH offices are certainly interested in what’s coming out of the Cursive camp, and their latest single has Tim Kasher clawing at expectations. As a fan, this one feels like the Good Life work is bleeding into the songwriting process. There’s some sharp guitar licks that are pretty solid, yet the tendency for Tim to soften his vocals and hold onto a calmer presence there seems to supersede. Now, that doesn’t mean we’re not jamming it over here, just an observation that this might be the album where Tim gets all the pieces together and knocks it out of the park! Devourer will be out on September 13th via RFCR.

Last Week’s Jams (6.3 – 6.7)

Pretty heavy week we had over on the ATH here. The Bay Area and Austin area had some great tunes to offer us, such as new stuff from Sad Eyed Beatniks and Holy Wire, or perhaps Swiftumz and Letting Up Despite Great Faults. We also got to preview some great shows like Adrianne Lenker and The Umbrellas (that was a blast btw!). Plus, Cursive return after a few years off, so of course the site’s emo contingent was keeping you up to date there. Then there were Nathan faves like Icarus Phoenix, Quivers and Azure Blue, all of whom offered us up new tunes. Tons to enjoy below.

Cursive Return with Devourer

As an avowed Cursive fanboy, I feel obligated to tell you that they are returning with a brand new album that’s going to blow you away! Today, Run for Cover announce they’ll be releasing Devourer, their first album in five years! I love the new tune, and feel like it might possibly be some of the best stuff Tim’s done since the Ugly Organ; his vocal control throughout the single is as remarkable as ever, solidifying his role as one of the voices I’ll always carry with me. I don’t need to wax poetically here, as if you’re reading this site, you likely already love the band and their work; the new LP will drop on September 13th.

Show Preview: Cursive @ Mohawk (5.12)

I feel like a majority of the people that stumble upon this site had a period in their life when they were so heavily into music that it accompanied them everywhere. For me, 1997-2004, it was my main companion. Walking to class, walking to work, driving in my car on long road trips…no matter where I went, there was something playing; I honestly cared more about music than most of my relationships at that time. And, a huge part of those years was the Saddle Creek discography, particularly Bright Eyes and Cursive. Well, this Friday, Cursive is coming to Austin and the Mohawk to play the entirety of their 2000 classic, Domestica. So, in anticipation, I wanted to do a track by track breakdown, 23 years down the road from when I first listened. If you haven’t gotten your ticket; you can grab them HERE.

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Tim Kasher’s New Video for What Are We Doing

Interestingly, as I spend more and more time with Tim Kasher‘s new album, the more I realize how every few years I’m reminded of how much I love his songwriting. There’s this playfulness in his vocals on this latest single, yet always with that sense of self-deprecation to go along. I think that’s perhaps the greatest thing about Tim’s work; his lyrics, even his social critique, also comes with a sense of awareness and honesty. Plus, there’s this sailing vocal in the end, buoyed by this huge blast of horns…just another carefully arranged detail that makes Middling Age a special joy; it’s out this Friday via 15 Passenger Records.

Tim Kasher Announces Middling Age

Tim Kasher is one of those songwriters who I take for granted; I’ve been a fan of Cursive and his solo work (Good Life + TK), but he’s been so prolific, that I sometimes overlook an album, coming to it later. I won’t be skipping over his new LP, Middling Age, perhaps because I have a sneaking feeling the tunes will hit home lyrically as I’m nearing the same age as Tim. His first single from the new LP is strikingly stark, with perfect accents made by the backing vocals of Megan Siebe. Listening through, its like meeting up with an old friend after an absence, only to find you don’t skip a beat, as close as ever, grateful for that companionship. If you find Tim Kasher as a life-companion, like me, look for Middling Age on April 15 via Passenger Records.

Sucker For This Tim Kasher Tune

You’re probably familiar with Tim Kasher from his work as the frontman of emo-staple band, Cursive, but 2017 sees Kasher striking out on his own once again to bring you his third solo album. The track that he just put out from this new release is called “Break Me Open,” and it’s as emotionally vulnerable as the title suggests. Swelling violins open the tune, and Kasher’s raw vocals soon join the mellow mix. The whole track is centered around Kasher’s storytelling, and the result is a song that will have you stuck on line after line that Kasher doles out. Take a listen below, and then go pre-order (pretty colored vinyl) his latest solo effort, No Resolution, which is out March 3rd on Cursive-Run label, 15 Passenger.


ATX Friday Night Show Spotlight

Austin-skyline-_9359-copyI always encourage you to go hit up the town on the weekends.  I know we’re all busy, but you can grab a fancy dinner, some drinks, and still have time to enjoy some of the great music this town has to offer.  There’s tons going on this weekend, so I’m going to spend a little time today looking at Friday night, that way you have time to plan your evening.  I even added some overly basic genres behind the shows to give you an idea at what you could be in for.  Read more

Binge Drink with Fourth of July

fourthofjulyI’ll admit that from time to time I have a tendency to revel in my juvenile tendencies, like punk rock and binge drinking.  When I first listened to this new single from Fourth of July both of those things came to mind immediately.  As the song kicked off, it had this relaxed vocal delivery, sort of like early Cursive albums.  Then the tune jumped off into a much more emphatic circle of fun type track, with gang vocals included; these are the sorts of things I definitely can get into.  If you, like me, enjoy what you’re hearing, then I suggest you pick up the group’s new record, Empty Moon, when it hits on April 9th from High Dive Records.


Download:Fourth of July – Binge Drinking [MP3]

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