New Music from Horrible Houses

horriblehouses5.143644I do not know much about Daniel Johnsson other than he’s the man behind the music of Horrible Houses.  Really, I don’t need much other than that, as this new single from his up-coming release is so remarkable that I’d be remiss if I didn’t share it with you as soon as possible. It’s got this frolicking folk feel to it, though blended through a bit of a lo-fi edge.  There’s even this really quiet touch at the back end of the song near the 3 minute mark where you’re just listening to a man and his intricate guitar work while the vocals slowly work their way in.  This is in my top songs of the year, today. You can grab his new release Family Tapes Vol. 3 in December from Happenin Records.


Download: Horrible Houses – Sun Leaving [MP3]

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