Free Week Show @ Holy Mountain (1.5) – Shivery Shakes

FREEWEEK2015_JAN05_HOLYMOUNTAINFree Week is here, and that means I should prepare you for the great show we’re putting on at Holy Mountain on Monday, January 5th. We’ve got Slow, Jonly Bonly, Shivery Shakes, Grape St. and also Young Girls. I’m going to toss out a little love to each band every day before the show, in hopes you’ll come join us. Also, don’t forget that our show is also a celebration bash for Pooneh Ghana, local photographer extraordinaire. Don’t forget to buy tons of records and t-shirts to make this worth it for all the bands. So, here’s a bit on Shivery Shakes.

For the last few years, hard work has paid off for Shivery Shakes.  They’ve toured, recorded, perfected their sound, all of which led to the excellent release of their debut album, Three Waves and a Shake (which I’m proud to say found it’s home on our label). While an easy way to pigeon-hole the band would be to call them straight indie rock, that would neglect to mention the various influences of surf, pop and even a bit of country twang that go into the act’s sound.  Their live shows have only increased in potency; they’re incredibly tight and always thrilling, so be sure to show and catch what you’ve all been looking for.


Download: Shivery Shakes – Sidewalk Talk [MP3]

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