Wax Idols Still Turning Heads

I really admire Hether Fortune, and not because she’s an outspoken female artist (though that’s cool too!), but rather because she seems willing to really explore her own tastes and her own songwriting on her own terms.  I’m not saying that her new effort, American Tragic, will have no apparent correlation to her earliest work with Wax Idols, but it almost sounds like an entirely different band (albeit a band comprised entirely of Hether save percussion work). She’s always had an aura of darkness (real or perceived), but I like that there’s this focus of light in the tonal switches…especially around the 2.5 minute mark.  I read she was really into Beyonce during the year she recorded the new record, but I sweat I hear a bit of Madonna hiding too. The new effort will be out on October 16th via Collect Records.  It’s a change of pace, yet the songwriting is still just as good, if not better.


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