Show Pics: Feverbone Release Party @ Sidewinder (5/3)

ATH Records is really proud of this collections jams.

Feverbones just released their latest, DREAM TALK. If I were to classify this record, it would be indie pop for music nerds, but aren’t we all. There are minor chords and challenging progressions that can only really be afforded by really strong musicians. Add to that thoughtful lyrics and great harmonies, you have a recipe for one of your favorite records.

There were two lucky bands that joined on stage in Toma and Palm Daze. In the crowd, I saw members of several local bands. We had a close-knit group of local legends, venue heroes, overlapping voices and lovely friends.

Click through to join in the fun.

Ups to 101x Homegrown Live

Toma – Settle into the groove. There is such a heavy underlying smoothness to the basslines and key flourishes that you want to call it dance pop, but the elements of psych and 70’s rock find their way into the fold to ground songs and keep them rooted in front of you.

Palm Daze – Settle into haze. Unlike Toma, Palm Daze challenge you to not call them a psych band, but then you are infected by one of their hooks, like an earworm, that reminds you of Royksopp or Caribou, the best bits of the dancier jams from Tame Impala. Plenty of percussion. They bring their own lights and a projector. Complete chill party kit…

Feverbones – Superlatives. You can easily get lost in the music of DREAM TALK without paying attention to the details, letting it wash over. That kind of thing will happen when you stand in the middle of the crowd and just listen. But pay closer attention and the little things become apparent, trading of vocals, the extended grips on guitar neck to reach the next note or create the chord used, the quick rattles from traditional grip drumming on the rims to add texture, the frenetic texture created by guitar, drums and bass moving in parallel, but not in lock step, all anchored by lyrics and harmonies.

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