The Moles Share After May

Richard Davies is one those songwriters who is adored by other songwriters; he’s made claim that Cobain and Pollard have both fallen in love with his music at some point or another…and now he’s releasing a double album with his band The Moles. The group of musical rabblerousers has members in various cities across the globe, which will allow them to perform songs from Code Word in various locales. Luckily for you, we’ve got a preview of one of the album tracks. “After May” is a bit of a ballad, with Davies working calmly over a strummed guitar with some space-aged electronic noodling cutting in and out; it gives the tracks just the faintest whiff of peculiarity. It’s just a small taste of what Richard can accomplish, and with a slew of contributors, each listen is likely to be as varied as the new LP; it drops this Friday via Super Secret Records (with an ATX Beerland show on Thursday).

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