New Ditty from Joel Jerome

Joel Jerome first came to my attention long ago as one part of Dios, but like many things musical, I lost track of him, only to discover his work again recently as part of Dangerbird’s Microdose Series. The opening moments definitely feel like they look brightly upon Joel’s home of LA; there’s this natural sunshine coming through in the way he plays his guitar. There’s also some nostalgia, with some of his licks sounding a lot like Holly or Valens (to me anyways). About midway through the tune, Joel switches gears, slowing things way down, letting that guitar take on more emotion so as to match up with the vocals; it ends up being this slow burn out that beautifully wraps the track up.

Lost Film Announce New Album

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from Jimmy Hewitt’s project, Lost Film, but I’m pretty sure any indiepop fan will find the tune quite worth the wait. Within seconds the guitar begins to sharply jangle its way into the track, followed in rather quick succession by Hewitt’s soft-spoken vocals. Combined together with fairly minimal percussion you get this dream pop vibe that manages to work just atop this energetic bounce; I love the middling instrumental exploration, giving some air to let the song soar. Zero Summer is the title of the new album, and it’s already worth every penny!

Pop Jam from Tino Drima

The latest hit from Tino Drima is the perfect pop tune, rising up and down with melodies, spinning you in circles, and joining you to shout at the heavens. “Doctor” opens up on a playful piano backbone, twirling you about as the ivories are tickled and giving the song an emphatic stomp that’s joyous as can be. Suddenly, at the 1:40 mark, your offered up this operatic belting, like a haunting howl of harmony that seeps into your skin building towards the shouted coda that wraps up the song’s musical plot. Up and down, down and up, this track has it all, leading one to believe that Suitin’ Up, their new EP will have it all; it drops on October 11th via Park the Van.

Das Kope Shares New Tune

Always enjoy a good Das Kope tune. The Brazilian-born, LA-based artist has this way of flirting with dream pop under a funkier electronic guise, which helps me maintain my hipster cool while still dipping my toe in the electronic pond. This one’s no different, bringing that sort of coolly washed beach vibe into play, while still driving home this heavy beat that really grooves; I’m pretty sure its the perfect jam to open up on a Monday morning. There’s been promise of a full album worth of tunes before the 2019 year is up, though still no word on that as of yet, but in the meantime, I’m pretty sure you can start your day here.

ACL 2019 Preview: Must See Late Night Shows

We’re one –that’s right just one– week away from this year’s edition of the Austin City Limits Music Festival. While this year’s fest has snuck up on us rather quickly, it comes as no surprise that the late night bills around town are a solid addition to this years lineup. Whether you’re hitting up just a day or two of the Fest proper at Zilker, want to catch your faves in a more intimate venue, or would rather just see a few nights of music and want to skip the fest, The Official 2019 Late Night Shows have some great options to amplify your festin’ this year. Healthy reminder to scoop your tickets now, as most will likely sell out.

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Hook Laden Guitar Pop from Olivia’s World

Back in January we were introduced to Olivia’s World via the tune “Cereal Boxes;” it was the first I had heard of the project, though their drummer seemed a familiar name. Finally we get news that Olivia’s World EP is on its way! There’s another tune for you to devour too, which is the EP’s opening number; it’s a tune heavily reliant upon the rhythm section, with both bass and drums getting you tapping those little toes. The guitars have this light distorted jangle keeping the energy going, which seems fair as lead songwriter Alice Rezende happens to call Australia home. The Olivia’s World EP will be out October 25th via Lost Sound Tapes. Happy Friday.

Little Musket Share Fever Blister Video

When Little Musket released their Fever Blister EP this past summer, it got some rave reviews, with some nods from folks like Post-Trash who appreciated the band’s melodic take on grungy rock n’ roll. The EP’s title track has this sort of haunting tension, the vocals sort of feel like this singing seance, entrancing you with this softness just beneath the guitar lines with the drums far off in the distance. This mood’s matched perfectly in the video adaptation, with doll parts and skulls used in a stop-animation film in the attic room that always scared you as a child. Don’t be scared, as the band are willing to let it all crash in the song’s end, emphatically closing the tune out with guitar squalls that fade to a close. The Fever Blister EP is available now courtesy of Dadstache Records.

More From Drens

It’s wild to hear such a garage inspired, sludgy, surf rock number like “Heat” coming out of the Dortmund. Not that the city isn’t capable of producing such sounds, it’s simply refreshing to hear a European band like Drens with some edge and grit. Pairing this new one with their last single “Curacao” and the band really seem like they might be on the verge of breaking it big over here. Stay tuned for more information on these upstarts and a planned debut LP coming soon.

Derde Verde Share Your Ghost

I’m a little late in the game sharing this track, but it’s an utterly haunting folk rock tune that brings me back to early Grizzly Bear days, so it’s a must listen. Derde Verde is a two piece based out of L.A., comprised of Dylan McKenzie and Jonathan Schwartz. “Your Ghost” is their latest single and it’s a perfect slice of introspective beauty for you to get lost in.The last minute of this track is where the band really shines–lead songwriter and vocalist Dylan McKenzie’s vocals soar above the winding guitars and steady percussion like a beam of sunlight finding its way through the branches of a tree. “Your Ghost” is at once delicate and lush, making it the perfect soundtrack to the cool breezes of fall that will hopefully be on their way to us soon. Take a listen below, and look out for the band’s upcoming LP, Slow Light, which will be out on October 11. Pre-order it here.

Dreamy Glitch Rock From Cobey.

Cobey. is a project out of Chicago, who has been hiatus for four years. This track is his first foray back into the musical world post break, and it’s a rich number that will have you swooning.”California Dreams” is a nice blend of genres. Vocally you get a dream pop / lo-fi sound, but the percussion and synths scream glitch pop with their trippy beats, then you get a fuzzy squall of a distorted guitar and you’re reminded of more straightforward indie rock. Altogether, the track makes for a cohesive jam with many textures to embrace and enjoy. Take a listen below.

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