ACL Gimme 5 – Superet

After the rousing success of my first Gimme 5 playlist feature, I thought we should do a whole bunch more to offer new and unique tastes on the artists performing. My latest incarnation of the playlist comes from Los Angeles based indie rock band Superet. Personally, I think this is a pretty stellar collection of songs and features some bands I’ll definitely be checking out. Hit the jump for their selected songs and words on each.

1. The Cure – “Six Different Ways”

This song is just perfect, melancholic and playful at the same time. Totally my speed. Six different ways inside my heart cmon what a lyric! On the one hand I imagine it must be incredibly difficult to juggle six different lovers at once, and the other hand I wonder if Robert Smith is makin some love connection with the devil?

2. Tame Impala – “Let it Happen”

The first time I heard Tame Impala I was deeply impressed. Sonically, Kevin Parker has reached uncharted territory. I love to throw my headphones on and geek out to this song.

3. Thome Yorke – “A Brain in a Bottle”

Im actually listening to this record for the first time right now. Everything he does is amazing in my opinion. Another incredible thing to listen to in headphones. His solo stuff tickles the inside of your brain! Im currently staring out our van windows looking out on a snow capped mountain range in the desert enroute to Salt Lake City. Very fitting for this bleak beautiful landscape.

4. Caroline Rose – “Jeannie Becomes a Mom”

We toured with Caroline and her band earlier this year, this is one of my favs of hers. It Brings me back to driving through some AWFUL FREEZING weather in Northern California but then warming up with her and her sweet cozy band. Cant wait to see them again.

5. Kacey Musgraves – “Slow Burn”

This one of those songs that immediately makes you feel nostalgic. Its like floating on a cloud above all your favorite memories with all your favorite people, pointing out good moments while eating your favorite food.

Many many thanks for the band for taking the time to create an amazing playlist!

Superet will be performing on Saturday, Weekend One only at 1:30pm on the BMI Stage.

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