Last Week’s Jams (5.6 – 5.10)

What a wild and crazy week that was. Tons of music, and tons of great albums. We suggested you listen to the latest LPs from Lunchbox, Amy O, Gregor and Stephen’s Shore, among others…so go back and revisit those records if you’re into full-length listens. But, if not, some of our favorite acts popped up after a bit of an absence; there was new stuff from both Quivers and Emma Russack, so the Aussie contingent was representing with new music. This My Best Unbeaten Brother track that opens up the playlist is a ripper, but don’t you dare skip beyond new Yea-Ming or Cats of Transnistria. Just a bunch of great jams for you to enjoy, so just get right to it!

Last Week’s Jams (4.29 – 5.3)

Well, I somehow managed to break the streak! This week we only have 23 songs to offer instead of the customary 28 per that last four weeks! Alas, I was sick, so were my kids, and a few of the tunes weren’t streaming. So, what did we cover? The good stuff. I was blown away and waxing nostalgic with the new Royal Headache announcement and accompanying single. It was good to see acts like Oh Boland, Neutrals and Stephen’s Shore give me my pop goodies. Plus, Austin powerhouses Urban Heat and Font were out there backing up hype with great new singles. Oh, and did you catch out great Rock n’ Recipe feature with R.E. Seraphin? Well, there’s still plenty to digest below, so enjoy yourselves!

Last Week’s Jams (4.22 – 4.26)

It’s been a strange few weeks if I’m looking at the numbers on our Last Week’s Jams; we’ve run 28 songs for the last three weeks, compiling a fun playlist that runs at 1.5 hours. Well, whatever, time’s on your side my friends. We were fortunate to premiere a couple of stellar tunes this week from the Ar-Kaics and Noelle and Deserters; one offers a crackling fire of psychedelia while the other is a bit more old school western vibes. And, there was the joyous return of Bad Moves! Of course, we also filled the pages with new stuff from Lightheaded, Laughing, Luma Fade, Lunchbox and the Laughing Chimes…you know, all the big Ls! Some Austin love as always via mentions of new records from Don’t Get Lemon and Hovvdy too. Sit back and get into Monday.

Last Week’s Jams (4.15 – 4.19)

Trying to keep pace with ourselves, we covered a ton of ground last week on the site. We got to premiere a psychedelic campfire jam from Mountain Movers, and we might be one of the few US-based sites covering Dr. Sure’s Unusual Practice…which steps in line with that Cola track we also ran. There’s a bit Austin contingent too this week, as Variety, Blushing, Strand of Oaks and Good Looks all honored us with fresh music from their forthcoming releases. We also flirted with a bit of electronic arts too, with new stuff from Martha Rose and Maria Chiara Argiro…just so you don’t think we’re all rock n’ roll over here. Anyways, start your week off here.

Last Week’s Jams (4.8 – 4.12)

Apparently it’s that time of year when I just can’t help myself; I’m going full-time it seems, as we ran 28 brand new tracks this last week, plus some nods to albums we liked that dropped on Friday. We got some fresh premiere activity from the Wesleys and Max Blansjaar, then there were some recent favorites dropping in new stuff like Lightheaded, Neutrals and Autocamper. Me personally, I loved the new Gregor single, and that new CBVB plays into similar territory. This collection of songs, like my own catalog, is pretty random, though we always tend to aim for left of the left of the dial. Stream on.

Last Week’s Jams (4.1 – 4.5)

New music comes hard and heavy during the Spring months, as its the perfect time to set up summer releases and tours. We tried to get to as much as we could, and grabbed 24 new songs for you to settle into on this Monday. New stuff from Austin’s Variety assures the band is still on the rise in my eyes. I’ve been really into the tunes from Bibi Club‘s new LP, and they throw a plot twist with some English sparkle on it; it matches up well with the dark wave from Houses of Heaven. Friends of the site like Gabriel Birnbaum, Kaspar and Snowy Band all had new work to share with the masses., plus be sure you taste the new Babehoven tune hanging out for you at the end. Press play for joy!

Last Week’s Jams (3.25 – 3.29)

A lot of really great stuff popped up last week, and we did our best to be on top of as much as we could, though admittedly, it’s a bit of a busy season on our parts (life wise). We were stoked to hear some stuff from Austin homies in the Juniper Berries and Strand of Oaks, both offering great new music you’ll love. Zero Point Energy dropped another tune from their exciting debut, as well as new music from Writhing Squares that sees them stretching our expectations of their sound. Plus, got to finally circle back on some things that had been waiting, like Crumbs, System Exclusive and Climax Landers. Oh, and we ran a Rock n Recipes with our friends in Outer World, so be sure to check it. A few acts like Goosewind and Jetstream Pony didn’t have their stuff up on streaming, so be sure to give it a listen if you’d like.

Last Week’s Jams (3.18 – 3.22)

After a week where I felt we left our visitors down, due to some musical gather in Austin, we came back with a vengeance this week. We repped some hometown heroes, announcing that Eastside Suicides would be reissuing their debut, along with a new tune from our friends in Blushing. Perennial site favorites Rural France and Red, Pinks and Purples made their usual appearance with fresh tunes for you. I loved new stuff from Winged Wheel and Yea-Ming and the Rumours. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a bad song in this playlist, which duh, we get to hand-pick what we cover. Press play and enjoy.

Last Week’s Jams (3.11 – 3.15)

For some reason or another, we were rather preoccupied with the Austin goings-on, so perhaps we didn’t cover as much as we might have liked. I’ll be circling back through this week to try and get as much of it up as I can. But, we did have some really solid jams…and a few premieres…or whatever you call it. I was definitely feeling a little electronically inclined, covering new stuff from Maria Chiara Argiro and Cong Josie. Got blown away by the new Lightheaded track, not to mention fawning over tunes from Kindsight and Mammoth Penguins. Oh, and speaking of premieres…we had a new Unwed Sailor and a live cut from The Wind-Ups. Check them below.

Last Week’s Jams (3.4 – 3.8)

Last week was crazy on our end, running around trying to get all the cool songs out, not to mention trying to cover some of the SXSW stuff we’d promise to get out from artists like Bodega and Smut. Ran a few solid premieres too, so be sure to focus on Magana and House of Heaven. You’ll also find new Lunchbox, Mirrorball, Good Looks and many more. Plus, Fantastic Purple Spots dropped a video HERE, so it gave us another chance to remind you of their gifts! Stream al the hits from last week below!

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