Elrichman Announces Heaven’s Mayor

Admittedly, I probably wouldn’t have stumbled upon Elrichman had he not been a core member of Ducks Unlimited (who put out one of my favorite EPs). But, those familiar with that band will be careful to rush to the expectation of jangles, as the vibe here’s entirely different. The song begins rather artfully, almost as if there were notes taken from the likes of Dirty Projectors. But, there’s this huge swell of emotive pop that comes crashing down during the chorus that really changes the song’s infectiousness. Those courses get followed by these minor little pop excursions that sound super familiar (does it sound like the Zombies to anyone else?), so be sure to listen to the track as it twist and turns the pop knife into your ears. Heaven’s Mayor will be out on April 24th via Bobo Integral.

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