Indigo Bunting Return with Two New Tunes

Please do not sleep on Indigo Bunting; they’re one of the last hidden gems in the Austin music community. Sure, they’ve popped up here every time they drop something new, but the city by and large is sleeping on what might be one of the best acts in town. Today, they quietly share what might be their two best songs to date, so we’ve got to share them with you. “I Fell Through” is this drawn expansive brand of psychedelic pop viewed through a folk kaleidoscope; you should have this tune on repeat all day long. But, just because they can craft the dreamy side of things, don’t think they won’t switch it up on you and bring a buoyant number your way, like “Detail of Preceding.” This number has these lightly jangling guitars and this feverish vocal delivery that might make some folks think of Panda Bear. Fuck, this band rules. Listen.

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