Meet the SXSW Band: La Securite

Well we are sort of winding down our preview coverage of SXSW bands today and tomorrow as we ease into the weekend and shut down for next week. We’ve still got a couple more previews to sneak in before signing off and today I am pleased to share question responses from Montreal based outfit La Securite. As always, it’s a treat to get an international perspective from bands coming to town. Hit the jump for interview, music and show dates.

What’s the name of the band/group? Where are you from?

La Securite from Montreal, Canada

Describe your groups sound using only adjectives or superlatives.

Quirky, dancey, loud, intuitive, spontaneous, chaotic, sweet and salty

What was your most recent release? Any planned releases for 2023?

“Suspens/Try Again,” The singles were released in Spring 2022. More singles coming out pretty soon in the Spring and the full album in June.

Why play SXSW? What’s the draw for the band? What about this festival will bring you to Austin?

It will be our first time playing outside of Canada. People like our music at home (Montreal) but we are curious to see what it will be like over in Austin. We are also excited in meeting new people and making new friends in the USA.

There are tons of bands coming into town, but if you could create your own perfect festival, who would you have playing? Would it have a sick name? Where would it take place? Feel free to disregard the rules of time and space.

The festival would be called Eat your Veggies and would be sponsored by Orange amps. It would take place each year in a new thematic city: Brussels one year, Champagne another, Hamburg the next. With acts like Hall & Oates, Bananarama, The Jam, Wings, Salt-N-Pepa, The Spice Girls to name a few. There would be pie eating contests and food fights to entertain the crowd. The admission would be to bring food donations for food banks.

What has everyone in the band been listening to, or, what plays in the tour van/car/bus?

It ranges between Shania Twain and Ata Kak

Obviously you have seen or heard about the issues coming up this year about fair pay for artists at SXSW? Care to offer any insight or comment?

Obviously, the streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple music need to share the revenues equally between the artists and also less in their own pockets. I think that they should also pay taxes that could be reinjected in the culture.

We’ve been seeing more and more artists get into the food and beverage game, whether its pierogis from Pavement or Deftones’ beer. If you ever got into the game, what would be your food or beverage and what would it be called?

Without a doubt, it would be a tequila shot in a single serving sold with a packet of Pop Rocks candy. You find a lime, dip a wedge of it in the candy before taking the shot, then take the shot and then bite the lime. Its called a safety shot. You’re welcome 🙂

Thanks again for making this time to speak with us! Current show dates:

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