Laughing SHare Will She Ever Be a Friend of Mine Single

If you love good pop rock bands, like Teenage Fanclub or I Was a King, then you really have to listen to Laughing. They’ve just dropped another single, and you can hear how some might classify it as power pop; I see that, but there’s a little bit more reservation in this presentation, letting those chiming guitars really ring out and settle, forcing the hook right up to your ear. It doesn’t hurt that they often employ these stair-stepping riffs that get matched by the vocal delivery, combining quirks and playfulness into a powerhouse sound! Because It’s True is the title of their much anticipated new album, dropping on June 28th via Celluloid Lunch.

Laughing Announce Because It’s True

If you’re not ready to enjoy some of the best power-pop around, then you may as well skip onto the next track, as this fresh Laughing tune is just too tasty. At first listen, you might hear a bit of a nod to Teenage Fanclub, and there’s nothing wrong with that, though the band settle into a little bit more casual and direct spin, harkening to the left-of-the-dial hits of late 90s college rock. The musicianship is pretty stellar when you pull your ears really close to the noise, with overlapping guitar lines swinging the listener back and forth like a great pop rock lullaby. Feels a bit like a house party thrown by members of Ash, Superdrag and Teenage Fanclub, and there’s not a single person who isn’t wearing a big old-fashioned shit-eating grin on their face. Because It’s True is out June 28th via Celluloid Lunch/Meritorio Records.

Bop Along to New Bibi Club

I really can’g get enough of this new track from Bibi Club; I was instantly hooked with the pulsing beat work that sets the tune at the start. From there, however, the song opens up into this rocking bit of guitar pop, while the undercurrent continues to provide energy throughout the middle. I can already hear folks making comparisons to other Francophile acts that use electronics, but for me, this is different; it feels more rocking and lighter in a sense, like it’s trying to free itself from the confines of that style a bit. Plus, that hook is just too damned good to walk away from. Feu de Garde will drop via Secret City Records on May 10th.

Corridor Announce Mimi LP for SubPop

You ever feel like you’re missing out on something, then someone comes along and drops it into your lap, and you’re like “fuck, this all makes sense; I’ve been looking for this!” Well, that’s sort of my feeling with Corridor, the Montreal indie rock outfit that is set to drop a new LP via SubPop. Their latest single bashes in with some ringing noise, only to peel the layer back, dropping in these delightful melodies atop a really light strum; this all feels enchanting, like creating a sense of longing, which perhaps ties into the lyrical concept. Just as you feel the band heading towards the pitfalls of modern indie, they drop in a stabbing build of guitars and blown out speakers, creating this atmosphere that elevates the sound. I’d rather listen to this all day than the 300th band that wants to be the next Idles; they drop Mimi on April 26th (on Bonsound in Canada).

Gulfer Return With Too Slow

After a stellar pandemic release with their self-titled LP in 2020, Montreal based Gulfer didn’t release a whole lot of music over the last few years. Other than a random single hear and there, the band was mostly quiet. Last November though showed a strong return for the band with one of my favorite songs of last year “Clean.” This year looks to be a strong return to form for Gulfer with a whole new album, which will feature this banging new single “Too Slow.” It serves as a heavier sound than what we might be used to from the Canadians and serve us all notice that they are back and stronger than ever.

Gulfer’s third album Third World is out on February 28th and is available for pre-order now via Topshelf Records.


Aus!Funkt Drop New Single

I’m a sucker for a Wednesday morning propulsive track, so when I heard the latest tune from Canadian outfit Aus!Funkt I was enamored. The entirety of this track works on the backbone of this steadied drum beat, snapping in all the right spots. There’s a guitar line that runs through the tune, trying to play catch up; you can hear it burst and breathe with a bit more fury in certain spots, but for the most part, it’s aiding the rhythmic pulse. All of this gets tossed in with call-and-response vocal delivery dropping hints about our need to get our global act together. Pump it and check the new Can You Make It Alright EP!

Population II Drops Fresh Video

On Friday, Montreal’s Population II drops their latest LP, Electrons libres du quebec, and I’m really stoked on the vibes, blending in these dark notes and swirling horns vibes then branching it into something that’s a bit of a dark edged pop twist. There’s a bit of heaviness and psychedelic lurking, though I can hear the track stretching to really push beyond those boundaries into something that feels almost like a final plea for joy. Then it twists and rolls into a bit of madness as the track shakes down into a broken jumble of rumbling jazzy rock n’ roll. Their new LP will be available Friday!

Empty Nesters Share The Simphony

When I saw another shoegaze email coming my way from Empty Nesters, I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant; I like the genre, don’t get me wrong, just feels like it’s becoming the new NPR-core. But, this track stuck with me at first because it has Madeline of PACKS on vocals, whose voice has drawn me to her own band’s work. Still, the song excels because of the slow approach of Eric Liao; he lets the space get sort of filled with those distorted pieces, letting you sit with them for a bit, rather than bash you in the face again and again with wave after wave of abrasive noise. And, in that lush setting, Madeline’s voice is sublime, paired up with Liao. There’s a nice little treat waiting for you at the end, so hang around!

Feeling Figures Share Movement Video

On their last trip around the singles market, Feeling Figures offered us this brooding bit of indie rock that felt like it had drifted from the Pacific NW all the way over to Montreal. This go round, well, they’re adding in a bit more “movement,” should I say, bringing this frantic energy that kicks off a bit of riotous bounce. Personally, I love the way the guitar lines seem to be work in opposition, one sort of meandering about in the mix while the other pairs with the rhythm section to drive the song forward; they somehow meet and fuse from time to time, creating this synergy that livens the vibe. Plus, the vocals have this almost maniacal how, pushing this snotty playfulness that I absolutely love. Spend some time here, and grab Migration Magic from K/Perennial Death on November 24th.

Feeling Figures Announce Migration Music

Unsurprisingly, it sounds like K Records have another stellar release on their hands, this time with a new LP coming from Feeling Figures. For fans of the label, this new single feels precisely what I imagine it was like growing into a young adult with K’s catalog on your tape player. There’s almost this natural indifference to the churn of the guitars, riding the wind on the back of beat, waiting for the vocals to soar into picture. Nothing seems overdone or exaggerated for musical effect, tightly wound up around this simplistic DIY ethos. Plus, there’s plenty of open space here too, allowing the musicianship to frolic about in enchanting fashion. Old school vibes with new school flair; Migration Music is out November 15th!

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