Sloppy Heads Announce Sometimes Just One Second LP

If you were brandishing your style of pop as slop-rock, and you wanted to go down as the coolest, how would you do it? Oh, get James McNew (its James Day at ATH!) to play dabble throughout your whole LP? Maybe get production help from Gary Olson? You might even get legendary Sesame Street animator Al Jarnow to create the LP’s first video! The new Sloppy Heads LP has all those bullet points, all of that to go with calling legendary DIY label Shrimper home for the release of Sometimes Just One Second. But what about the music? Greeted by an startling howl, you’d be forgiven for thinking the band have slid into Halloween punk, but they turn that carnivalesque manufacturing into a buzzsaw brand of pop. The song lurches and pulses, spinning into this electronic whirlpool of fuzzed electro pop. Lock into the vibe and the visuals suck you right into the wormhole that is this glorious single! If you dig, Sometimes Just One Second is out August 18th; order it HERE.

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