Lavender Blush Share Jealousy Track

You can label this Lavender Blush track as one of my favorite tunes of the week, perhaps even at the very top of my list, as its that special. Even better, it’s on the group’s new There’s Nothing Inside Your Heart EP, which you can grab since it’s Bandcamp Friday. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for the way the vocals seem to work in contrast with musical element; the guitars are shimmering noisily in the distance, punched up by a thunderous bit of percussion. But, the vocals seem almost stationary, like watching someone stand beneath an umbrella in a rain storm; they’re just standing there, smiling. It’s like this little pop ball of light shining through the darker edges of the galaxy, and I’m totally in love. The new 12″ officially comes out on December 1st via Shelflife Records.

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