Bop Along to New Bibi Club

I really can’g get enough of this new track from Bibi Club; I was instantly hooked with the pulsing beat work that sets the tune at the start. From there, however, the song opens up into this rocking bit of guitar pop, while the undercurrent continues to provide energy throughout the middle. I can already hear folks making comparisons to other Francophile acts that use electronics, but for me, this is different; it feels more rocking and lighter in a sense, like it’s trying to free itself from the confines of that style a bit. Plus, that hook is just too damned good to walk away from. Feu de Garde will drop via Secret City Records on May 10th.

Chalk Share New Track Bliss

While we prep for that little festival coming in a week and a half, we are of course still getting in some bangers on the regular. This one seems expertly timed as Belfast based band Chalk not only have this new single “Bliss” available, but will also be stopping in town for SXSW. So while “Bliss” gets your body moving with its dark wave, synth pop inspired rhythms, you can learn the words to sing along live during a set in Austin.

This track is part of a new EP entitled Conditions ll which is out on Friday, March 1st via Nice Swan Records. Vinyl pre-orders are live now.

Zero Point Energy Share Over My Head

There’s always something pleasurable in a tune that sort of begs you press the reset button and soak in it, like this new Zero Point Energy. You’ll find this naturalness in the songwriting, a sincerity in its craft that sort of moves it beyond traditional blogger pigeonholing. I was drawn by the guitar sound, particularly in the verses where it has this pristine chug to it; that caught me immediately as it carried this familiarity that seems to have been with me my whole life. Genesis Edenfield’s vocals are offered up in an almost haphazard manner, sort of not wanting to step into the light, so they hide in the shadows of the song to great effect. Really enjoyed this bop; they will release Tilted Planet on May 17th via Danger Collective.

Goblin Daycare Share Business is Business

You should be keeping an eye out on Turkish outfit Goblin Daycare for two reasons: 1) they absolutely rule 2) there will be news of a new LP soon! Listening to their latest track, it’s a refreshing take on a lot of what’s currently trending in the “scene.” There’s a furious rush of adrenaline, something that would fit on any number of records by punk acts of today. But, they also offer a bit of this quirkiness, a bit of the oddball in the way they bring their hooks into the songwriting, which is more reminiscent of acts like Devo. Even still, you can see them saddling up an act like Oh Sees or King Gizzard, just by the nature of the sound, but in what they’re doing to keep the song succinct, it actually makes it more enjoyable…on my end anyways.

Blushing Announce New Album + Share Video

Once upon a time, in a music city long ago, ATH Records helped press Blushing‘s Weak EP to hot wax; it sold out and has since been reissued as the band have risen to meteoric status in the dream pop/shoegaze scene. I actually take little credit in that rise, as the band have been one of the hardest working acts, which has seen them get huge and sing to Kanine Records. Today they dropped us a new tune and a new video to announce Sugarcoat; this song feels like they’re dipping beyond the modern “gaze” era and looking almost towards an alt-rock of the 90s…at least when it gets to the chorus. Give this deserving act a chance; Sugarcoat drops on May 3rd.

Strawberry Generation Share Iris (Eyelids)

I’m an absolute sucker for springing indiepop, and though they’ve been away for a minute, there haven’t been too many acts of late bouncing about like Rhode Island’s Strawberry Generation. This one’s a rushing number, with those guitars jangling away with such speed that’s its almost impossible to catch your breath. Playful and carefree, this is the sort of breezy pop that sets us up perfectly for Spring in the sunshine. Turn it up, rock on out, and keep your fingers crossed we get more pop tunes from this duo!

Meet the SXSW Band: Tigercub

As we get closer and closer, the anticipation grows more and more for the upcoming SXSW festival right here in Austin. Preview coverage will continue to ramp up in the days ensuing as we receive more preview materials from participating bands. Today we are pleased to share our third peek into the life of a musician with a piece from Brighton based Tigercub. Hit the jump for fill interview, dates, tunes, and more.

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Klaus Johann Grobe Share Try

I missed out on the first single from the new Klaus Johann Grobe LP, but I’m definitely on board with what they’re putting down on this new single. In a sense, it’s an entirely different feel than their earlier stuff, as the press release alludes to. But, if you trace back their sounds, it feels like an elevated version of bossa-nova fused with sort of a twist on French pop; I think for all intents and purposes, it feels like an adult version of Phoenix. It’s subtly playful in all the right spots, but has this sublime sophistication that warrants head turns every step of the way. Really looking forward to hearing how the whole of lo tu il loro sounds like when it hits via Trouble in Mind on March 22nd.

Torrey Share Moving Video

If you follow the Oakland scene or Slumberland or just good pop music, then you’ve likely already penciled in the release of Torrey‘s new LP. Today we get another addition to their story, with “Moving” dropping a bit more dissonance into the picture. Just spending time with the guitar sounds might have you a bit uneasy; they seem to reverberate in the speakers, but almost as if they’re stuck, leaving you in a bit of a disoriented listening state. Still, there’s textured layers of atmospheric melody that allow you focus on the band’s pop sensibility once you’ve returned to your senses. The band drop their self-titled LP via Slumberland on March 8th.

Daniel Brouns Shares Lizard Killer

RayRay and I are DJing an emo night over at our favorite spot Oddwood this week, and over the last several weeks I’ve been diving through my own collection, digging for the hits. It’s brought me back to some certain styles that may even be considered emo-adjacent, but I feel like this tune from Daniel Brouns slides right in, particularly when you put it alongside acts like Pedro or early Good Life. The beat is sampled, with guitars carefully woven into the tapestry, as Brouns distinctively croons atop the mixture. It definitely feels like early Saddle Creek with bits of home recordings sampled within the song’s confines, adding to the personal narrative being woven. He’ll be releasing Stock Music for the Cosmos via Anxiety Blanket Records on May 17th.

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