SXSW Wednesday In Photos

We had another full day of music in and around downtown Austin early on Wednesday and into the evening. While the more chill and calm crowds could be due to numerous factors, we welcomed the ease of hopping from venue to venue like festival days of old. We tried to grab some photos while out and about and take some notes on a few bands you should maybe be paying more attention to. You can catch all of that after the jump.

Band highlights for RayRay:

Zouz – This Montreal group absolutely killed on the inside stage at Empire. Intricate guitar parts, expert drumming, and a wall of sound filled the tiny space. RIYL: Styx on Acid, Muse but not so cheesy

Joyer – Chess Club offered a closed off, intimate space for bands to really captivate a focused audience. Joyer gave off some early, midwest emo vibes for me and I was all ears. RIYL: Mineral, American Football

Font – Some local ATX love on the outdoor Mohawk stage yesterday. These guys took full advantage of the space and put on a performance full of energy and synth wave beats. RIYL: Night Drive, Cold Cave

Band highlights for BGray:

The Sewing Club – When you can sound pretty good in a challenging situation, good sign. Great guitar riffs and use of effects, modern 90s alt out of Nashville. RIYL: Five-piece head down grooves

They are gutting a body of water – Guitar tuning interludes provided by a sequencer dropping beats and samples. Three minute blasts of protest shoegaze. In the round, on the ground with the people. Cigarette hanging, impossible ash. RIYL – BODIES OF WATER

BGray Photos:

RayRay Photos:

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