SXSW Wednesday In Photos

We had another full day of music in and around downtown Austin early on Wednesday and into the evening. While the more chill and calm crowds could be due to numerous factors, we welcomed the ease of hopping from venue to venue like festival days of old. We tried to grab some photos while out and about and take some notes on a few bands you should maybe be paying more attention to. You can catch all of that after the jump.

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Last Week’s Jams (1.8 – 1.12)

While it may have only been a four day week in terms of work, we made sure we made the best of it for you, bringing you a slew of hot indie rock bangers. Slumberland had a great week, dropping new music from Umbrellas, and introducing us to Torrey too! We were stoked to share a new video from the BVs as well, flipping their style a bit to tease you with what’s in store going forward. Some Texas love for Infinites and Alien Eyelid was a must, with an added bonus being that our friends in Pale Lights dropped a compilation of rarities and singles on Friday. Stream below and find something to adore.

Omni Release New Video For Plastic Pyramid

Well as per usual, RayRay is running a bit late on some new music news, but often times things can be of a high enough level to share even if a tad tardy. As some of you maybe read elsewhere, our old Atlantean pals Omni have their first new album in five years coming out later this year. New excerpts are coming in slowly from the release, including this new video for standout track “Plastic Pyramid” which dropped just a few days ago. It features a quirky, math rock styling with a catchy beat and guest vocals from Izzy Glaudini.

This track and 10 more will be available on the upcoming new album entitled Souvenir, due out February 16th. Ya dig.

The Tubs Announce Dead Meat

Having been a huge fan of their previous acts, side projects, not to mention grabbing the Names EP, it seems only fitting that I squeeze out a few quick words between passing periods on the Tubs. Today the band announce their debut LP, Dead Meat, slated for a release in January of next year via our faves Trouble in Mind. There’s a definite post-punk vibe on the guitar work, recalling acts like Omni and Deeper, though they’ve mixed up the formula to meet it on their own terms, brandishing a melodic little treat in the middle. All of this makes sense if you remember some of the pop moments coursing through Joanna Gruesome pieces, as the songwriters have always had an affinity for hooks. Kind of feels like they’re taking a little Talking Heads meets noisier post-punk approach, and I’m totally here for it. Dead Meat drops on January 23rd!

Ted Tyro Release How Can Single

A band featuring members of Wombo and Murals, dedicated to the sounds of Talking Heads and Omni, is surely going to find its way on our pages. So, here we are with Ted Tyro and their latest single. Let the first half of the song set the scene, calmly wrapping guitar notes around you, allowing the vocals to sedate you as the drum work keeps time. Then, you hit the 1 minute mark and the chorus jumps in, shifting the focus into that more artful twist and turn you might find in a track from the aforementioned Omni. But, I’m digging on how its a little heavier here, at least in tone, just on the cusp the angular ways alluded to elsewhere, but rounded and darker…as the band are clearly making their own path with this fresh tune.

Philip Frobos Shares Never Noticed Video

The perk of being an artist, I reckon, is that you can pretty much do whatever you want, whenever you want, on your own terms, which is how I imagine Omni’s Philip Frobos came about in wrapping up an album that also served as the score to his debut novel. This song seems perfectly penned as it’s meant to be an homage to the Atlanta bar scene and Frobos friends there. In the song, you get the sort of hazy lounge vibe, though the guitar notes do have a little bit of a jagged punk dance to them; perhaps envision it as an Omni song, slowed through the eyes of a bar regular, watching the world move slowly by through a glass of warm beer. Upset the Rhythm will be releasing Vague Enough to Satisfy on October 22nd.

Philip Frobos Announces Debut

It’s always a joy when a band or songwriter changes your perception; I think I especially relish the unexpected, like when I put on this new tune from Philip Frobos. As one of the members of Omni, I figured I had his sound locked down, and while I was in the wheelhouse, he definitely has given me a sort of fresh approach. This track sort of harkens back to the earlier days of post-punk when bands kind of deconstructed the angst and energy, letting the chords speak for themselves. It’s being described as lounge-punk, and I get that, but I think in its purest sense, it’s sort of anti-punk, moving away from the generic structures in search of new presentation. Philip’s debut solo album Vague Enough to Satisfy will be out October 1st via Upset the Rhythm.

Obligatory Post: Omni Share New Tune/Announce Album

A little ways back, Omni announced that they’d signed to the giant Sub Pop, and today they’ve shared that a new album is on the way! Networker will be the Atlanta trio of post-punkers’ third full length LP, and it will be gracing our ears on November 1. From the sound of “Sincerely Yours,” it appears that we’ll be getting more of what we love from Omni–impossibly angular guitar riffs, the playful, yet full of swagger vocals delivery of front man Phillip Frobos and crisp percussion. Part of the allure of any Omni track is that you know exactly what you’re getting into, but that doesn’t make you any less inclined to hang on every word and riff. Take a listen below and pre-order Networker here.

KVRX Fest 2019

Last weekend, we welcomed a new comer to the Red River Cultural District in the form of KVRX Fest. While KVRX has long been a staple in our Austin music scene, this was their first go round of a festival of sorts and they came in hot, booking 40 bands across two stages to tout the title of largest College Radio music festival. Brian and I served as emissaries for the ATH crew and ventured out for both Friday and Saturday of the festival. Follow the jump to see some excellent (as always) photos from B.Gray and some general thoughts on the first run of the fest.

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KVRX Fest Starts Tonight: Bands to Catch and Things To Know!

In case you were wondering what you were doing with your weekend, look no further, as we’ve got a new fest that combines both great local faves and touring acts in small venues. Yes, that’s right! The inaugural KVRX Fest is upon us starting tonight, and for the low price of 45 bucks you get three stages and 40 bands, both local and national, to help kill your Friday and Saturday. Yesterday, B.Gray shared the schedule with you, and after the jump I’ve got my lineup picks as well as more information on what happens if it rains!

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