Maria Chiara Argiro Releases Floating

Not quite sure how many times I’ve hit play on this new Maria Chiara Argiro, but I must admit, this might be my absolute favorite of the singles off her new LP. There’s a lot that’s said about her experience in classical music training, and the way the craft develops throughout the first few minutes of this tune, it’s clear she’s well-versed in a creative build. A light autotune vocal creeps in, and as that tune gets electronically molded you can hear the faintest pulse working beneath the tune; I found that it kind of created this swinging movement within the tune that may entirely have been made up inside my brain. My love revolves around the fact that things don’t stop there, instead building and blossoming into this heavy groove that’s built upon this majesty of electronic movement. You better believe Closer is going to turn some heads when it drops on April 26th via Innovative Leisure.

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