Mope City Share Laminating the Classics

Between the work of Flooding and Mope City, I’m definitely living in a dreamland where acts are brandishing heavy-handed riffs to go with their slowcore stylings. On Mope City‘s latest single, they start off in this sludgy pool, only to rise out of those ashes to work their way into some super cool alternative vibes. Feels to me like a lot of flirtation with Sonic Youth’s catalog, working from within the confines of a punk ethos to kind of dive into this underworld of explorative pop. They’ll likely get some Low comparisons too, as they mention in the bio for Population: 4, so you know the best thing for you is to grab a copy from Tenth Court Records; it drops on October 13th.

Class Drop Just Another Number

We ran a fresh track from Class just a few weeks ago, and the group are back with another tune from their forthcoming LP, If You’ve Got Nothing. While their first single flirted with the catchy realm of pop punk meets power pop, their latest is all bite and no bullshit. It opens with this dangerous riff, setting the scene for a stalking vocal performance that leaves the group growling through an old school brand of rock n’ roll. An emphatic refrain is barked at the listener as noise swell and punches to the close. Feel It Records will drop the LP on October 6th.

Pachyman Share Sale el Sol Video

I’ll finally get to catch Pachyman when he comes through at the end of October for Levitation; I love the way he’s working Latin sounds into a modern take on dub, sort of branching out between the two styles. For me, this song is a sunny meditation on the grooves of Pachyman, with the rhythm working beneath the sharp little bits of jangling guitar notes, while we get our musical narrator sashaying through this brightly colored video. It’s all about settling in, embracing the chill cool vibes coming through your speaker with the sun up over your head. Switched-On is out Friday via ATO Records, with a huge tour to follow, so keep any eye out friends!

Choncy Share Default Single

Seems like the musical hotbed at the moment is based in the Cincinnati area, or maybe just Ohio as a whole. Another act that’s joining up with Serfs as some of my favorite tunes coming out at the moment is Choncy. When you press play, you’re immediately met by this frantic groove, pushing you into the track before it angrily begins to sputter out of control. Straddling and jittery, the track rolls and pushes in a maniacal fashion, sputtering to this enthusiastic end. Something about this tune feels like its humanity coming face to face with our own technological demise; it feels like it incorporates all the tricks of the modern musical trade, yet does so with a bit of a playful wink to keep us all on our toes. This tune features on their forthcoming LP, which we can expect early next year via Feel It Records.

Maria BC Shares Still Single

With Spike Field on the very near horizon, we’re starting to hear more and more praise for Maria BC; I, personally, couldn’t pull myself from the delicate beauty of the latest single from the LP. Speaking on the tune, Maria details how she came up with the piano piece at the age of 16, but until now, was unable to make the song work; I think there’s plenty of success here; it sort of reminds me of Tori Amos, particularly as the vocals feel so powerful as the keys provide this sweeping movement that’s accentuated by the rise of the voice. Stark and striking; the new LP will be out on October 20th via Sacred Bones Records.

Pop Filter Return with CONO

As you begin to wrap up your collection of albums to make it through the end of the year, might I suggest you save a spot for Pop Filter, the band that sprang up after Ocean Party. They’ve already delivered some great batches of tunes, but on the first single from CONO, man, you get some full-fledged punching pop rock. In the past, they’re songwriting has flirted with energy, but they’re letting go here, and you’re going to find yourself stomping your feet and bobbing your head as Lach bemoans a mundane existence, begging us all to relax a bit and soak it all in, instead. My favorite moment hits at the 1:35 moment, where the vocals are emphatic, yearning for that youthful exuberance; it reminds me of a more sincere Strokes at their best, and I totally love it. CONO will drop on December 1st via Bobo Integral.

PACKS Share Honey, Announce New LP

Seems like only a few months ago that PACKS had dropped their sophomore album, and in fact, it was just a mere six months. But, when creativity strikes, why not ride it out; the band have announced they’ll be dropping Melt the Honey in January of next year. With that, the news has to have an accompanying single, right? We’ve got that, here, as the band lock into their swaggering style, sort of like anti-grunge; it’s got the riffs but doesn’t necessarily push the rock. For me, the win on this tune comes from the switch to the chorus, playing into a bit more of breezy charm that lets Madeline Link pull you further into the tune. Melt the Honey is out on January 19th via Fire Talk.

SPLLIT Announce Infinite Hatch

Going back to this past year’s SXSW, SPLLIT was one of the acts on my list of favorites, and I was lucky to catch them afterwards where they had more time to flesh out their sound. One of the things I loved about the group’s sound was their ability to kind of connect the dots all across the board; they’ve got bits of post-punk, yet there’s a lot more going on sonically in the way everything gets constructed. You can hear on this new single a sort of reconstruction of the math-ier elements of both advanced pop and digitalized indie rock; there’s all sort of switches, forcing you to tune your ears into the various moves they’re making…nothing earns the sole focus here, which I kind of love. They drop this track with the announcement of their new LP, Infinite Hatch, which will hit on October 27th via Feel It Records.

Upchuck Drop Crashing Video

You’d be forgiven if you thought that Kim Deal was playing bass on this new Upchuck track, though you’d also be forgiven for completely sinking right into the track and falling in love. It’s a smart move, as I was totally sucked into the tune, then my hair got blown back as the drums rolled and singer KT let a throated-howl soar through my speakers. I love how it walks the line between edgy and spirited, sort of like a sly wink to the listener that the world may seem grim, but you can still have a kick ass time if you’ve got this tune as part of your soundtrack. Bite the Hand That Feeds is out on October 13th via Famous Class.

Sun June Share Mixed Bag Single

There are a lot of really great songs in the Sun June catalog, but if I’m being honest, “Mixed Bag” might have quickly risen to the top of my charts. Something about it feels like home, something that feels like Texas (and yes, I know there’s a mention of Texas, so its more than subliminal!); it feels like a cruise down the road with a carload of your best friends, windows down as the night’s just cool enough to feel a breeze, and still warm enough to make you sweat. Despite it feeling like a Texan teen dream, digging deep reveals all these striking little earworms the group carefully laid into the mix on this tune. Bad Dream Jaguar is out on October 20th via Run For Cover.

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