Qozy Offer Up Bugs Life

Surprise surprise! There’s another band from San Francisco area that we need to keep our eyes on: Qozy. At the moment it’s a one-man project, but the sound’s laying the groundwork for something special; it’s sort of like a rocking slow-core band, wherein you can hear the driving nature and immediacy, only the tune has a tendency to open up and offer itself to you. Those guitar lines almost have this heavy drone too, though the recording keeps that sort of underwater intimacy, all whilst detailing the brevity of a bug’s life and how a bug should be grateful as “being a bug is enough.” A sense of absurdity coiled up in a droning bit of bedroom indie rock. Dig in.

CLAMM Return with Disembodiment EP

The last few years have been busy for CLAMM, as they toured in support of their last album, Care; they still had time to settle into a studio and record the tracks for their new Disembodiment EP. Our first listen is this thundering ripper, “Change Enough,” which greets you immediately with storming drums and terrorizing guitars. That ferociousness pervades the entire track, but that’s not the only aspect that’s right in your face; the lyrics are standing up and begging to “strive for betterment.” It’s a tune where singer Jack Summers’ is encouraging himself and others to work on growth, especially form the masculine perspective; he’s looking for all of us to be better, and that message marches right in line with the music. They release the Disembodiment EP on July 19th via Meat Machine.


Max Blansjaar Shares Red Tiger

As a teacher, I’m looking forward to a summer break where I can just sit back and digest long-playing albums, and Max Blansjaar‘s new LP is definitely on my list. In his latest single, he’s operating in the territory that we’d offer up to Dan Bejar or maybe even Bill Callahan; the storytelling is the clear focus, particularly with the way the vocals hang out front, deep and affecting. That’s not to say there’s not a musical element, as notes are orchestrated behind to provide lift and accents in all the right places, whether that’s a sharp twanging guitar string or a deep piano note that fluttering in the air…you get this deep emotional sensation that sends you tumbling into the tune. If you’re interest is piqued, then keep an eye out for False Comforts, out on June 21st via Beanie Tapes.

Future Star Releases My Bright Fantasy Single

In lieu of a million tunes coming out this week (most likely), I wanted to take a brief moment to celebrate another Future Star single. This tune works itself playfully over a light rhythmic trot that works just beneath the front of the mix, letting the vocals take the show on the road. For their part, the lyrics and vocals take on a playful nature, something almost child-like and innocent; it could easily be seen as something a more light-hearted Stephin Merritt might craft for fun. Thematically, the song “is about the difference between bravery and foolishness,” with the listener walking away (hopefully) with the knowledge that whatever you’re doing, it does matter. It’s About Time hits on July 5th via Mint Records.

Found Space Drop Turning Over a New Leaf

Portland dreamer Found Space are set to release their debut EP this June, and they’ve offered a tasty little tease of what’s in store for listeners. Admittedly, it didn’t take much for me to get sucked in, being drawn by the snappy drum work and the wash of synths at the get-go. From there, the track picks up some guitar elements and takes on a bit more depth, only to peel it away back to allow for the vocals to suspend themselves in the air around your ears. All that was quite pleasant, but then they raise the bar at the 1:09 minute mark, letting the energy reach a climax for the pleasure of the audience. Little bit of dance, little bit of dreamy, and a whole lot of hooks. Look for Closer on Spirit Goth on June 28th.

Premiere: Denni Callaci and Heimito Kunst Share World of Lovers

In a world that seems destined to be over-reliant on technology, there are spaces in the music scene where folks are pushing back and away from a computerized industry. Instead, they craft ornate soundscapes of a more primitive, innocent nature, using organs, bells and the odd synthesizer…which is where we meet Heimito Kunst. He’s been composing instrumental albums for the last several years, most recently for Shrimper, thus leading to his meeting with songwriter Dennis Collaci. Together, they’ve created a collaborative album titled First Light, using Kunst’s musical compositions and Callaci’s lyrical wordplay to build ornate little soundscapes begging for solitary indulgence. The track below, for instance, begs a headphone listen, perhaps with a walk on a dim-lit night, leading you into the unknown as you finally escape the mundane modern world. And, as ever, artistry is the focus, thus the brilliant accompanying video piece below. First Light will be out on June 28th via Pass Without Trace Records.

Jasper Byrne and Sonic Share Mirrors

On the first single from their collaborative LP, Jasper Byrne and Sonic were flirting with a mixture of post-punk and house music. On their newest single, you can hear those dance grooves scampering about in the distance; they’re sort of distant, so you feel as if they’re running circles in your mind. That is until you hit that 2 minute mark; the beat drops in fully, taking the shadowy nature and turning it into more of a drum n’ bass boogie that pushes the vocal content aside in favor of locking into this beat-driven groove. They continue to push the limits of where indie rock and electronica meet, so keep your eyes peeled for Mirrors when its dropped on June 21st via Space Recordings.

Last Week’s Jams (5.13. – 5.17)

After what felt like a down week, things really took off over here, with another collection of great singles and albums we were stoked to hype up on our end of things. The Austin contingent came strong, with new tunes from Genuine Leather, The Sour Notes, Holiday Music, Letting Up Despite Great Faults and Gus Baldwin/the Sketch. Some long time favorites like Club 8, Nada Surf, and Icarus Phoenix made the cut too! Our pal Michael Maly added some words and photos on Slowdive, so of course we included their classic hit. A lot of great pop stuff too from Sad Eyed Beatniks, Laughing and This Is Lorelei, thus you’ll need to keep your focus when you spend some time below!

Friday Album Streams: Crumbs, Mountain Movers, Lightheaded and More

This is one of those crazy Fridays when its possible there’s just too much music to digest; I think we’ve done a solid job of covering most of the stuff leading up to today, except maybe the brand new Crumbs Video! There’s not a great need to wax poetic, as you can trace these records to our coverage the last few months. All you need to do is dive into the listens and see what you need to buy!


CrumbsYou’re Just Jealous (Skep Wax)

LightheadedCombustible Gems (Slumberland Records)

Mountain MoversWalking After Dark (Trouble in Mind Records)

Zero Point EnergyTitled Planet (Danger Collective)

Matthew J. RolinTwos (Dead Currencies)


Icarus Pheonix Shares Agradecido Single

I’m not one to hide from putting my feelings out there, and I’ve been a pretty solid fan of Icarus Phoenix due to the songwriting of Drew Danburry , thus here I am with another great track to share. Musically, this song feels like Jason Lytle and David Bazaan got together to jam, weaving bits of intimate storytelling into a pop rock jam that goes beyond the mere joyousness of the song. Now, mind you, that joy is there; this is possibly one of the most pop-centric hits Danburry has written, for which I’m grateful, but there’s still this natural “I put it all on the table” sentiment that pervades. Thematically, Drew took from the Persephone myth to deal with his feelings on his own son, knowing that he’d be more than happy to have just a moment’s more time to share…which led him to use the Spanish word for grateful as the track’s title. You’ll love this.

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