Show Preview: Flying Fish Cove @ Cheer Up Charlies

It’s Tuesday in the middle of summer, but rest assured, you’ll likely regret missing this show over at Cheer Up Charlies tonight. Flying Fish Cove head into town on the heels of an excellent LP, and a follow-up EP, offering some of the best indiepop vibes this year. I’ve not seen the band live, but have been following the group since their early EP on Jigsaw Records, so my fingers are crossed…especially after putting At Moonset in my Top 10 Albums (so far people!). They’ll be joined on either side of their set by a couple of local heavyweights in Linen Closet and Housewarming. Doors are at 9!

Wilco Announce Ode to Joy

I know that I’m supposed to love all the sonic adventurism of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, and I do, but hearing this new tune from Wilco is right where I want the band to be. Jeff’s voice has this real careful softness to it, hanging onto every syllable like its his last one. Behind him, there’s a lightly strummed guitar piece, accentuated by the fun noodling lines that dart in and out. All the while, the drums seem haphazard, just rolling along casually as if they didn’t have a care in the world. This is where I love my Wilco; I’m looking forward to Ode to Joy, which apparently is being released by dBPM Records on October 4th.

Another Darren Hayman Tune

I’ve previously mentioned Darren Hayman‘s ambitious 12 Astronauts LP, and while the album comes out Friday, there’s another teaser track regarding Pete Conrad awaiting. This one is particularly special to a Texan, as the title is an allusion to the Texas community in which most of the astronauts lived in the 1960s. Musically, there’s a simple, almost Casio-esque beat that Hayman uses as a backbone for his voice. But, it’s the chorus here that’s really special; the guitars drop in and there’s added sampled layers, with Darren spinning his charming melody right into your heart. Just skip to the 1:17 mark if you don’t believe me. 12 Astronauts is out Friday via WIAIWYA. Love pop, learn things.

Lunch Lady Share New Single

Okay, so I slept on this one over the weekend; I completely regret not sharing it with you earlier. Instead, I’ve been bouncing around my living room just letting this angular post pop music from Lunch Lady get stuck deep in the caverns of my mind. The rhythm section starts the show, giving off that toe-tapping diligence, but you’ve got to wait for the guitar work to sort of spin you up and twirl you about with their sharp little stabs. Rachel Birke’s voice, however, is the icing on the cake, adding this thoughtful haziness to the band’s swirly-pop vibes. Makes perfect sense their debut would end up on Upset the Rhythm; Angel drops August 23rd.

ATX Spotlight: Town Lake

Town Lake is an Austin band who got together back in 2017 after all members spent some time in well known Austin bands like The Calm Blue Sea, Go Nova, and Summer Fires. After some time spent playing live shows and recording tunes, the band released their promising new EP Demonstrations last April. For a taste of what the band has to offer, take a second and check out the bands new single “Homesick” streaming below. The band, at its core, has a blues inspired, southern sound with a lead singer in Gus Ochoa who sometimes sounds like Brandon Flowers when he could still sing. Zing! In the end, the band make a great rock n roll sound which is a welcome addition to what tends to be a non rockin’ scene in Austin.

If you dig the new track, the band’s new EP Demonstrations is streaming on all platforms.

Rosie Tucker Shares Video for Habit

Not more than a few weeks ago I claimed that Rosie Tucker‘s Never Not Never Not Never Not was the album you wished Jenny Lewis had written this year; that’s not a dig, this record is really that great. Today, the band have just shared the video for standout track “Habit,” just giving me another reason to continue the unending love for this LP. This track works back in forth between the melodic voice and spoken word delivery, brandishing a chorus that never leaves your head. The video is a lemon-themed visual, with Rosie playing the star among the little yellow fruit. Like I said, just keep giving me reasons to listen to this LP and I’ll gladly abide; you can get it for yourself at New Professor.

Marble Arch Share Moonstruck Video

Children of the Slump dropped in late Spring, and while I’ve written a great deal about the album and the earlier singles from Marble Arch, this new video for “Moonstruck” offers up a slight different tone than many of the singles. Here, the band are more pulling on your emotions, entrancing you with both song and visual effects in this video. I think, for me, that releasing this as a single illustrates the band’s thoughtfulness, as the artistry in the video very much matches their approach (in my view) to the songwriting for this LP. Each track has this uniqueness that can be presented in isolation or wound tightly into the beautiful LP we have before us now. Grab it from Geographie.

Psetta Kicks Off Monday

You know you need sort of a soft-opening into your Monday musical agenda, right? Perfect for you that I have this Psetta tune ready to release you into the work week. At first listen, the song unfolds slowly, almost as if this were a chillwave adventure…that would be all well and good for Monday. But, just before the 1 minute mark, the song takes this slight pop twist, barely noticeable, elevating the track entirely. You can hear the sampled drums brooding beneath, allowing the melody to continuously build and build towards the song’s end. I just love how everything sort of moves within the confines of this song, snaking its way around. Happy Monday indeed.

Film Review – Trespassers

Rating: ★★★ · ·


Two couples travel to a remote rental home in the desert for a sex and drug fulled escape from reality. As tensions escalate over the course of a debaucherous night, things take an unexpected turn when a woman (Fairuza Balk) claiming to be a neighbor with car trouble shows up at the door. She seems harmless enough… or so they think.

Hit the jump for my thoughts on the film.

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Lachlan Denton Shares New Tune

Lachlan Denton and his brother Zac were part of my favorite Aussie outfit, The Ocean Party, with each working on their own side-projects along the way. But, as many of you know, Zac passed away suddenly last year, leaving a lasting impression on all of us. Now, with a new tune from Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic, we hear Lachlan coming to grips with the impression Zac left on his own life. It’s creates a strange contradiction whilst listening: the song is beautiful and yet the lyrical content is heartbreaking…still, you’re captivated by both aspects, perhaps the lasting mark that will remain with listeners as they absorb A Brother, the new LP out next week via Bobo Integral/Osborne Again.

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