Pleased to Meet You: Pressed Orchid

Let’s face it, you don’t get to listen to all the bands you should, so when a friend sends someone your way, you should always listen…that’s how I came across Richmond’s Pressed Orchid. Their musical style is this very subtle bedroom pop, but they build in these little textural notes that bubble to the top and elevate their sound, such as the saxophone or the chirping of birds present in the video below. Sarita’s vocals move between this ethereal realm and this angelic playfulness that rewards the listener time and time again. If you dig what you’re hearing, the duo will be releasing Velvet Confessional on via Brilliant Corners Records later this year.

Bee Bee Sea Share Day Ripper

I loved the first two Bee Bee Sea singles, so why would I turn my back on the Italian trio for their third one? This one’s got a bit of a sort of prog meets psych, mashed up with a nice bit of garage rock. It’s heavy and outlandish, perhaps that sort of fury and flare you’d expect at an Osees (however you spell it now) show. Perhaps one of my favorite bits is just the slightest hint of a pop nod leaking in sparingly, all before the band just ramps up the energy and rocks the tune out to a close. The band are set to release Day Ripper on October 9th via Wild Honey Records.

Shame Return with Alphabet

The year 2020 has been nothing short of a shit show, but it’s about to get a little bit better for all of you out there; Shame have returned with a brand new single, a hint at the shape of things to come. Songs of Praise alerted us to the band’s brand of rock n’ roll, with their live sets only furthering the ferocity of their recorded work. Since then, there have been tons of imitators, but nothing comes close to pulling this off. A thundering groove is established by the rhythm section, with a twang of discordant guitar notes ringing out, slowly, then with more pace. Charlie Steen’s vocals are emphatic and pointed at first, eventually fading into this scrawling note across the track as it pushes forward at a frenetic pace. There’s a glimmer of hope out there folks. Just a glimmer.

Have Another Slow Pulp Tune

The Chicago, by way of Madison, based band Slow Pulp has slowly been building a following over the last year with several solid tunes hitting the interwebs. Earlier this summer we shared with you new single “Idaho” and now I am beyond pleased to have this fresh new single called “At it Again” hitting the site today. As we’ve all seen from the band on prior singles, this one again features some expert musicianship, especially the drums, paired with the more intimate, quiet voice of singer Emily Massey. It’s sort of like a more banging version of POBPAH or Alvvays. Definitely worth a listen today.

Slow Pulp will release new album Moveys on October 9th via Winspear.

More from Milky Wimpshake

We’ve already brought you a tune or two from the forthcoming Milky Wimpshake LP, their first since 2015, but I couldn’t miss out on a chance to give you a heads up that Rachel from Flowers is also featured on a few occasions. If you’re grabbing the record, as you should, you’ll find the opener, featured below, has her voice paired perfectly with the band; the song’s full of swaggering pop rock…the infectious sort of course. I love how they mute the rock in the opening verses to let the vocal harmonies shine together, before pushing down on the pedals and letting loose. The chugga-chugga riffs of the chorus are perfect slices of rock n’ roll…I just want to play this song all the damn day long! Bobo Integral will release Confessions of an English Marxist on October 16th.

Mint Field Share Aterrizar Single

The more I listen to the tracks on Sentimiento Mundial, the more I’m mesmerized by the world Mint Field are creating. My early perception of the band had them casting this shadowy psychedelia from Mexico, but with each new single from the new LP, they’re giving out little hints of this expansive sound, this tapestry of influences and visions. For instance, you’ll find yourself intoxicated with these heavenly vocals and carefully worked guitar lines; it feels like there’s movement, but its so light you can’t help but feel yourself floating away. The band, however, have a nice little trick in store for your ears, unleashing a wall of shattering noise just after the 2 minute mark. They haven’t strayed from their roots, they’ve just landed in a new sonic landscape of their own creation. The new LP drops on September 25th via Felte.

Floating Room Share Held Open Door

At this point, I’ve heard several tunes from the forthcoming Floating Room EP, and damned if its not a wonderful listen; I think the first single should be enough to whet your appetite. At first, it has this bold sort of angular approach, akin to some of the work that Cate Le Bon’s been doing…kind of off-kilter pop. But, what makes it the winner of the day is how quickly it moves into a fuzzy riff-drivern pop rock vibe; it’s almost like Maya Stoner just wanted to create her own space where Le Bon and Alvvays held equal import to the songwriting process…truly a special listen, if you haven’t gone here already. Tried and True is out October 30th.

Night Shop Shares Dreamy Duet With Waxahatchee

We’re no stranger to the tunes of Justin Sullivan, be it via his helping hand in other bands (Flat Worms, The Babies, Kevin Morby), or in his own solo project, Night Shop. He just dropped a single from his upcoming EP,The Fountain, which he is releasing via Salinas Records on September 25, and it features none other than Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee as well as guitar help from Meg Duffy and Justin Taveniere on bass. “In The Twilight Sun” is a tune that fits its title aptly and gracefully. Sullivan’s voice is like a soothing balm, and when his vocals meet with Crutchfield’s, the song becomes the sonic equivalent of when night meets the end of day in a symphony of the vivid colors of a glowing sunset. At four minutes in length, the song washes over you gently but steadily and Sullivan’s quick lyrics emerge bolder with every listen.

Take a listen below to the soft indie rock tune and then go pre-order the star-studded EP at Bandcamp. (P.S. All pre-order proceeds go to non-profit, Color of Change).

Eades Share I Want More

Eades really caught my attention earlier this year when they dropped their Microcosmic Things EP; it was chock full of songs with these nods to post-punk while still grasping onto current indie rock vibes. This brand new tune definitely reveals a bit more of the latter, and perhaps its all the better as the young band find their sound. I love the way the verses seem to really just kind of hang about in that casual manner, like they’re just relaxing in the sunshine, taking it all in. The chorus gives you an emphatic burst of guitar pop and shredding, especially when it moves off into that soloing territory for a calamitous end. Just another reason to keep an eye on this Leeds outfit.

A Break in the Battle Cover Nick Heyward

A Break in the Battle is a relativelyy recent project begun by three musicians from Dallas: Salim Nourallah, Chris Holt, and Paul Averitt; they joined up to pay homage to some of Salim’s favorite songwriters and songs. You might recognize Nick Heyward as the core songwriter of Haircut 100, who then later went on to have a pretty decent solo career; the track being covered comes off 1993’s From Monday to Sunday. In the version below, you get more of an almost elevated rendition, highlighting the pop sensibility rather than the rushed tension of Hayward; I love how this version still holds tight to the emphatic vocal that pops up in both versions around the 2:30 mark. Check out the new version below courtesy of Palo Santo Records…you can also find the OG track HERE.

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