Nada Surf Return with Moon Mirror

I’ve somehow been jamming out to the pop rock riffs of Nada Surf for nearly 30 years now, and they continue to have a soft spot in my record collection, so it’s great to hear that there’s a new piece I’ll have to add when it hits. This brand new single captures the band’s ability to hit huge riffs matched up with Matthew Caws’ distinctive vocal delivery; there’s something in the way Caws sings that brings an almost live punch to his voice. Lyrically, a band who has been around for so long is sure to teach us a lesson about living, and that’s true as they turn this tune into commentary about being present in the moment rather than focusing on everything down the line…a good way to see it, if I do say so. This track comes with the announcement of Moon Mirror and their signing to New West Records; it’ll drop on September 13th.

Off the Beaten Path: Holiday Music, Rob Logan and More

Mondays are always strange. I run a bunch of stuff that snuck by, or I throw a cumbia hit here at you…but this week, I wanted to spread the word on some new stuff that maybe doesn’t fall under my everyday coverage…though admittedly, it all fits in this musical world. We’ve got new stuff from Holiday Music, Rob Loagan and Donny Mahlmeister.

Holiday Music, who we’ve covered for some time just released their 333 EP, which is a collection of tunes defined as “bedroom rock mixed with industrial-wave.” While tunes like “333” and “Final Notice” are more traditional offerings, you might dig into some of the more experimental stylings of “Best in Show,” which uses electronic samples and blends it all together. Stream the whole 333 EP below.

Rob Logan just dropped Explode the Rose, which is sort of a cinematic journey of sounds. The work within utilizes textural electronic components to create individual musical paintings. Tunes like “Magic Coin” open up to a feel of escapism, letting you drift into your own meditative state, though admittedly, I’ve been partial to “Portal,” which has slight movement, while still accomplishing that feeling of eternal drift. A cassette is available via Trouble in Mind.

Speaking of Trouble in Mind, they’ve got another collection of ambient electronic works coming from Donny Mahlmeister, who plays in Levinson/Mahlmeister. The music on Paper Glacier feels as if its been constructed to score your walk through your favorite museum; there are moments to pause and reflect, while other moments pulse and encourage you to move into the next room to find another masterful piece. No words, just musical imagery for your brain.

Zero Point Energy Share Disintegration

This Friday Zero Point Energy will finally release their forthcoming Tilted Planet LP, and I am definitely going to be spending a good deal of time with it. Today, they offer up another single that’s grabbed my attention, as the music holds to a spirited style of indie rock, but Genesis’ vocal performance offers us a glimpse at something a little different. Where there have been hints at an underlying edginess, the vocals have this guttural growl this go round, providing a bit of a rough edge that slightly changes the band’s dynamic sound. I like that prospect, as it allows for just a hint of differentiation on the listen. Tilted Planet is out via Danger Collective on Friday!

Fun Pop from Menahan Street Band and Roge

From time to time, I like to indulge the site in my obsession with tropicalia, samba and cumbia, which is sort of the middle ground where this new single from Menahan Street Band & Roge pops into our coverage. Sometimes, when you let your inhibitions go, you’ll find that your body will just respond to what’s before you. The Menahan Street Band have created this celebratory vibe, bursting with horns and sharp percussion that naturally makes your shoulders shake and your feet shuffle. Rising star Roge definitely does his part, playing into the soulful feel that I’m hoping makes your day. This new track appears on a fresh 7″, available from Diamond West Records.

Another Club 8 Single

Not sure if we’re going to be getting a full-length Club 8 record, or if the band have just embraced the joy of the single era, as this is their 5th new track to come our way recently. You’ll be greeted by a propulsive undercurrent that rushes the tune right through your speakers; guitar lines will glitter and dance in and out of focus, attempting to pace themselves with the quick rhythmic push. But, like they’ve been doing of late, they’re running the speed up while that’s contrasted with these dreamier vocal notes that seem to hang out on the edges of the tune, in hopes of staying clear of the sugary rush. Perfect balance and a perfect tune for a Monday.

Last Week’s Jams (5.6 – 5.10)

What a wild and crazy week that was. Tons of music, and tons of great albums. We suggested you listen to the latest LPs from Lunchbox, Amy O, Gregor and Stephen’s Shore, among others…so go back and revisit those records if you’re into full-length listens. But, if not, some of our favorite acts popped up after a bit of an absence; there was new stuff from both Quivers and Emma Russack, so the Aussie contingent was representing with new music. This My Best Unbeaten Brother track that opens up the playlist is a ripper, but don’t you dare skip beyond new Yea-Ming or Cats of Transnistria. Just a bunch of great jams for you to enjoy, so just get right to it!

Friday Album Streams: Amy O, Stephen’s Shore, Grego + More

Friday’s are a great day to kick back and absorb the new music that’s coming out, with a definite bonus for those of you who follow our site as there are new releases from some of our favorite artists. Amy O has an excellent record hitting today, plus you get the elegant sounds of Gregor if you’re looking for that immersive pop experience. Personally, I’m stoked on this new Stephen’s Shore EP from Meritorio Records, and I know RayRay is looking for that new Dehd LP! Stream them all below and have a great Friday!

Amy O.Mirror, Reflect (Winspear)

Stephen’s ShoreNeptune EP (Meritorio Records)

GregorSatanic Lullabies (Chapter Music)

DehdPoetry (Fat Possum Records)

FlypaperAnother Orbit EP – (PNK SLM)

LunchboxPop and Circumstance (Slumberland Records)


A New Song From Emma Russack

When thinking of some of my favorite voices from the Melbourne music scene, Emma Russack is definitely one that comes to mind. She’s done work with countless acts like our friend Lach, but hasn’t had a proper solo effort in some time. That’s all changing, as she’s just recently announced About the Girl, her new LP. Our first listen has a slightly different approach than where she left off with her solo work; this time’s she working with synths and distorted guitars as the vessel for her pop tendencies. I love how their are elements that bubble and pop with a snappiness that seemingly contrasts against Russack’s voice. Another great entry, and we’re looking forward to the new LP; it drops on August 22nd via Dinosaur City Records.

My Best Unbeaten Brother Announce Mini Album

Back in January we were very excited to share new music from My Best Unbeaten Brother, which was a new project from Adam and Ben Parker. Today, the band announce their debut mini-album, Pessimistic Pizza (which I think means it has pineapple on it). Ben’s vocal delivery has a very distinctive British feel to it, sharp and pointed, though seemingly spoken more than sung in this presentation. Behind him, the band are furiously ripping up and down through the speakers, distorting riffs that are catchy and dangerous…all the while the cymbal work seems like its purposefully going off the rails. Their debut Pessimistic Pizza will be out June 28th via Audio Antihero. Please don’t put pineapple on pizza.

Yea Ming and the Rumours Share Somebody’s Daughter

Another week and another excellent single from the forthcoming LP from Yea-Ming and the Rumours; it might be the last one we get to hear as I Can’t Have It All drops in two weeks! Sliding guitar notes open the track to a bit of a Western gallop; that’s only furthered by the sharp percussive bounce, giving the tune all the movement it needs. Yea-Ming comes in with this hazy vocal that settles on top, carefully building the melody into the tune; I love how it feels like it stays back far enough into the mix so that everything kind of mixes together all the way up to the monosyllabic bop that comes in the track’s latter half. I Can’t Have It All is out May 24th via Dandy Boy Records.

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