Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Share Cars in Space

It feels like its been a hot minute since I’ve jammed to Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, so it’s glad to hear that the Aussie posse is back with some new music in 2020. This new single picks up where the band left off, and to be fair, there are moments when it almost feels left over from Hope Downs. But, there’s little extra moments in the song from the chorus to the jam right after the mellow mid-song breakdown that definitely have the band flexing their songwriting muscles. Let’s hope that a new single has the band back in the saddle and working on a full-length for us, as we can’t seem to get enough of this bunch.

Bleach Day Share In Limbo Single

I love a good pop tune, even more so when it comes across in this sort of warped manner, such as the latest single from Bleach Day. The duo received a lot of praise for Where to Dream, and most recently helped with production duties on Wished Bone’s latest LP. Here, we have them building what seems like a very straight-forward pop number; the song’s general structure rides the backbone of piano notes. But, the vocals have this effect that holds the pop sensibility while still sounding obscured, then they bury it behind layer upon layer of textures. It’s like a pop quilt, little notes sewn into the fabric of other notes here and there. This should make the new album, As if Always, quite an adventure; it drops the first week of March.

Nomke Shares Ended by the Morning Video

Thanks to our work with Bones Garage over the past two years, I’ve been able to get hints at other great Israeli acts, like Nomke. This is the first single off the True Queen LP, and it’s quite a stunner. You’ll find the guitar has this driving influence, just riffs and vocals before the drums jump on board to add some pace to the track. I think the voice has this softened fragility, as if Nomke is bearing her soul, which makes sense considering the thematic idea that often times our feelings and passions are “ended by the morning sun.” Feels like a great way to start off the week.

Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes Share Set Me Free

The long awaited debut album from Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes will be here next week, but before it arrives, there’s one last push from the band to turn their way. I love how this song sort of blossoms and explodes into this extravagant pop number. It’s all vocals and keyboards sprouting from the ground, soon joined by a pulse and bubbling bass groove. Once those angular guitar notes arrive, the song takes on this uplifting sparkle that gives the song this boldness I hadn’t heard from the band as of yet. Sweetie is shaping up to be a really huge step forward for the band; it’s out next week via Rama Lama Records.

Tan Cologne Share Strange God Video

I really wanted to pair this new tun from Tan Cologne right after the latest track from HOLY we just ran because they’re both creating these huge emotional pieces, with the HOLY tune representing some sort of pulsating life force. Here, Lauren Green and Marissa Macias are creating this meditative state with “Strange God.” The absence of color in the video production calms, but also seems to evade emotions, offering up a solemnity in the world. That’s not to say there aren’t beautiful moments in the song, particularly in the meandering near the 4 minute mark with little notes echoing in the distance. If you need a moment to yourself, a moment to your thoughts, perhaps this tune can accompany you. It appears on Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico, out next Friday via Labrador Records.

HOLY Shares Another Tune off Ryder LP

I don’t know what it is about HOLY, but I’ve really just been blown away by the stuff coming out for the Ryder album cycle. This latest single had this huge ebb and flow, pulling me in with the pop undertow before crushing me with this huge wash of pulsating pop rhythms. It just feels like this huge production; it feels like this should be the score to some important moment in your life. In fact, it probably is, as you’re going to find very few artists crafting the same sweeping pop nuggets in the world. Ryder is out February 28th vai PNKSLM.

Merce Lemon Announces Ride Every Day

Up until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t heard of Merce Lemon, but our friends over at Crafted Sounds tossed us a few tunes to turn us on to her before the announcement of Ride Every Day. It’s a compilation tape taking a few of her releases, adding some bonus material and a polished version of this really striking tune below. It’s one of those songs that seems so simple in its construction, but it feels like a gut-punch, just hitting you right where your emotions are. Mostly just vocals and a light strum, with some added key notes in there, yet you will keep coming back to this song before the day’s up, I swear. This will be out on March 14th via Crafted Sounds.

Stream the Self-Titled LP from The Late Pioneers

It’s incredibly hard to keep track of all the great music being released nowadays, so hopefully you come here for a little guidance to narrow down your choices. One of the record I’ve been bopping to is the new self-titled LP from The Late Pioneers, which was just released by Subjangle. Ultimately, this is a brilliant pop record, culling influences from various periods of pop music, be that classic singles or the more recent jangling styles of indiepop. Many of the tracks offer this wondrous sense of promise in the world, like “Into the Mud,” but you will also encounter some more reflective pieces to keep the listen balanced. I think my favorite tune is “Leaving Today,” but start where you want and fall in love with this LP.

Fresh Jam from Rad Gnar

Rad Gnar is one of the new local Austin acts making waves on our end; there’s some ATH lineage too, as the band features one of the Ben’s of Basketball Shorts. But, while there’s some punk ethos working through the song’s lyrical content, you’ve also got to catch on to the hook-laden riffs tearing through your speaker walls. And, if you know Ben, you know of his allegiance to the cult of Built to Spill, which definitely plays a role in his songwriting here, using those riff structure and weaving them through the fabric of emo/punk. Rumor has it that there’s an EP on its way really really soon!

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