Sachet Announce Brand New EP, Share Lead Single

It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from Aussie outfit Sachet; they last released Nets in 2020. But, we can breathe easier knowing the group have a fresh EP on the way for us in 2024. While the band fancy themselves as a prog-pop outfit, they’re not straying too far off from classic punk meets pop vibes. You can hear some of the Debbie Harry playfulness in the vocals this go round, hitting those crystalline disco notes as the band snakes its way through a sort of musical call-and-response. Plus, you’ll find just a bit of punk ethos squeaking in too, adding some sharp licks that build the tension. Totally digging on it, so looking forward to The Seeing Machine EP, out next February via Tenth Court.

Real Estate Return with Water Underground

This news announcement is a shout out to my dear wife, who is an avowed Real Estate stan, and I’m sure she’ll love the airy nature of this tune here. Those crisp guitar sounds are exactly what made us all fall in love with the group initially, and their charm shines brightly on this track. According to the band, the lyrical content is all about the well of inspiration that artists draw from; it’s an apt analogy, as you can interpret the various stages of writing with water…sometimes its plentiful and other times drought hits hard and things dry up…like my writing here today! Oh, and fellow New Jersey natives and Nickelodeon fans might recognize cast members of Pete & Pete making an appearance in the video. They’ll release Daniel in February of next year via Domino Recording Co.

Koalra Share the Clouds Still Hang On You Single

When I first turned on this new track from Koalra, there was something hypnotic that completely captured me; there was this lingering darkness in the drum sound that just got under my skin. It set me up perfectly to fall in love, as the minute mark introduces this melodic high-toned voice; it soars, lifting the track and your spirits up in the mix. And, then there’s a heavier vocal resonance, matching the heavy march of the drum beat, letting the guitar line wiggle and churn up the muddy melody waiting to soar as the song pushes forward. One minute of listening will have you clamoring to hear Disasterclass, but like us, you’ll have to wait until it releases on December 22nd.

Juppe Releases Andy I Have Your Lighter

Having just released his debut album this past September, Juppe is wasting no time, turning around and dropping a fresh new single via Soliti. Originally written for a skate video, the song locks you in immediately with this seductive groove that feels like kicking and pushing on the asphalt, hair blowing in the breeze. It was that natural joyfulness that grabbed me, and then the vocals offer up this softened curl that really draws you into the track; I think you’ll also hear some similarities to some of the British pop rock that was breaking big in the late 00s (2000s not 1900s). Give it a listen, and if you dig it, we advise you to go back and check on Feeling Bad About Feeling Sad…, available from our favorite Finnish friends, Soliti.

Johnny Aries Releases New Single

I was actually a big Johnny Aries fan back in his Two-Wounded Birds days, but definitely love that he’s become an integral part of the Drums line-up over the last decade or so. But, today its all about him, as he drops this drifting bit of melancholy pop music, a piece that perhaps will appear on his new LP, which is stated to be in the works. This one’s all about sliding into the sprit of sadness mentioned in the song’s title; you can feel those sparse guitar notes just echoing in the darkness, atmospheric noises shooting pass as you get to wallow in the emotion of the single. Get in touch with your feelings below!

Sturt Avenue Share Title Track from Bury Me in the Garden

So, while us here in the States were turkey-ing up, the rest of the world carried on as one should, just like Sturt Avenue, who released Bury Me in the Garden. We’ve covered the band’s work before, noticing their brand of orchestral chamber pop and how it naturally has that swelling feel-good nature to it. The title track from the record has an incredible vocal performance, again, from Bryn Soden; I love how we can feather a note, but then turn around and pull another tone from deep in the gut…and all the while there’s a perfect bit of accentuating backing harmonies to boost. Feel like this is the warmest welcome to a fresh week of music!

Pop Filter Share Undertow

A little over ten days to go before Pop Filter drop their brand new track, and they want to drag you right into the experience of CONO by hitting you with “Undertow.” It’s immediately going to grab you, opening with a racing rhythm section, using snappy drum work and a bassline that seduces you instantly. It doesn’t stop there, as the band race through the tune, dropping discordant noise in throughout as they seem intent on rushing you through the song as fast as they can. Little bit of saxophone helps the song fade out and still throw its weight behind the pop sensibility! CONO is out on December 1st, but it’s already SOLD OUT, so hopefully there’s a repress!

Body/Negative Share Sleepy Video

There’s perhaps nothing that rings more true this week than a track titled “Sleepy.” Whether you’re on vacation and just relaxing, or you’ve indulged too much and find yourself in a food-induced coma, Body/Negative have crafted this striking soundtrack to your day or week. It’s a seemingly simple track, maneuvering with very light keys and atmospheric fuzz as the vocals carry angelic memories associated with the songwriters (both Midwife and B/N have dedicated this tune to their deceased parents). Perhaps a solemn theme runs through it, but in this week, it allows us to turn our thoughts towards those we can be thankful for, be that parents or partners or pets. This track appears on the new LP, Everett, out December 8th via Track Number Records.

Premiere: Hot Garbage – Mystery

We’re about to head into a short holiday break, but before we do, here’s a jam by Toronto based Hot Garbage for you to check out during your down time. The new track, “Mystery”, feels like it might have fit in during spooky October season with a swirling, gothic organ and deep, heavy guitar riffs. This sound comes with the slightest hint of a surf rock inspiration to give the song a touch of lightness and playfulness here and there. It’s a jam for sure. Gobble gobble.

This track will appear on the upcoming Hot Garbage album entitled Precious Dreams due out January 19th via Mothland. Pre-orders are live now.

Baby Blue Share It’s a Match Single + Announce Debut LP

You’ve always got to keep an eye on the Melbourne music scene, as a new band seemingly springs up every other day, and today, we’ve got Baby Blue. The band features Rhea Caldwell, who played guitar in our old pal Michael Beach’s band, so you know the songwriting licks are already in there. This first single is like a Springtime pop tune, sort of wistful and pastoral, with little sprinkling dashes of psychedelia lurking here and there, giving off this mysticism. There’s this really delicious pop moment right at 2:09, and that moment right there sold the song for me, as if I needed more. The band will release Of My Window early next year via Lost and Lonesome.

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