Paws Share One Nation Under Dog

If there’s a general feeling in the world, it seems to revolve around our future and our fears for what comes next for humanity. Paws, on their latest single, have captured that anxiety and built it up into the perfect piece of swelling pop rock. Personally, I’m a sucker for the way huge riffs and smashing drums rock you right into the track, before the riffs get peeled a way to reveal a warmed vocal driving home the tune’s melody. Backing vocals buoy the hook too, allowing the lyrics to really resonate with the listener as the band question our decisions as humans “under dog.” New single pops up on Paws new self-titled LP, out October 27th via Ernest Jenning Record Co.


Big Mess Share Fresh Single, Announce New LP

Been a struggle to get my feet out from underneath me this week, so felt like the best way to kick things off was to drop in this jam from Denmark’s Big Mess. They’re a no-bullshit rock outfit of the punk vein, running away with a pounding rhythm section while the rest of the band tries to play catch up. Those riffs speed through, and the growl of the vocals has hints of nostalgic leanings, though I love how it holds onto this anthemic quality, even when it feels like its barreling down the train tracks. You’ll find this tune and others on the groups new LP, Cleaning Up With, out November 17th.

AAR Release 20th Anniversary Edition of Self-Titled LP

You’re likely reading this post about All-American Rejects and wondering…”how does this fit the site?” Well, we’ve all got to start somewhere, and I have no shame in saying there were a few months back in 2002 where I was fortunate enough to travel around with the band and poorly sell t-shirts. But, honestly, I was in the band’s orbit from an early age, and the fact that it’s been 20 years since they took off from Oklahoma and never looked back (except Mikey, who still calls it home) is pretty amazing. So, wanted to celebrate their achievement of rocking out for over 20 years (they’re on tour now!) by posting this rad record and its reissue treatment; it now has the rare “Cigarette Song” on 7″ packaged within the LP! Grab it HERE! And, if you buy it and look in the liner notes, maybe you’ll recognize a name hanging about.


A Beacon School Drop Alone Single

If you’re a sucker for that sort of post-new-wave meets dreamy pop, then you’re absolutely going to love this new track from A Beacon School. For two minutes, Patrick Smith casually delivers some of the finest dreamy pop you’re going to hear this year; the softness in his vocals keeps the knifing guitar lines and snappy beat at bay, letting the melody sprinkle its hooks all over the track. There’s even a nice little cascading bit of noise at the 2 minute mark, offering a brief bit of dissonant discourse in an otherwise spritely pop number. Yoyo is out on October 13th, and its shaping up quite nicely.

Good Morning Drop Two New Singles

It seems like our pals in Melbourne based Good Morning have been a mainstay on these pages for many years now and we always eagerly await new music from the band. Imagine the excitement when today we got word of not one, but two new singles as part of a new double release through their label Polyvinyl. The first track, “dog years,” features that familiar, jangly sound from the lads while the second track “queen of comedy,” is a more somber and mellow tune. Somehow both compliment each other beautifully.

And hey! Good Morning are coming to Austin later this month with Frankie Cosmos at Mohawk. Tickets are available now.

Alicja-Pop Share I’m Here I’m There

If you’re looking for something to catch you off guard this morning, then might I suggest trying out this new track from Alijca-Pop, the recording project of Alijca Trout. Interestingly, I had this song completely pegged wrong; the angular guitar notes that began had me expecting a finite post-punk sound, but Trout has no intention of playing it safe here. Instead, Alicja cooly delivers verse vocals with a seeming hint of indifference, as if she was completely oblivious to the audience and their expectations. There’s a few moments where the track pulls on that come-hither vocal curl that Debbie Harry rocked so well, beckoning the listener to come closer. In the end, however, this song could survive on the chorus alone; the nonchalant vocal set-up is perfect, hitting you immediately with this brush of emphatic pop glory. If you’re into it, there’s a new 7″ from Feel It Records out on September 29th.

Steven Adams Shares Moderation

Steven Adams totally has me wrapped around his little songwriting finger at the moment. On the first single from Drops, there was this driving earnestness that just livened your listening experience. This go round, that liveliness definitely plays into the song’s delivery, though its spun in a different fashion, with the chorus serving up the boisterousness on a platter, while the verses toy with more of a grooving stutter-step across a crooner’s stage. A little bit of funk, a nice little dose of pop, with just a dash of righteous rock n’ roll…and we’re all sliding into Tuesday like champions. Drops is out on November 10th via Fika Recordings.

Prom Shares Post-Emo Jam

Brighton based label Small Pond is possibly one of the busiest indie labels in the UK, which one can discover by checking out the myriad of releases on their bandcamp page. For a quick run down of what the label has been up to recently, a big compilation is upcoming with 16 new tracks from up and coming label discoveries. One of those new bands are locals prom who have offered up this track “Fancy Word For Addiction” for the soon to be released compilation. It’s an engaging piece of a sort of post-emo meets late 90s grunge type tune and serves as a promising preview for this new compilation.

The new compilation from Small Pond, Small Pond Emerging – Volume III, will be released on November 24th. Pre-orders are live now.

Mildred Maude Share Single ft. Lorena Quintanilla

It seems like Lorena Quintanilla has officially arrived in my algorithm, as the Lorelle Meets the Obsolete singer has been popping up all over my feeds lately…this time lending her voice to the new single from Mildred Maude. In working on recordings, the band found that felt “kind of senic,” almost cinematic in nature, which led them to the decision to invite Lorena to lend her voice to these tracks. The drums are anti-propulsive here, serving as the track’s heartbeat as the sonic structure ebbs and flows, matched by the technicolor wash of the video. Quintanilla’s voice rides those crests, sort of lapping at the edges of your ears, back and forth, teasing you to immerse yourself in the confines of the tune. You’ll hear this track on the band’s new Microclimates EP, out October 27th via Sonic Cathedral.

Soft Covers Offer Every Week

You guessed it! There’s another incredible band from Melbourne about to release their debut LP…and thus Soft Covers will win us all over. A quick flirty jangle opens the song before being steadied by the rhythm and the relaxed matter of fact vocal delivery. The churn of the guitar continues throughout, and those vocals get support from band member Laura, adding that melodic undercurrent that makes pop fans swoon. There’s a cool little buzz too just beneath at the 1:51 point, highlighting the band’s detailing of each track. Expectations are high for Soft Serve, the debut LP out October 6th via Little Lunch/Hidden Bay.

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