SXSW Artists Jonathan Bree Shares New Video

Last year Jonathan Bree gave us the brilliant Sleepwalking, but many in the States have never had a chance to see these tunes in the live setting. For me, Bree is at the top of my list of must-see acts during this week’s SXSW festival…and now we have a new video to reinforce that belief. This is one of the shorter tunes on the album, but it’s one that reminds me of the careful craftsmanship of Air, while looking upon the nostalgic history of lounge singers. He’ll be in Austin from the 13-17th, with shows every day…but if you’re not here, go grab Sleepwalking form Lil Chief Records.

New NOTS Album Announcement

Merely a day after Hash Redactor announced a new release via Goner, the two members that play in NOTS announced they’ve got their own new album on the way. It’s this pulsing bit of post-punk, filled with swirling guitars that have the potential to cause dizzying effects. In the vocals there’s this echoed distance, as if they’ve been recorded in some abandoned industrial warehouse, furthering the dark vibe at play here. Slimmed down to a three piece, the band doesn’t seem to have missed a beat, leading me to believe that good things are in store with 3; it drops on May 10th via Goner Records.

Still On That Julia Rakel Kick

We’re just about a week away from Julia Rakel‘s EP release, so why not share another stellar number from indie fEElz. This track just reinforces the power of Rakel’s voice; she moves into the empty space left by the lush arrangements she’s crafted, filling it with these heavenly notes. Her range is strong, and I love the way she sort of hangs syllables in the air, then lets them fall quickly through the speakers. I think the last minute of this tune is quite special; it’s a drifting feeling accompanied by Rakel, fitting considering the art for the EP. It drops in full on March 15th via Rama Lama Records.

Paige Stark Has a Great Downer For You

Sometimes you need a little bit of a sadness in your listening queue, so to check that box for your Thursday, I give you “Depression Song” from Paige Stark. Stark is a songwriter out of Los Angeles, and this track just feels like it should be in the background of a montage where someone is having an almost comically bad day. At any rate, Stark’s smoky vocals are the key part of “Depression Song;” they swirl around in the instrumentals in the slow moving mix as though they just happen to grace the song with their presence. There’s a great synth break down towards the end of the number, when Stark’s vocals cut out and just let the song ride out. There’s a lot of great reasons to fall deep into this “Depression Song.”



Gothic Psych From The Well

Austin’s The Well have been at the game of 70s doom psych for a long time, but they’ve just dropped a new single, “Death and Consolation,” that shows a slight change direction for the trio. This new track is a trip into less of the jam band genre and more into the tighter knit gothic realm, a-la The Cure or Joy Division. While the song begins in the typical hazy-trance-like state, I’m most interested in the change up at the end of the track, at roughly the three minute mark, when you get an eerie, haunting build of vocals in the background while the guitar part is going wild. A lovely slice of gothic psych, “Death and Consolation” offers a taste of what’s to come on the band’s upcoming LP by the same title, which will be out April 26 via Riding Easy Records. Pre-order it here.


bdrmm Bring You Synthy Dream Pop

bdrmm are a shoe gaze group based out of Hull, making, well, bedroom pop tracks for your dreams. They’ve just put out a new single called “Heaven,” which is below for your listening pleasure. From the moment the twangy guitars enter your ears, you just know that something special is brewing. Then you get those twee synths that smother the whole song in a layer of light, new wave funk. The vocals are soft and warm, balancing out the twang of the instrumentals almost as much as the ever-humming bass line does. Take a listen below and fall in deep with bdrmm.



Hash Redactor Announces Debut

You’d expect nothing short of the sound below if you found out that members of Ex-Cult and NOTS formed a new band named Hash Redactor. There’s this heavy post-punk, consistently being spliced into pieces by jagged guitar chords as the matter-of-fact vocal delivery serves to steady the ship. We get to hang out here, in an anxious state, which only grows around the 2 minute mark as the song gets more frantic, more discordant, rushing listeners to the song’s end. Drecksound, the band’s debut album, will be released by Goner Records on April 26th.

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