Rock Out with Dribble

dribbleChecking in on my favorite country of Australia, I stumbled upon this excellent new tune from Dribble.  It starts out innocently enough before blasting forth with a discordant bounce and riotous vocals.  There’s a spirit within the song that can only be fully realized when surrounded by a bunch of friends in a tiny little club.  Still, the track packs a huge punch, which is perhaps owed to Mikey Young of Total Control/Eddy Current, who recorded the band’s new 7″.  It’ll be out shortly via Cool Death Records.


Download: Dribble – High St Girl [MP3]


Fun Ditty from The Creases

creasesPop fans you’re going to love this song.  It’s the latest single from Brisbane act, The Creases, and it’s a simple bit of fun to help get you through this Hump Day, in case the Netherlands/Aussie game isn’t doing it for you. It sort of reminds me of the early Vaccines, using simplicity to provide infectious hooks that will have you humming along (until you get the hang of the words).  This number will be featured on their Gradient EP; it’s being released by Liberation Music on the 25th of July.  Also, check out their new video to accompany the song HERE.

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Mellow Jam from Fishing

artworks-000081840303-ohzgq1-t500x500I’m on summer vacation, so I’m spending a lot of my time just relaxing.  With that comes a bit of chilled out musical vibes, and perhaps none is more fitting than this piece by production team, Fishing.  They’ve constructed this piece of movable pop, spliced with vocal samples that are really soothing.  There’s even a repeat bit of vocals at the end of the tune, making the song rise above your average electro-pop fare.  It’s a featured single on the band’s upcoming debut record, which will see a world-wide release on June 23rd.   The album is titled Shy Glow, and Create Control is the label behind the release.

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Great Track From The Trouble With Templeton


I’ve been on a punk rock kick lately, but I’ve grown a bit tired of that today and want to take a left turn here.  This new track, “Soldiers”, from Australian band The Trouble With Templeton is doing just that for me.  I dig the way the tune sort of starts off as a heavy, dark bass number, and then morphs into a pop number complete with some haunting vocals and catchy guitars.  Me gusta.

Rookie will be available on May 12th via Bella Union.

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Reverb Laden Rock From Keep on Dancin’

539949_492165600796040_2128801404_nAs I was trolling through my emails the other day, I came across this intriguing new track called “Grey Ghost” coming our way from Brisbane indie group Keep on Dancin’.  It’s of course a reverb heavy rock tune in the same vein as psych bands like The Black Angels or I could even see them compared to other female fronted bands like My Gold Mask.  Either way, I think the track is pretty rad and definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

The Aussie’s have a new album called Hunter due out early next year.

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Boy & Bear – Harlequin Dream

boy-and-bear-harlequin-dreamRating: ★★★½☆

Harlequin Dream is the second LP from Australian folk-rock band Boy & Bear.  Like their 2011 debut, Moonfire, this is a great sounding, very well produced record with several memorable tunes.

Boy & Bear work within the same reverb-soaked modern folk-rock style of bands like Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses.  Vocally, it’s hard not to hear a major Fleet Foxes influence here.  Still, Boy & Bear have found their own sound, and their tunes are generally more driven and upbeat than their contemporaries.

Harlequin Dream feels more pop and less folk-influenced than Moonfire.  The first five songs are all fairly bright, high-energy tunes.  The album slows down for the first time and takes a slightly reflective turn with “A Moment’s Grace”, before picking back up with the folk-sounding “End of the Line”, which has enough banjo in it to feel like a Mumford and Sons piece.  The next song, “Back Down the Black”, feels very out of place here, maybe because its subject is so much more serious than anything else on the album.  The last two songs are my personal favorites, especially the mellow, meditative “Arrow”.

The vocals throughout Harlequin Dream are quite strong.  There are some really well done, smooth harmonies as well as some impressive displays of range.  The title track in particular is incredibly hard to sing along to, although it’s catchy enough to make you want to try and fail (I did).

Lyrically this feels like a fairly straightforward rock record, with many of the songs covering such inexhaustible subjects as desire and loss.  The mood stays lighthearted throughout the album, but there’s still room for some complex lyrical structures in songs like “Real Estate.”

I like how Harlequin Dream expands upon the Boy & Bear’s already solid sound.  I definitely think that this band is only going to get more popular, and I don’t really have any criticisms of this album other than the fact that the ridiculous cover makes my eyes hurt.

Recent Rocker from Food Court

smileFood Court first came to my attention via the RSTB blog, and I’ve been jamming their latest EP ever since that day…earlier this week. As I browsed for something cool to post for you on this Friday, I figured you’d appreciate an energetic close to your afternoon.  This track has everything you need, from a bouncing bass line to hook filled choruses that will have you tapping your toes and aching to sing-a-long at the top of your longs.  It’s the title track from the band’s Smile at Your Shoes EP, so pick it up if you need a pick me up.  Enjoy your weekend folks.


Download: Food Court – Smile At Your Shoes [MP3]

New Track from DZ Deathrays

dzAustralia’s DZ Deathrays are hard at work trying to wrap up the recording of their next full-lenght, but in the mean time, they’ve provided us all with a nice little peak at what we’re likely to hear.  Ringing guitar works really well here, with layered vocals doing a perfect job providing a fairly blissful touch to the song itself.  Bloodstreams, their last album, made huge waves, so we can expect them to gain more steam as their sound crosses the great pond, landing them in our speakers.  We’ll keep you posted on the release date, but experts are looking at a February release.

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New Single from The Ocean Party

oceanpartyI’ve definitely been on an Australian bent lately, and I want to continue that with our friends in The Ocean Party.  They’ve just released their new record, Split, and I’m pretty sure that anyone that listens to the single below will find as much reason to love them as we do.  There’s a relaxed vibe to the vocal, which is often the case with the group, but the guitar sound should sound familiar to all, as it’s got a bright angular sound that’s being utilized around the globe.  If you’re with me, then you’ll be all about this beautiful song and the rest that are on the album.


Download: The Ocean Party – Quarter Life Crisis [MP3]

New (ish) Boomgates Tune

boomI feel like I should name this post “Keeping it Australia.”  I just posted about one Bedroom Sucks act yesterday, but I really want to continue my praise for the label by encouraging you to listen to the latest tune from Boomgates.  The group released Double Natural and really caught my attention, but now that they’re going to have a split 7″ with The Bats, I’m pretty sure the group’s on the top of their game.  I love how the female and male voices work together on this tune, while the guitar takes its own fuzzy meander through the track.  Definitely keeping you on the Australian tip this week.

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