Peak Twins Return with Beloved

Not too long ago, Peak Twins were getting some adoration from the masses, but they’ve been relatively quiet since 2013. Today that changes with the announcement of the group’s new LP, Beloved. “Water” is our first listen, accompanied by a gorgeous video employing mirror images, but ultimately it’s the song I’m in love with right now. All the verses reside in that casual pop arena popularized by many an Aussie outfit; they’re not pushing the envelop, merely caressing the natural melody within their songs. For my two cents, the special moment, aside from the nice little added arrangements, is the nice little change that comes for the first time around the 2 minute mark (also at 3:30); it’s just a mild directional turn, but plays in perfectly to the song’s aesthetic. Call it what you will, but Peak Twins have dropped one hell of a new number. The new LP will be out on June 28th.

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