Deathsport Share End of the World

I definitely remember being a young tween and realizing I wasn’t quite like my peers; they were devouring Nirvana and the like, and I was at home listening to my sister’s New Order and Cure tapes. They offered this electronic pulse and warmth that I clung to, at least for a few more years. Why does this matter? Well, if you listen to the new single from Germany’s Deathsport, you’re going to get that sentiment perfectly. It has this driving groove that locks you into dance moves, though like Republic-era New Order, there’s really feathered vocals, bordering on pure pop madness. Motorik beats and swirling dreamscapes abound, and all of it is destined to find a home inside your brain. They’ll release their Problem EP on August 16th.

World Brain Share Open

Clearly spacing out and drifting into the ocean waters is heavily on my brain at the moment, thus why finding this tune from World Brain was perfect. It felt like this typical ambient piece, which I quite liked as the vibe was right in line with mine. But, then the vocals crept into the picture, and the keys stroked a higher pitch, reminding me of Air in a sense, pulling more jazz and lounge influences into the fold; it’s perfectly fitting for sitting around the pool with a nice chilly beverage in your hand. Enjoy letting this wash over you.

Roller Derby Return with Dreams

After a slight line-up change, I’m really glad that Germany’s Roller Derby are back this year. I must have listened to “Always on My Mind” over 1000 times all on my own, and in fact, still jamming that track at least once or twice a week. They’ve just popped back in with a new single, one that shows their craft can be more elegant and elaborate in regards to their prospective pop sensibilities. They’ve peeled back the immediacy, allowing Philine to control the melody expertly; her voice is the dominant force, dancing over this driving groove that let’s plenty of space get filled in by keyboards and dainty guitar lines. A triumphant return, and finger’s crossed we get to hear more soon.

Pulse Park Share Dark Empath + Release First Second

Germany’s Pulse Park just dropped their latest full length, First Second, and I found myself immersing myself in the softened soundscapes they’ve crafted. “Dark Empath” is a standout, landing in the world somewhere between the Notwist and Radio Dept; it adhere’s to a fuzzy underbelly, then works everything around that, building both melody and discord into one being that reverberates through the whole of the tune. In spending some time with the tune, you’ll find it creates this sort of omnipresence in your life, not overbearing and heavy, but just sort of lightly floating with you, careful to be along for the ride. If you’re looking for a way to escape the Monday doldrums, then try out First Second.

Stream Velcros’ Strange News from the Vault

In incredible things I absolutely dropped the ball on, I’d like to present you the latest LP from German outfit, Velcros. We covered “Troubled Mind,” which was an absolute ripper, hinting at the band’s pop sensibility, blending the styles in a way I hadn’t really heard of late, aside from Salad Boys. In fact, the whole of Strange News from the Vault is filled with these ditties that flirt with being a hard-edged punk brand, whilst being tethered to their pop tendencies. Monday news is always slow, so I wanted to make sure that you had something to crank up to 11; might I suggest jamming out to “Floater,” my favorite on the record.

Hanemoon Shares Single + Releases Rain or Shine

Had a hectic wrap-up to last week, so didn’t get to dive into all the albums that dropped on Friday. But, one that was definitely in my musical wheelhouse, that might have slipped under folks radar, is Rain or Shine from Germany’s Hanemoon. The record is filled with these lightly jangled guitar lines, offering up subtle melodies that allow to let the day drift outside, melodically bouncing down the sunny road. If you’re missing the sort of bright pop styles popularized by the Lucksmiths and the like, then you’ve got to pick this one up immediately. It’s available today from Jigsaw Records!

Velcros Share Troubled Mind

When German outfit Velcros sent an email that described their latest single as “Big Star on an adrenaline rush,” I absolutely had to check it out. They’re not far off here either, rushing through this fuzzy scuzzy punk rock ditty, filled to the brim with all sorts of musical gems. It’s crazy to me how well they pull of the pop-centric middle of the tune with all that fury thundering around them. If you’re able to keep pace with their 192 beats per minute rock anthem, you’re welcome to sing along! But, if you just want to jam, grab Strange News From the Vault when it drops on March 22nd!

Stream New Album From Grimson

Berlin based Grimson has really been catching our ear over in the ATH offices as of late. Already we’ve been treated to two new singles over the last few months, and now we have the entire new album to stream below! Climbing up the Chimney is a showcase of all the things that make the young Aiden Berglund a true spotlight of a songwriter in the game today. He has a delicate nature to things with folk inspirations and light hints of brightness throughout the entire album. Check out this beauty below and also consider picking up a physical copy via bandcamp.

The Radio Field Share She Needs Therapy Single

I’ve been covering Lars Schmidt’s project the Radio Field the last few years or so, and with Don’ts and Dos hanging on the end of August horizon, we get a chance to hear one more track before the record officially hits. When this track dropped in, it had this huge kick to it that immediately took me aback; it felt like a really punch bit of pop rock, and for some reason reminded me of the Rentals. Lars gets some harmony help by friend Mimi Welldirty here, building in some vocal textures that allow for maximum hook potential. A bit of snappiness with a huge wallop of volume have this single sitting as one of the LPs standouts. Don’ts and Dos drops via Subjangle on August 25th.

Onyon Announce Last Days on Earth

If you’ve not got German band Onyon on your radar yet, might I suggest traveling back in time to revisit their self-titled debut from 2022. If you’re already hip to it, or just looking for something new, Trouble in Mind Records just announced a fresh LP is coming from the group in October. Personally, I love the way the song sort of hits you with these thumping drum beats and this warbling wayward guitar line; the guitar line continues while another more angular note rings in, adding to the tension as the track seems to pogo about in your brain. When the vocals first enter, they do so in this cavernous mode, creating this ominous feel that pervades due to the growling bass line. As the track progresses, there’s a little more emphasis hitting, with the vocals almost operating as a call and response to the musical textures bounding in your ears. If you’re into cool vibes, then check out this ripper; Last Days on Earth is out October 13th.

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