Good Looks Share Can You See Me Tonight Video

We hear at ATH are championing Good Looks, and we’re going to keep singing it at the top of our lungs until you all get on board with us! Aside from Water Damage, we haven’t heard a better record in town this year; they even embrace the Austin ethos by recording their newest video at one of the last bastions of Austin’s fight against Live Nation. You can see legendary Jake tearing up those riffs too, which hopefully gives you the group’s live presence. Musically, just imagine if a big Pete Yorn fan came cool and embraced indie rock; it’s somewhere between Wilco and the Hold Steady, but with way more bravado. Please go buy their newest LP, Lived Here for a While, out via Keeled Scales on June 7th.

Good Looks – Self Destructor Video

As you wake up this morning, please do yourself a favor and spend some time with the new video/single from Good Looks that dropped yesterday afternoon. If anything, you should be rooting for the band to find success with Lived Here for a While, especially when you look at the last few years (exploding vans/head injuries). Still, if the first single wasn’t a warning shot, this new track only solidifies my opinion that the band are in the form of their lives; their sound is tight as ever (especially live), and they’re packing a huge bit of bite from Jake’s guitar work while Tyler’s offering up some of his most scathing pop lyrics to date. Hoping this is the start of a new chapter where hard work, good people and good songs finally take off. Grab a copy of Lived Here for a While from Keeled Scales before the June 7th release date.

Good Looks Announce Lived Here for a While

When Bummer Year came out a few years ago, everyone in Austin was glad you could all finally understand our adoration for Good Looks. They’re the friendly band’s band, the band you want to hang out with, the band you want to book shows with…and ultimately, a band we’re all hoping finds success. Today, you get to hear a fresh new tune from the group’s sophomore LP, Lived Here for a While; I love the way it kicks off with a nice punch of energy, letting a second guitar line turn the song into this rhythmic jaunt through sunny days. It’s interesting to find so much joy in a song where singer Tyler Jordan’s dissecting his own heartbreak…not to mention all the hardships the band’s endured (Jake Ames injury, burning vans)…but there’s something uplifting and promising about the way the lyrics see us all moving on in life. Can’t wait for more folks to fall in love with the band; they drop the new LP on June 7th via Keeled Scales.

Friday Album Streams: Tony Jay, The Creepy Crawlies, Will Johnson +

It’s Friday. Friday’s the new Tuesday, but does anyone even remember Tuesday release days anymore. So, here’s a bunch of stuff I jammed today, and I recommend for you to jam as well. Plus, threw in one of RayRay’s favorite bands too.

Tony JayPerfect Worlds (Slumberland)

The Creepy CrawliesWeeds (Self-Released)

Will JohnsonNo Ordinary Crown (Keeled Scales)

Bareknaked LadiesIn Flight (Raisin’ Records)


Rae Fitzgerald Announce Say I Look Happy

You can almost always place your bets on an act that works with Keeled Scales; they’ve broken some great Austin acts, and continue to branch out with their tastes, like Missouri’s Rae Fitzgerald. This tune beings subtly, switching in a little more pace within a few seconds to open the track to the poetic lines from Fitzgerald. Personally, I love the line “there’s nowhere I can go where ghosts won’t laugh me out of town;” it’s a sentiment of many a person, whether those ghosts are lost friends/family or just lives we once lived, we’ve all left something. I think that speaks to the sentiment of Rae’s song too, discussing the “collapse of so many foundational American myths.” All of that poetry gets swept up in the solid strum and really powerful vocals that are likely to pull you even further inside. Look for Say I Look Happy on September 1st.

Will Johnson Announces No Ordinary Crown

Back somewhere in the very late 90s, maybe even like 2000, I remember a friend dropping this Centro-Matic CD my way; I was hooked on Will Johnson‘s voice that day, and have followed his work avidly throughout his distinguished career. Today, our buds over at Keeled Scales have announced his new LP, No Ordinary Crown, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. There’s a heaviness to the riff work that’s living under Will’s voice; it’s matched by the thunderous drum hits smashing through your speakers. But, like a some magical gravitational pull, Johnson tugs us into his world with his distinctive voice. Then, the tune takes off and smashes into this rocking moment, stomping the floor with a huge burst of explosive energy that’s sure to have you turning the knob all the way to 11. No Ordinary Crown drops on September 15th.

Jordan Moser Announces Peril LP

If you find yourself looking for that perfect track to whistle through your window as you sit out on your front porch watching the day fade, well, this new Jordan Moser tune’s precisely the one for you. Jordan’s teamed up with one of my favorite voices about town in Natalie Jane Hill, and their duet is set to the rolling drums that move in and out between strums. Musically, the guitars stretch beyond the horizon, just as one might expect your gaze to go as you listen; this is aided by the beautiful string work from Lindsey Verill, building in some huge depth that lets you just sink into yourself. Peril, Jordan’s new LP, will be out on July 28th via Keeled Scales.

RF Shannon Announces Red Swan in Palmetto

When Shane Renfro returned to Texas from LA, you figured new things were in the mix for the leader of RF Shannon, and we get a glimpse of that on the first single from Red Swan in Palmetto. Through the first few moments, the intricate guitar atop light percussion creates that open cosmic country feel I associate with the band. But, when Renfro’s vocals come into play, there’s something that feels a bit new; his vocals are really up in the front of the mix, and while they pull on those hazy boots, they feel a little bit more prominent in their role in the tune. It’s interesting, as with previous works, the vocals felt like part of the great expanse the band created, but here, it feels like you’re getting a lullaby from a parent while the sounds of nature flicker on outside your window. Really excited to hear where the rest of Red Swan in Palmetto takes us; we’ll find out on May 26, courtesy of Keeled Scales.

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