Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share Powder

As they gear up for their new album, Austin’s Letting Up Despite Great Faults offer us another sneak peek at what’s in store. This go round, the band open up with a ton of electronica, using samples to build a backbone that lets Annah’s feathered vocals caress the industrial feel. When they hit the chorus, the groove rises a bit, bringing in the whole band to craft a little textured depth that tethers the new direction to the band’s storied past. Definitely exciting to hear them stretch their sound going forward. You can grab Reveries this October, and stream a few more singles by jumping and pre-ordering HERE.

Last Week’s Jams (6.3 – 6.7)

Pretty heavy week we had over on the ATH here. The Bay Area and Austin area had some great tunes to offer us, such as new stuff from Sad Eyed Beatniks and Holy Wire, or perhaps Swiftumz and Letting Up Despite Great Faults. We also got to preview some great shows like Adrianne Lenker and The Umbrellas (that was a blast btw!). Plus, Cursive return after a few years off, so of course the site’s emo contingent was keeping you up to date there. Then there were Nathan faves like Icarus Phoenix, Quivers and Azure Blue, all of whom offered us up new tunes. Tons to enjoy below.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share Embroidered

We know there’s a brand new Letting Up Despite Great Faults record coming on the way, though details are fairly vague (thanks Mike!). That said, there’s a pumping new single you’ve got to hear if you’re a fan of the band’s indiepop style. If this new single is a glimmer of what’s in store, I’m totally ready, as this seems to have taken their polite bedroom pop sound and fused it into something bolder and bumping. This new track has these huge hooks in it, driven by the pumping synth lines and guitar riffs jangling behind. Dual vocals are still deep in the mix, which is always one of their charms, so you can still pick up on the breadcrumbs of the band’s earliest days while they forge ahead with a more potent brand. We’ll keep you posted if we here more on the new LP!

Last Week’s Jams (5.13. – 5.17)

After what felt like a down week, things really took off over here, with another collection of great singles and albums we were stoked to hype up on our end of things. The Austin contingent came strong, with new tunes from Genuine Leather, The Sour Notes, Holiday Music, Letting Up Despite Great Faults and Gus Baldwin/the Sketch. Some long time favorites like Club 8, Nada Surf, and Icarus Phoenix made the cut too! Our pal Michael Maly added some words and photos on Slowdive, so of course we included their classic hit. A lot of great pop stuff too from Sad Eyed Beatniks, Laughing and This Is Lorelei, thus you’ll need to keep your focus when you spend some time below!

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share Swirl

Okay, so “Swirl” has been floating around for a few days now, but to be fair, there’s been a lot of really great music, so I’m finally sitting down to enjoy new stuff from Letting Up Despite Great Faults. This new song illustrates some recent moves of the band, allowing songwriter Mike Lee to let go of the vocals, thus giving Annah more of the light. This move, as apparent on the tune below, maintains the band’s dreamy softness, as Fisette’s voice isn’t too far off from the tones Lee offers when he’s on the mic. I love the classic dance of the guitars here, sounding like something you’d find on a Republic B-sides collection…and a bonus for the band as they got Jay Som to lend some mixing help…another sign that these are good things on the rise.

Last Week’s Jams (4.3 – 4.7)

There was a ton of great music dropping last week, which seems to be the norm for this Spring…not that we mind one bit. I tried to give some love to our Austin friends like Jana Horn and Letting Up Despite Great Faults, who both dropped new releases…and new tunes from Batty Jr. and Born Twins too, so keeping the ATX alive. It was good to hear new stuff from Estonia’s Pia Fraus, who’ve always crafted great landscape shoegaze. New stuff from Cindy and Beach Fossils wasn’t a bad way to slide into the week either, but we closed it out with a fun feature between My Favorite and Holy Wire. Check it all out.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Release Crumble EP

This can be filed under the pile of stuff I should have posted days ago, as I’m always going to be a huge supporter of local faves Letting Up Despite Great Faults, who just dropped their Crumble EP on Tuesday. After returning last year with IV, the band are really on a roll, almost feeling like they’re hitting their peak, so to speak. They open with this dreamed-out stomp on “The Do-Over,” with Annah on lead vocals providing that sort of ethereal mentality to the sound. Personally, I love the record’s “Richochet” tune, as it started off with this heavy groove that reminded me of the early days when I fell in love with that post-punk sound…like late 80s New Order and Cure record. It’s a little treat for fans, but let’s hope they can continue this rad songwriting push!

Last Week’s Jams (2.6 – 2.10)

Well, it seems like we finally worked out the kinks in our lives and were able to get a solid week’s worth of jams out your way. Was excited to get that new High Water Marks tune out there, as well as new Monnone Alone, if you like your pop mixed with a bit of punch. New Austin act Daiistar has their first single, plus our old ATX friends Letting Up Despite Great Faults dropped a new single too from their forthcoming EP! There’s tons of other hits from the likes of Deuce and the Golden Dregs too. Unfortunately, new stuff from Mythical Motors and Weird Numbers isn’t quite on the DSPs, so if you like what we’re covering, check those hits too on the site.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Announce Crumble EP

After releasing last year’s excellent IV, Austin’s Letting Up Despite Great Faults return today with the announcement of a brand new EP. That, of course, means we get a brand new single (with a Mobb Deep reference no less!). When you press play, you’re immediately greeted by this cacophony of melodic noise, matched with Annah’s vocals running through the middle. Suddenly, the noise drops off and you get the melody clear and open, sparkling with the immediacy of a great pop hook. Back and forth goes the song, balancing on the tightrope between an abyss of noise and pop. The band are set to release the Crumble EP on April 4th, with rumors of tour popping up online.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.31 – 6.3)

Man, even in a short week, I managed to cover a whole lot of ground that we should remind you ran last week on ye’ ole site. Clocking in at just under an hour, you get a reminder to check out Team Play‘s debut LP, or maybe jump on the Onyon bandwagon with the rest of us now that Trouble in Mind have reissued their rad debut. Maybe you just want tried and true, like a new Florist tune or a Slow Magic remix for Letting Up Despite Great Faults. Pick your poison…it’s probably in here. Paris. Yeah.

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