Refrigerator Announce Get Lost + Share Fire on 12th Street Video

Some 30 years and 15 albums into their career, and Refrigerator seem to continue to push themselves sonically, fueled by the intersection where improvisation and pop crash into one another. Their opening track on Get Lost is featured below, offering up a throttling wall of noise built up by the dueling guitars fighting with one another for breathing room. Drums roll behind the battle, establishing just enough consistent tempo upon which to drape vocals; they’re presented in a spiritual fashion, creating this spiritual chant that only seems to build anxiously as the guitars continue to nip and bite at one another. Eventually the vocals give up, sitting by as the guitars furiously wail through your speakers, closing the song with one last erratic gasp. If the video seems familiar, it’s because its the artwork of Half Japanese founder Jad Fair, who also drew the artwork for the limited release of Get Lost; it will be available on August 23rd via Shrimper/Grapefruit Records.

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