Letting Up Despite Great Faults Release Crumble EP

This can be filed under the pile of stuff I should have posted days ago, as I’m always going to be a huge supporter of local faves Letting Up Despite Great Faults, who just dropped their Crumble EP on Tuesday. After returning last year with IV, the band are really on a roll, almost feeling like they’re hitting their peak, so to speak. They open with this dreamed-out stomp on “The Do-Over,” with Annah on lead vocals providing that sort of ethereal mentality to the sound. Personally, I love the record’s “Richochet” tune, as it started off with this heavy groove that reminded me of the early days when I fell in love with that post-punk sound…like late 80s New Order and Cure record. It’s a little treat for fans, but let’s hope they can continue this rad songwriting push!

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