Farewell Horizontal Release New Single + Prep Tales of Woah

Next week we will find the brand new Farewell Horizontal LP in our inbox, but will you? Let’s share this rad new tune to hopefully turn you on to the group’s sound, in hopes you, too, will grab the album. The Melbourne group take aim at the city of Brighton, a place apparently full of arseholes. For me, the story is the shredding guitar work, playing both fuzzy and bouncy, letting the vocals kind of hank in the heavy waters so as to draw out the melody. Behind the heavy ripping sound, you get some cascading guitar solos, punctuating the group’s musicianship, all of that still being tightly wound around the band’s boppnig nature. Next week they’ll drop Tales of Woah.


H. Hawkline Shares Milk for Flowers

So this is probably news from yesterday, but I’m indifferent as I’m a huge fan of over the top pop vibes, almost to the point of kitsch…yet still super cool, you know. This new H. Hawkline feels like that to me; there’s something in it that captures the personality of Huw that we’ve witnessed over the last few years, yet in that, there’s something almost theatrical and playful. I think with the help of Cate le Bon‘s production aid, he knows exactly where to hold back, so you still get of that familiarity coming through your speakers. Fun and hip and I’m sold; Milk for Flowers, the new album, comes out next year via Heavenly Recordings.

Zero Percent APR Release Higher and Higher Forever

If you were to ask me which band in Austin did I truly feel like encompassed the old spirit of Austin, I’d definitely have to say Being Dead (I even backed that by putting out an early 7″!). They’re so creative in fact that they’ve created an entirely different brand with which to their various creations, Zero Percent APR. Even when the band seems like they’re fucking with you, or at least toying with your expectations, you’re still totally thrilled by their songwriting. They take little hooks and sugar bumps, then spin them, but they’re always careful not to wear those bits out, deconstructing pieces then building them back so you can have your fix of those little pop nuggets. Lucky for you, there’s a vinyl copy of this floating around today, courtesy of Spared Flesh Records.

En Attendant Ana Announce Principia

Following on the heels of the ATH approved Juillet, French outfit En Attendant Ana announce their third long-player, Principia. With that news, we’ve got the album’s first single (and title track); it gives us a slight departure from previous singles, though deep dives into the band’s catalog illustrates the magic that’s been there all along. Mostly, this song is a drifter of sorts, floating back and forth between your speakers, matched by the slow-motion video footage accompanying the tune; it’s carefully plotted around the melody, letting the song rise towards a climactic moment, which may or may not be out of reach. What’s interesting is the way one decides to interpret the title, both of the album and the tune. In Spanish, it could mean begin or beginning, referencing the fact that it’s a slightly new evolution of the group, or the first track. It could also look to French where it mostly likely means principle, establishing a new way of viewing the band. Either way, we’re hearing something fresh from the group, and that’s never bad thing. Principia is out February 24th via Trouble in Mind.

Dot Dash Release Madman in the Rain

I hate to admit it, but Dot Dash is one of those bands I take for granted. They consistently release a great record every few years, though the last time we heard from them was back in 2018, before the world went to shit. But, this Friday they’re dropping their rad new Madman in the Rain LP, and we’ve got an early listen that warrants your time today…not to mention a great reminder to never forget them. Listening through, I’m really struck by the ballad-esque title track, though that opening bass line in “Forever Far Out” sets the tone for a record chock-full of bangers. Little pop, little punk, little attitude, lots of hooks…a record you’ll come back to time and time agin. Madman in the Rain drops on Friday courtesy of the Beautiful Music.

Pale Dian Share Misanthrope Video + Release Feral Birth

Austin’s Pale Dian have opted to craft you a record built perfectly for the haunting of souls this October, creating a collection of eleven songs that dwell somewhere in the realms of goth and dream pop. They’ve even enlisted Mitch Kramer to craft this incredible video for standout track “Misanthrope,” pulling in a combination of futurism and psychedelia that blends perfectly with the band’s sound. On my end, this song is all about the pacing. It’s like waking up and everything around you is moving in slow-motion; you can feel the tension and the reverberation of the band’s dreamy sounds billowing around you, closing in, but you can’t escape it…nor would you want to, as the beauty of the song supersedes your fear. Check out the super rad video below, and head HERE to stream the whole new LP, Feral Birth.

Driving New Tune From Mauger

Belgium based MAUGER came onto our ready right at the beginning of summer with their brand of driving, yet still poppy brand of indie rock. Hitting fast forward a bit, the band has released a slew of new singles this summer and actually just dropped their entire new album, SHINY, for stream and purchase last Friday. Instead of trying to woo you or overwhelm with an entire album, we thought you might like to stream a real highlight from the album with this single “Nr 79”. How this band is stirring up more buzz is beyond me, but our aim is to help spread their name and solid tunes.

Stream Pet Owner’s Natural Behavior

I’ve spent the last few months encouraging you to spend some time with Switzerland’s Pet Owner, and now, you can stream the project’s new album, Natural Behaviour in its entirety. We’ve previously covered tracks “Hi-Res” and “Helping Hand,” but rest assured you can dive into all sorts of vibes; I know I’ve been gravitating towards “Soft Body” on my listens, but the slow build of “Sugar Rush” isn’t a bad route to travel either. Take a little bit of time out of your day right now, kick back and enjoy the craft of Lea Mathis and her Pet Owner project.

The Smashing Times Share Lost, When I Remember

One of the records I picked up last week was the forthcoming LP from Smashing Times, and today there’s another new single out there that illustrates the group’s musical growth. You can hear sort of a late 60s psychedelia in the guitar work, just hanging in the twang, but the vocals definitely feel like they’ve been chiseled out of early 90s Britain. So you get this interesting juxtaposition, putting melodic pop balladry right alongside the smoke-filled rooms of the past; I’m totally digging on the mixture of the two, kind of like traveling through time in a kaleidoscope of rad sounds. Bloom is out in late October via Meritorio Records.

Stream Skinny Dippers The Town & the City

We’ve covered a majority of the single from Skinny Dippers new LP, and well, it dropped last week, so we wanted to be sure that you were reminded to spend some time with The Town & the City. When it opens, you get some light guitar pop, akin to acts like Real Estate, drawing light melodies from the vocals to build your interest. But, what makes the entirety of the record so rewarding is that Ryan Gross has no problem switching gears, offering the lonesome ballad of “Big City, Small Apartement” before bouncing off to classic indie pop vibes with “Past Selves.” But, be sure you don’t ignore the album closer, “I Would Like to Say I Always Loved You,” which might be the best song Nada Surf never wrote. Anyways, stream it below, and enjoy!

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