Pintandwefall Announce Seventh Baby

Finnish outfit Pintandwefall, who dropped the stunning Your Stories Baby in 2020, return with their 7th album, aptly titled Seventh Baby. I love how the new tune opens with this heavy drum stomp and ringing guitar line creating this jagged wall of noise. Once the vocals catch up, they bring this powerful ballad feel, soaring boldly and directly. We get a quick glimpse at the chorus, but it quickly gets yanked away to let the tune go back to its core. You can feel the track picking up around the 2 minute mark, building vocal textures on top of one another as the song’s title is layered with various tones atop one another; it’s a feeling that’s likely going to have your stomach churning and turning in the best way. Seventh Baby will be released via Soliti Music on February 25th.

Sob Stories Announce New Album, Fair Shakes

Last we heard from Sob Stories, they were banging out a bunch of hooks on their eponymous EP, followed by a single here and there. Today, we’re stoked to let you know that you’re going to love rocking out to their new LP, Fair Shakes. Your first listen opens with a twisting guitar line before dropping you right into the stomping drive of punchy rock n’ roll; it’s forceful enough to give a nod to the snarling attitude of early punk, though sneaking into that chorus is where you find the hooks. The way that guitar sets up the melody feels like the band are channeling Tom Petty, though with a hard-hitting edge to them. Fair Shakes is going to be a solid LP, so be sure to grab it from Dandy Boy Records; it drops on March 14th.

Don’t Get Lemon Announce Hyper Hollow Heaven

I know we’re all downtrodden, at least if I’m to believe everyone’s personal feeds, so thumping beats with masterful hooks are just what the doctor ordered going into 2022 full speed, and thus, I give you Don’t Get Lemon. The Austin three-piece are crafting this danceable brand of pop that’s built on layered textures that build and build throughout their new single. You can easily hear the pulsing beat here, rushing the song through your speakers; little electronic flourishes also make their way out, but it’s the atmospheric wash mixed with the heavy vocals that has me intoxicated. If you can hear the promise in this tune, then perhaps we can convince you that your money will be well spent by grabbing Hyper Hollow Heaven this coming March!

That New Shout Out Louds Tune

Well, we took our eyes off the prize, and RayRay and I both completely missed this new Shout Out Louds tune, despite that being one of our favorite bands. The group are preparing their sixth album, House, which is out next February, continuing to show an adherence to these rhythm sections that naturally propel the song and its energy. Adam’s voice has this familiarity too, perhaps because I’ve been listening to the group since the early 00s, but it’s one of those distinctive voices you immediately recognize. I love the way the band build in various vocal textures here to back his voice, as its clear the new LP will be all about creating expansive pop layers. Sorry I missed this, but catch it here, now!

New Video/Single From Film School

If you’ve read the pages of ATH over the years, you must know that we are all huge fans of Los Angeles based outfit Film School. The band recently dropped their 6th studio album entitled We Weren’t Here just this past September which has seen heavy rotation around our offices. Of course if you have yet to check out the new album, might I recommend you hit play on this new single/video for album track “Said Your Name” to give yourself a reason to check out the entire full length. Overall things have a very new wave vibe in both sound and visual but also with that intimate, shoegaze touch we know and love from Film School.

Film School’s latest album We Weren’t Here is available for purchase now via Sonic Ritual.

Fortunato Durutti Marinetti Signs with Bobo Integral

Seems like we’re opening up our Wednesday musical journey with some mellow vibes, and I don’t mind that one bit as we settle into the week with this new track from Fortunato Durutti Marinetti. Listening to this new track from the forthcoming Memory’s Fool, you get little hints of Bill Callahan or maybe even Destroyer; it’s stripped back music with a powerful vocal performance. Somehow, even as the vocals come across almost spoken, they hang on the cusp of melodic, accented by these careful choral backing notes, punctuating the Marinetti’s voice. This is the sort of track that feels almost meditative, so be sure to dip your toes in this calming pool as you get your day moving; Memory’s Fool will be out on Bobo Integral come February 25th.

Kaputt Drop New Single, Gone West

It’s been almost two years since Kaputt dropped Carnage Hall, and the Glaswegian group is ramping up production as they aim to put out a new LP early next year. We got this new single courtesy of their label Upset the Rhythm, and it’s got me salivating at what’s to come with the new record. Of course, the song opens up with these sharp angular stabs, keepings us off kilter a bit with this sense of anxious paranoia. The vocals come in heavy and dark at first, but what I really loved happens just after the 1 minute mark. When the chorus comes in, the heavier vibe of the vocals starts to take on a bit of this sort of melodic punk tone; it’s less frantic and dangerous, more along the lines of what you might find on a Buzzcocks record. Feel like this is a tune that’s good enough to take us into the holiday. We’ll see ya’ll next Monday!

Salt Lake Alley Announce It Takes Two

The year’s had some great pop tune, though I’ll be honest, as I’m not quite sure that anything’s really delivered the supreme jangle that I deserve! Well, that all changes today when Salt Lake Alley announce their sophomore LP, on Shelflife no less! From the moment you press play the guitars skate and shimmy, sort of skirting around you speakers as the beat bounces lightly in the background. I love how Mikael and Gustav seem to be trading off vocal roles on this song, adding this real dynamic punch that charms a pop fan like myself. Oh, and please please hang out just pass the 1:37 mark as there’s one hell of a guitar solo just waiting to make you swoon over the hooks. Their new LP, It Takes Two won’t be out until 2022, but you can enjoy the first sample below!

Reptaliens Announce Multiverse LP

When Captured Tracks drop a new song or album, I’m usually in for a good listen (though I still blame them for the 30 emails a day I get from suburban white kids who “sound like Mac Demarco!”), especially when it has to do with Reptaliens. I remember listening to FM-2030 several years back and wondering where all the hype was for this group, but so it goes right? Well, their first single from the forthcoming was built from nostalgia, but in the songwriting process and the video from Tristan Scott-Behrends; the video employs all sorts of nostalgic nods that any kid growing up in the 80s/90s would surely catch. Musically, I like the subtle pop groups the band bring to the table, as they’ve always done. In a way, it has this sort of lounge-y feel, though with the psychedelic notes, I’m sure you’re envisioning one of those drug-fueled parties with go-go dancers and flickering lightwork coating the walls. Wherever my brain is, I’m enjoying the new tune from the band…and looking forward to Multiverse, which drops on January 21st.

Vern Matz Share Tokyo Sounds

Feeling fragile on Friday, so what better way to immerse myself in like-minded music, such as the new single from Vern Matz. This is the sort of intimate songwriting I adore, where the strums echo like they’re hanging out in the next room and the vocals seem to strain with every drop of emotion left out there. For some reason, this feels like one of those songs that never let you escape, offering you this precious experience that’s likely to crumble to sand once you hit the song’s end. Feel free to play it until your feelings float off far away, and then wait with me as there’s a new Vern Matz tune on the horizon!

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