Wireheads Drop Life After Winter Single

Why the fuck aren’t there more bands like Wireheads you ask? Well, likely because no one’s got the chops and creativity to pull it off. Lyrically, the band are always all over the place, fitting airplane crashes, flowers and dinosaurs into a neat little narrative; there’s still some thematic ties always pointing towards what band leader Dom Trimboli describes as “life’s hope and dreams and absurd things that occur.” Musically, it lands somewhere in the fashion of what’s cool with that sort of manufactured post-punk, though this is done with some bluesy roots rock guitar licks that William Miller would most likely called incendiary. Constantly snaking through genres and styles, the band never cease to impress with their creative approach; their new Potentially Venus album will be out later this year via Tenth Court.

Pete Astor Announces New LP + Shares English Weather

Whether you’re an OG the Loft or Weather Prophets fan, you should be grateful that classic pop songwriters like Pete Astor are still doing they’re thing; you might even want to check Spilt Milk or One for the Ghost, to check what Pete’s been up to most recently. Just a few days ago Pete announced his latest LP, Time on Earth, which will be out in October; he shared the below mini-opus with the announcement, so its gotta be on our site, right? There’s all sort of arrangements working through the song: light percussion, tinkering piano, horns, etc; it really builds the song into this magnificent performance, but its success is mostly in the mix, as Astor’s voice and strum maintain a great deal of the focus, as it should be. Tapete Records will release Time on Earth on October 7th.

Flowertown Announce Half Yesterday

I know Steve Albini winning a WSP bracelet is big news…but what’s even bigger is that there’s a new Flowertown LP on the way. Just listening to these two tracks, we’re reminded of the band’s approach to simplicity at pop’s finest. I mean, listening to the first of the two tracks from their forthcoming LP (you can find a VIDEO HERE), it just comes across with a steady strum hitting the right notes, albeit in understated fashion, allowing the melody to wash over your feet as you stand upon the shore gazing at your future. When Karina and Mike trade verses in the second tune, you can feel the intimacy of pop music drawing you into the quiet space where the two record, just the three of you, marveling at music’s moving moments. Half Yesterday is out on July 8th via Paisley Shirt Records and Mt. St. Mtn.

The Berries Announce LP on Run For Cover

This is not a Barrie offshoot; this the Berries, the project of Matt Berry, formerly of Happy Diving/Big Bite. Today there’s news of a fresh LP in the pipeline of Run for Cover, and with Rob Schnapf mixing, you know the songs are already pretty solid. This first single feels like a classic nod to 90s alternative/college rock, when we were still allowed to be hopeful and dreamy of the beauty life held…rather than be brow beaten by a plague, demagogues, inflation, etc. Maybe that’s the point Matt’s getting to in his storytelling, reminding us that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to find the reason we’re all here. If you’re digging it, High Flying Man is out on August 19th.

Cool Sounds Announce Like That for Chapter Music

We’ve got two of our favorite Aussie things teaming up today: Chapter Music and Cool Sounds…one is a great label, and the other a great band. Today, Cool Sounds announce Like That, their first LP for Chapter Music, and they do so with this tasty musical morsel. Unlike previous albums, Dainis Lacey seems to have trimmed down the band, choosing to play the majority of the instruments this go around, which perhaps plays into the sound of the record. Lacey suggests that a mixing of Ian Dury and the indie dance scene of the late 2000s informs the whole LP…so you can see why we’re excited over here! Those are some of our favorite “cool sounds” too! The band will release Like That on October 7th.

Marlon Williams Announces My Boy

I very vividly remember running with my iPod around 2018; I was listening to a bunch of stuff on random that I had downloaded from various PR folks. Marlon Williams “Beautiful Dress” came on, and I immediately stopped to see what on Earth was making that voice. I’ve been a fan ever since, so I’m looking forward to Marlon’s new LP, My Boy. The release promises a more playful Williams this go round, which you can hear in the style of this track, so it’ll be nice to hear him attached to something a bit different, though equally as moving…as you can see. Just check out the 2:25 mark to see where my brain is at! My Boy is out on September 9th via Dead Oceans.

Let’s Whisper Announce The In-Between Times

You get backing vocals and recording by Gary Olson, throw in Emma Kupa, and, well, you don’t really need too much more to convince me that the new Let’s Whisper LP is going to be a stellar listen! The group’s first single from The In-Between Times churns and jangles, like a song that dips its toes in the pools of paisley vibes while pressing play on the warmth of classic pop records from Athens. It’s a short gallop with huge backing harmonies that are the best things you can offer your ears this week. Should come as no surprise that the band have found a home for their new LP on Fika Recordings, who will release the album on August 26th.

Dry Cleaning Announce Stumpwork

After playing a sold-out show in Austin, and I’m assuming everywhere else they toured recently, Dry Cleaning are ready to announce the news we’ve been looking to hear; the band have a new record on the way called Stumpwork. It’s a short little number, with those angular guitar lines wiggling and squirming behind Florence’s matter of fact delivery; it feels like it packs a huge punch, albeit one that comes in under 2 minutes. I love where Shaw throws in a nice melody at the 30 second mark, adding in another layer to the group’s potent sound. Stumpwork will be out on October 21st via 4AD.

The Soft Moon Announce Exister

How can you not be thrilled by this new jam from the Soft Moon? It’s heavy and propulsive, hinting at darkness, but disguised as a heavy pop song. The moment the rhythm drops in with those tuned vocals, you’re lured into the dark side of pop. I feel like that’s fitting, as songwriter Luiz Vasquez details how the song expresses the turmoil built by his own battles with ‘good side/bad side.’ This track and video also features fish narc adding in some vocals, mixing in a little bit of that duality in the song itself. With this video you get the announcement of Exister, a new LP for Sacred Bones (9.23), as well as a huge tour across Europe and the States…with an Austin date in the fall.

Stream Big Bill’s Public Freakout Compilation

Long long ago, in a city far far away, we dropped a few 7″ from Austin punk heroes, Big Bill. The band has since gone on to bigger and better things, with their latest album Public Freakout Compilation dropping last week. The band are still working with off-kilter time signatures, perfect for the unique vocal delivery of singer Eric Braden. I will say that there’s a softening in the band, particularly when you get to tracks like “Almost Everybody,” as the band are clearly no one-trick pony. I stand by “Coma” being one of their best tunes, so go on and give the Public Freakout Compilation a listen to one our favorite bands over 25!

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