Perennial Announce Art History

As there always is, a bunch of hype came along with this year’s not-SXSW festival. But, for a lot of the buzz, I felt those bands tended to be slight let downs. That is until I caught the first of my Perennial sets! They were phenomenal, owning the stage with energy and enthusiasm, as opposed to modern performative sets with mapped out stage dives. Today, they announce their new LP, Art History, bringing the same energy through your speakers that they offer up live. Sharp guitars cut through the speakers before the verse settles into a hurtling tour de force with thumping grooves and a locked in rhythm section. You’ll find little playful moments too, even moments to set up and rest, all before they roar back in with a ferocity that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. The new Art History record drops on June 7th via Ernest Jenning/Safe Suburban Home/Totally Real.

Neutrals Announce New Town Dream

The announcement of a brand new Neutrals record is the sort of news I welcome with wide-open arms and a huge grin. You see, the Oakland outfit fronted by Allan MacNaughton have crafted a brand of jangling old school power pop that very few, if any, are capable of pulling off…as you’ll see listening below. The guitar style has that sharpness that seemingly mutes the jangular approach, giving it a bit more bounce and edge, a la the Television Personalities. They’ll get that nod more than one though, as I’m sure Allan’s voice/delivery will pull in some Dan Treacy comparisons; he has this matter-of-fact delivery that almost seems like he’s toying with you. This particular tune also gets some nice soft undertones from Lauren Matsui (also of Seablite), adding in a layer of cool that only makes my need to hear this whole LP even greater! New Town Dream is out on May 31st via Slumberland Records/Static Shock Records.

Goosewind Share Lime Time with Clementine Video + Announce New LP

How does one describe a band that’s been around for over years, continuously experimenting and shifting? In all honesty, you can’t. But, you can spend a little over three minutes with this brand new track from Goosewind, and you can hear how they’ve taken an amalgam of all their years of existence and moved into one sonic piece. A brief flirtation with heavy rock lines opens things up, but out of nowhere Melody’s voice comes into play, offering a faint hint at DIY lo-fi in its delivery; I started to think this was going to be a nod to K Records! Then Rick Goosewind takes control, using his baritone voice to bring in a bit of swagger as the track blends elements of psychedelia and rockabilly. They jump into the chorus quickly, with a bit of emphasis on the heavy guitar lines; you can still hear them layering the song brick by brick, only to pull back and settle into the verse again. Building the song in such a manner has the song teetering between cacophony and beauty, which epitomizes the secret charms of Goosewind. Think of this as a jam band featuring members of Halo Benders and Low, and if that sounds incredible, then be on the lookout for a copy of The Miracle of Tape, available April 19th via Shrimper.

Stream Velcros’ Strange News from the Vault

In incredible things I absolutely dropped the ball on, I’d like to present you the latest LP from German outfit, Velcros. We covered “Troubled Mind,” which was an absolute ripper, hinting at the band’s pop sensibility, blending the styles in a way I hadn’t really heard of late, aside from Salad Boys. In fact, the whole of Strange News from the Vault is filled with these ditties that flirt with being a hard-edged punk brand, whilst being tethered to their pop tendencies. Monday news is always slow, so I wanted to make sure that you had something to crank up to 11; might I suggest jamming out to “Floater,” my favorite on the record.

Motorists Announce Touched by the Stuff

I don’t know a single person in my circle that wasn’t in love with Motorists‘ 2021 LP, Surrounded, so expectations are high today as the group announce their brand new LP. While the last LP delved into a mixture between power-pop and proto-punk madness, it seems like this go round, things are a bit brighter, a bit sharper in sound. There adherence to big hooks and melody is still working within the first single, but that being said, I certainly feel like there’s more of a Oceanic influence on the guitar work…and obviously we’re all here for that. Soft vocals working within an environment of huge guitar sounds? Yep. Going to head off and grab Touched by the Stuff today. It drops on May 24th via We Are Time/Bobo Integral.

Mountain Movers Announce Walking After Dark

Over the last week, there were a lot of tunes coming our way, but one that I knew I immediately had to enjoy was the new track from Mountain Movers; it came with the announcement of a new LP, Walking After Dark. It begins lightly, sort of like a psychedelic wind breezing through your speakers; the tempo is steady, creating this atmosphere of weighted presence, filling the room with little musical sketches. As the song progresses, the room seems to fill, barely letting you catch your breath as it fills with the masterful touches of a band slipping into your subconscious. If ever a band were to be compared to a spiritual seance of sorts, I think Mountain Movers would be be your best option. Trouble in Mind Records will release Walking After Dark on May 17th.

Lightheaded Announce Combustible Gems

We were floored when we first latched onto Lightheaded; they had this indiepop sensibility with a nostalgic girl-group charm. Today, that sentiment grows, as they seem to be furthering their sound, albeit with all the same charms as their early work. It’s quite difficult to really get into the norm-core descriptors; there’s a bit of paisely jangling going on, but sort of an art-pop croon that wouldn’t be out of reach from a Nico or Mary Weiss comparison. Still, even in that artistic realm, there’s an element of joyousness that seems to naturally seep through the craft, making it difficult to turn away from all their work has to offer. Prepare yourself for Combustible Gems, which is out on May 17th via Slumberland Records.

Good Looks Announce Lived Here for a While

When Bummer Year came out a few years ago, everyone in Austin was glad you could all finally understand our adoration for Good Looks. They’re the friendly band’s band, the band you want to hang out with, the band you want to book shows with…and ultimately, a band we’re all hoping finds success. Today, you get to hear a fresh new tune from the group’s sophomore LP, Lived Here for a While; I love the way it kicks off with a nice punch of energy, letting a second guitar line turn the song into this rhythmic jaunt through sunny days. It’s interesting to find so much joy in a song where singer Tyler Jordan’s dissecting his own heartbreak…not to mention all the hardships the band’s endured (Jake Ames injury, burning vans)…but there’s something uplifting and promising about the way the lyrics see us all moving on in life. Can’t wait for more folks to fall in love with the band; they drop the new LP on June 7th via Keeled Scales.

Lunchbox Announce Pop and Circumstance

Seems like just yesterday that Lunchbox dropped the most excellent After School Special, and today it seems like another batch of hits is on the way; they announced their new LP Pop and Circumstance today. Opening with a blast of horn work and thundering drums, the song has a jangling undercurrent that sets up the group’s pop drive. When the vocals come in, they’re delivered casually, using backing vocals to layer on a bit more melody; the horns continue to punctuate the song, blasting pop notes right through your speakers. It’s a short jaunt, but one that carries a dose of pop sharpness that might surprise. Pop and Circumstance drops May 10th via Slumberland.

Blushing Announce New Album + Share Video

Once upon a time, in a music city long ago, ATH Records helped press Blushing‘s Weak EP to hot wax; it sold out and has since been reissued as the band have risen to meteoric status in the dream pop/shoegaze scene. I actually take little credit in that rise, as the band have been one of the hardest working acts, which has seen them get huge and sing to Kanine Records. Today they dropped us a new tune and a new video to announce Sugarcoat; this song feels like they’re dipping beyond the modern “gaze” era and looking almost towards an alt-rock of the 90s…at least when it gets to the chorus. Give this deserving act a chance; Sugarcoat drops on May 3rd.

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