Merce Lemon Shares Backyard Lover Video

We’ve had Merce Lemon high on our radar for some time here at ATH, and with her most recent work, it seems like the rest of the world is catching onto that vibe too. That star’s only going to rise when folks listen to “Backyard Lovers,” the latest single from the forthcoming Watch Me Drive Them Dogs Wild LP. Through this song, the absolute vocal control is stunning, particularly the way the voice can rise up to match the force, yet pull it right back to suck you into the intimate experience between artists and listener. But, there’s definitely plenty of force, with Merce letting loose a powerful “you fucking liar” before lighting up the speakers with a ripping guitar solo that jams the song to a close. Watch Me Drive Them Dogs Wild will win you over when it drops on September 27th via Darling Records.

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