Dancer Share Love Video, Announce New EP

If you haven’t caught on to Dancer at this point, you’re likely missing out on some of the best music-makers in the the UK right now; you’ve got members of Nightshift, Robert Sotelo and more combining to bring this brand of post-punk your way. Honestly, there’s something in their craft that sounds like a more pop-centric brand of Life Without Buildings. The vocals have that vibe where they feel almost distant, though they clearly have that melodic draw that keeps you focused. Circling around the vocals are these angular riffs that sparkle and twist around a thick rhythmic groove. They’ve just announced the As Well EP, which will be out on October 13th via Gold Mold Records.

Single Bullet Theory to Release c. ’79 EP

There’s not much recorded material out there from Single Bullet Theory, aside from their eponymous LP…but that’s about to change, as the band are unearthing a collection of songs recored in the late 70s, titled c. ’79. In order to tease the forthcoming release, we’ve got a sneak peek at one of the outstanding tunes you’ll be able to get your hands upon. I love the perfect balance between the verses and the chorus, straddling the grit of early punk rock vibes and the anthemic pop rock that would dominate the 80s. Playful little guitar upticks give the song a bit of spirit, but you can hear the track still delving back into the band’s more raucous tendencies. This is one of those release that you’re going to just crank up, so send your thanks to Feel It Records who release the EP on September 22nd.

Genuine Leather Share Genuine Love

For almost ten years we’ve been throwing support by the shapeshifting styles of Chris Galis and Genuine Leather. While the early work of the band had Chris working with friends from the Austin scene, his later work reflects a bit more of a pop focus. Still, he’s always known his way around a huge hook, and that won’t change when he releases the Genuine Pleasure EP. I love the way this one slides in instantly, filling your ears with this sleek synthetic dreaminess; it puts the song in the current bedroom pop mold, only with a bit more bravado. Digging into the chorus, you can hear a bit of a funky R&B guitar slide, adding texture and style to the tune, clearly an indicator of how much time and dedication Galis put into his work for the LP. Think of acts like Tame Impala or Phoenix, sprinkling in just a bit more modern pop attitude. Genuine Pleasure is going to please a lot of ears on September 29th via The Animal Farm.

Healing & Peace Release New EP

I get sent tons of music, and I honestly give everything at least 30 seconds. Some stuff goes right in the delete pile, but then there’s something like Healing & Peace that just begs you to share with your friends. The band is comprised of players from Future Nuns and Kneeling in Piss, neither of which were on my radar, but now I also have that to look towards. For my meaningless two cents, the group reminds me of a folkier version of Television Personalities, with sprinkles of Comet Gain atop the mix to provide an added layer of cheer for nerds like me. I definitely felt awestruck when I turned on “New Utopian Futures;” the dual vocals easily win here. You’ll find a couple of punkier numbers in the mix too, like “Roman a Clef” or “Falling Down Laughing.” Stream the whole thing below!

Fieldrush Drop New Track “Jay Owen”

We’re off and running with another busy week of quality tunes for you here on ATH and today I am pleased to share with you this new jam “Jay Owen” from the San Diego based outfit Fieldrush. While it might be labeled as post-emo to some, I think the band also offers a ton of energy and more traditional rock elements to pair with the somewhat slower moments. Ya also gotta feel the rhythm section on this one as the drums and bass absolutely slam together during the heaviest parts of the song. Check it out.

This song is part of a debut EP which does not yet have a release date so stay tuned.

Check Out Balloon Thief’s New EP

Admittedly, having a 1 and 4 year old has perhaps made my listening a bit timid, but this Texas heat and the start of the school year has me turning towards the more boisterous brand of rock n’ roll, like Balloon Thief. The Rhode Island outfit just popped out a 5-track EP coming in under ten minutes, so you know you’re in for a quick spurt of catchy punk bits. “Sodium City” reminds me of the Terry Malts meets the Spits, particularly if you dig into the chorus. “Noble Steed” has this sort of freaked out psychedelia, like the Ohsees at their most riotous, just sputtering off in a furious fashion. Hop on board this ripping self-titled EP.

An Overnight Low Share Step Into the Light

The pop hits are out in full force today, that’s for sure. Maine’s An Overnight Low might have quietly sent us the nicest surprise in our pop gift bag though. They’re new EP dropped today, and the title track is a nice power-pop number to introduce you to what’s in store. Heavy riffs ring melodically, matched by vocal harmonizing, feeling like an added instrument in its own right. Honestly, this track wouldn’t be out of place on a Teenage Fanclub LP, as its got just enough stomp to keep rock fans, though definitely leaning into the group’s pop inclinations. If you’re willing to take a risk on something new, give the band’s Step Into the Light EP a listen! All of this is a tease from Holyhead, the record that we’ll tell you more about when we’re in the know!


Stream A New EP From Death Bells

Los Angeles by way of Australia duo Death Bells have been on my radar and various playlists for years now with their post-punk, almost gothic, dark wave sound. With zero plans to slow down and a slew of releases now out there in the world, the lads are sharing yet another set of new tunes with a new EP entitled Take My Spirit Now. You can stream the entire thing below and bask in the 5 tracks of glorious swirling guitars and hella slick rhythm work. This EP comes straight from Dais Records.

Tan Cologne Share Visitation Video

If you’ve been following these poorly written pages over the last few years, our adoration for Tan Cologne has been pretty obvious, so whenever something new pops up, you better believe I’m going to chime right in with my thoughts. Today, we caught wind of a new single from the duo, a preview of an EP they recorded while holding a residency in Italy. This tune is penned as a communication with otherworldly beings, providing a meditation on the meaning of pathways and borderlands in our lives. Musically, it’s as shadowy as ever, with every little note just carefully rising. You can hear light cymbal work and little synth washes moving in and out from the depths of this musical trench, crafting this intangible piece of beauty that seamlessly slips through your hands and your mind. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more about the release of the band’s residency EP via Labrador.

ATX Premiere: Semihelix Share Slower Pace

Austin based outfit Semihelix came onto our radar in 2021 with the release of their album of the year worthy debut LP Recoil. Since then, we’ve been anxiously awaiting new tunes from the band and today is finally the day! For your listening pleasure is this new tune called “Slower Pace” which certainly doesn’t adhere to the song title with its short 1.5 minutes of bright, energy filled jangle pop. A true gem in the Austin scene.

This song is part of an upcoming EP due out sometime later this Fall. More info coming soon.


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