Public Body Share Formica Single

There’s something in the water today down in Brighton, with this new track from Public Body being our second offering from the city today! This group is both exciting fun, seemingly crafting their own post-punk recipe with influences from the likes of Devo to Parquet Courts…and probably bits and pieces of everything in between. It’s the sort of tune that immediately feels like your thrust into the live setting, pogoing about with a huge shit-eating grin strung upon your face, looking around, and everyone feels the same…its a communal joyous rapture…and we’re grateful Public Body have provided. The group will be dropping their Flavour of Labour EP this December.

Lola Tried Drop Renvers EP

Today let’s celebrate another great release from one of our favorite Austin bands, Lola Tried. The band haven’t released anything new since their eponymous debut in 2018, but they’re coming back with a vengeance, packing some pop rock that’s bold and boisterous. I love how the guitar work on this single seems to be holding back, just teasing us on the cusp of rock, all before letting lose to drop in these crunchy old school emo-style riffs. Lauren’s vocal control is phenomenal, bold and angry where it needs, holding onto melody when called for; the band’s backing vocals also add a nice little textural harmony in there that certainly doesn’t hurt. Stoked for the band, so celebrate with us by streaming the whole Renvers EP today. If you’re in the ATX area, the band celebrate the EP with a show tonight at Native Hostel.

American Friend Drop Sound Under Rock

Austin’s American Friend have been around for a few years, though the pedigree of the musicians in the group goes way back in time. Today the trio drops their brand new Sound Under Rock EP, and perhaps you’ll join me in spending a little bit of your time with it today. Initially, Sarah’s bass grooves in the opener “Where I Came From” had me feeling nostalgic, leaning towards Adam’s other project, matched up against muted guitar notes with Jana’s voice toying with tone/inflection. They bring in the slow-core on “Greatest Mountain,” which definitely feels, to me, like a Jana excursion. But, it all seems like a set up, teasing tension before we get to the spirited performance in “Troubles.” That should prepare you for half your listen, but I don’t want to dive to deep and give away all the secrets. Find out for yourself!

Hhhhhh Shares the Garden

Imagine that you went back to the years of Animal Collective’s early work, like the time when we all were tripping over ourselves fawning for the band. Now, strip it down some of its barest elements and you’ll be in the land of hhhhhh, the project of Hector J. Guerra. For me, the song’s like this quiet melodic bit of striking pop; I just can’t escape how brilliant it feels, especially when you just let the tune resonate in your mind for a few plays. Sometimes you wake up and want to make sure you’re still alive, and in a strange sense, this was the tune for me, so here we are. If you dig, you’ll find this track on the From a Town of Strangers EP!

The Persian Leaps Prep Drone Etiquette

I’ve always been a fan of Drew Forsberg’s work in the Persian Leaps; the project has consistently just dropped power pop gem after power pop gem, year after year. And, here comes Drew and the band with another release on the horizon, Drone Etiquette. This tune takes on a bit of a political bent, with Drew envisioning something catastrophic breaking through all the white noise and waking us all up (not sure this week has seen that come to fruition…but I digress). Musically, the band still land somewhere between the hooks of Fountains of Wayne and the riff work of Teenage Fanclub. Give it a spin, and look for the new EP on October 1st.

TV Dreams Releases I.D.K Single

The Aussie scene probably knows Odin Franklin from his time in Viral Eyes, but perhaps his new project TV Dreams will provide some solid coverage overseas…I mean, we’re a big deal, right?! Today we’ve got the lead single from a forthcoming LP, toying with that brand of pop somewhere between dreamy and bedroom; it definitely has a bit more of a pronounced feel as the song unfolds before the listener. Vocals join up with Franklin and guitars sort of crash against the mix, giving a little bit of a punch the dreamy melodic vibe. Keep listening as we’re likely to hear more from this project in the next few months!

Battle Ave Share My Year with the Wizard

Listening through to the latest tune from Battle Ave has me remembering the early days of Wolf Parade. Why, you may ask? Well, at times, the New York outfit seems like they’re hanging just on the cusp of being weird and out there, but they’re tethered by some melodic vocals, tying the song down to a more accessible approach. I like that it seems like the band could get really heavy and release some killer riffs, yet ultimately they’ve crafted a really solid pop song that you want to play on full blast. If you’re digging on it, keep your eyes and ears open, as the band return in October with their Battle Ave EP.

Mirror Trash Release Faraway

UK quartet Mirror Trash have made their way onto these pages before, and it’s high time we gave them another run with their striking new single, “Faraway.” The song features a minute of dreamy guitar meandering, wondering through the atmospheric universe. Those notes hang just on the edge of jangling, the way I like them. Then, these solemn vocals into the foray, almost disinterested, up until the chorus. There, you get this little attitude adjustment that should certainly charm as the guitars take back the lead and shimmer into the foreground. The band are slated to release a new EP early next year, and this is our first sneak peak at what’s ahead!

Straight Banger From Stuck

Looking for some short and sweet rock music to brighten up your day and get you ready for the weekend? Well, then you need look no further than this new single “City of Police” from Chicago quartet Stuck. It is most definitely a song inspired by the post-punk genre but offers a hell of a lot more intensity and passion in it’s 2 minutes than most things I am currently hearing on the scene. I think you’ll dig it as well.;

Stuck will release a new EP entitled Content That Makes You Feel Good on August 13th via Exploding in Sound Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Treeboy & Arc Announce New EP

If anything good came out of Covid lockdowns, it has to be the slew of new music artists created during their long time stuck at home. Leeds based Treeboy & Arc were one of those busy groups during quarantine, having managed to record an entire EP of new material. The new extended player, Life Preserver, includes four new tracks of material with this lead single, “Role Models”, streaming prior to the full August 6th EP release date. I love how the track pushes what we might consider post-punk tendencies but with a more restrained approach to give it a very Devo meets Idles feel. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Life Preserver will be available on cassette and for digital download on August 6th. Pre-orders are live now.

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