Stream the The Blind Trust EP from the Wild Kindness

We’ve been patiently waiting to share the latest batch of songs from The Wild Kindness with you; they’ve had the Blind Trust EP in the works for a little bit. Today, you can stream the EP in its entirety, finding yourself lost in the pop maze they’ve build up before you. At times, you have energetic numbers like “Pay That Price” or “She’s Got Suitors,” which have one foot in the history of Austin’s pop scene, with acts like Voxtrot coming to mind. Still, you can slide into a track like “No One Belongs Here More Than You,” and feel the careful influence of acts like Death Cab seeping through the recording. I love the vocal switch that comes in with the line “did you sleep through the night/I doubt it.” Enjoy a listen to the whole EP below.

Sara Devoe Shares Sleep With Me

When you click on this new single from Brooklyn’s Sara Devoe, you get the feeling she’s been operating in the same territory as Winter, swirling dreamy pop elements in a cauldron with a dash of this grunge bit here and a dash of that electronica there. You’ll find moments here when the propulsive beat pushes the song forward, allowing Devoe’s vocals to sort of float about in a ghostly manner. Other times, that beat gets thick and almost stormy beneath the vocals, adding just the faintest bit of anger to the tune, which elevates it above average-fare bedroom pop. This track features on a forthcoming EP, which we hope to hear more about shortly!

Cardinals Share New Single Nineteen

So Young Records started off as an offshoot of the magazine of same name and the label has grown and added an impressive roster of up and coming artists. With such buzzing bands like Humour, Been Stellar, and Slow Fiction to name a few, the label is building into something great. A recent addition to the roster, Ireland based Cardinals, just dropped this short and powerful new single “Nineteen” today. Though the song comes in at under 2 minutes, I’m sure you’ll find yourself hitting repeat at least more than once as soon as it’s over.

Cardinals will release this track as part of a new self-titled EP which is due out on June 7th via So Young Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Billy Tibbals Shares Out of Touch

The more I listen to Billy Tibbals the less I seem to know how to describe his craft. There are times where the bratty vocal delivery reminds me of Jay Reatard; then he rolls his tongue and comes across like Geddy Lee or some other master of prog sentiment. All of it gets punched in through a frantic bit of huge riffs and playful little recording mix nuances like the telephone call in the midst of this single. At times he’s driving and punchy, then turns around and feels playful, as if he’s been playing with us all along. Then you get to the end and you hear a bit of Bolan or Bowie, bridging all these influences to leave you with a track that surely soars if you crank it all the way up! His Nightlife Stories EP is out this Friday via Silver Arrow Records.

Check Out Shapeshifting From Human Interest

London based dup Human Interest really came on to my radar with a force late last year with the release of their stunning EP Empathy Lives in Outer Space. Of course I’ll give a band my full attention once they’ve got a hold of me so I of course immediately had to click play on this new track “Shapeshifting” after receiving it this morning. I dig how the track sort of lulls you in for the first 20-30 seconds of mellow atmosphere, but then blasts off with some driving indie pop with absolutely stellar vocal harmonies. Could they make it 2 for 2 on year end lists? Probably.

This track is part of a new EP entitled Smile While You’re Losing which is due out on September 6th via Nice Swan Records.

Cosmit Release Brand New EP

I want you to get up and out of your chair and pump those fists today, and what better way by giving you a listen to the brand new Cosmit EP that just dropped this morning. Their sound fuses tons of elements from the like of pop punk to garage to soul, but I won’t lie if there’s not a feeling of nostalgia that’s pulling me into this track. Opening tune “Punisher” almost feels like a British take on Sparta, while “Hard Love” has a bit more swagger and suggestive pop inclination, so you can flip the coin and just have a blast with this blaring through your speakers. Still Cosmit EP is out today via Specialist Subject Records.

Spencer Hoffman Announces Roses Fly

I really enjoyed Spencer Hoffman‘s 2002 LP, Apple Core, so it’s exciting to hear that there’s a new EP on the way this May. Our first listen has a bit of a ghostly western vibe to it, offering up a slight twist on modern cosmic country. In a sense, it’s almost as if the tune’s struggling on the turntable, warped through the years of being played; you can hear that sparkling twang, but as it fills the air, it seems to sort of hang eternally. Ultimately, it allows for Hoffman’s voice to hang in there and almost whisper its melody into your ear, which worked to great effect. Looking forward to the release of the Roses Fly EP; it’s out on May 10th via Anxiety Blanket Records.

Apollo Ghosts Release Surprise Amethyst EP

If you didn’t grab a copy of 2022’s Pink Tiger LP from Apollo Ghosts, then you missed an absolute masterpiece, so I was really excited to open up my email to a surprise EP from the Vancouver vets. In a lot of ways, they remind me most recently of Lewsberg, sort of working with these delectable guitar treats you want to devour, while the vocals seemingly work in contrast to that energy. I can also hear lots of nods to acts like Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth, but spun in a more kind of organic indie fashion, so obviously I adore that. “Strawberry Moon” is my jam right now, so don’t skip it. Stream all of Amethyst below!

Sucker Drop Seein’ God EP

You’ve really got to check out the new EP from Sucker; it dropped today courtesy of Cherub Dream Records, and though its brief, I can’t say enough positive things about it. In my ear, the band feels like they’re spinning the modern infatuation with noise and discord around demos from the Halo Benders. There’s this definite penchant for smashing guitar work, like on tunes such as “Drop,” but the vocals come across as unsettling, sort of making you tune your ears into the sound, drawing you deeper into the natural emotion of the work. When you get to “Lackluster,” it’s anything but, turning this mess of cacophony into a piece that’s dripping with natural beauty. Go give Seein’ God a listen right now!

Cool Sounds Return with Bugobeat

Danis Lacey flipped the script on all of us with Like That, the 2022 LP that saw Cool Sounds moving away from a very run-of-the-mill Aussie sound into something with a bit more groove, a bit more funk. So, as we listen to the first single from the BUG0BEAT EP, it makes complete sense that Danis is pushing the oddities of funk just a little bit more; you can particularly hear the way the guitar lines and keys are shifted atop one another to kind of craft this dense dance groove. Personally, I love how there’s some middling guitar work that’s sort of the tether between the early days of the project and present funk. Chapter Music will be putting the BUG0BEAT EP out on March 1st.

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