Dress Warm Release A Cowboy on Ice EP

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Dress Warm over here, as the band are an upstart act from our home; they’ve just released their new EP, A Cowboy on Ice. The one song we hadn’t heard as of yet is the nicely strummed “Close,” which wraps up the four-song listen. It operates on a nice little bedroom beat and gentle strum, but then it bursts into life, albeit momentarily as the group pull back to really hit those warm indie rock notes that make guitar pop so enjoyable. I really appreciate the band maneuvering back and forth in this track, mixing up the pacing, allowing the song to really swell into something lasting. Here’s “Close,” but be sure to check out the whole EP.

T.G. Shand Shares WAWO Single

Feel like there are still so many good tunes to be had at the end of the year, and I wanted to make sure we didn’t miss out on the latest from New Zealand’s T.G. Shand. A new EP is in the works, and this is our first listen, bringing the artist back to some of her darkened shoegaze roots. There’s a whole lot of cavernous scaffolding, first with subdued jangles ringing slightly, allowing the vocals to layer in an icy dreaminess. Soon, the vocals begin to layer atop one another, continuing to add in this dense texture that makes the song a marvel. Here’s to hearing more real real soon.

Love Burns Release Fade in the Sun EP

If you recall, we, along with other various label friends, helped get the debut Love Burns album out into the world (still got a few tapes left if and you like). Well, we were happy to be part of that, and now it looks like Phil and company are ready to make your Bandcamp Friday super easy…just click “BUY” on this new digital only EP. It’s four brilliant pop songs, continuing to show off the striking songwriting in Sutton’s repertoire. Me, I love “Forever in Bliss;” there’s something about it that just feels huge, like a giant of a pop rock tune built for arenas of dancing fans. However, as with all things Love Burns, there’s not a miss here, so head over and grab the Fade in the Sun EP.

Ali Greig Drops This Modern Nightmare EP

Ali Greig comes to us as a former member of Acting Strange, who we’ve covered quite a bit, but I’m loving this new EP he just dropped last night, haunting us with it’s hooks. It’s interesting to listen to the process, as there’s some bits of classic kind of British punk vibes, particularly in “Everyday is Halloween,” but the EP as a whole has him playing with some other formats, such as “I’m a Pisces, Bitch.” There’s a little something in there for everyone, and I’m excited to hear what comes next for the songwriter, so we’ll keep you tuned in on that news. For now, enjoy some new hits.

Ciel Share Back to the Feeling

The bobbing and weaving that immediately opens this tune sets of the new Ciel single as a certain banger; it has this heaviness that’s perfect for opening up the group’s new Not in the Sun, Nor in the Dark EP. Michelle’s vocals through the verses are sort of crystalline, reminding me at times of Clementine of Cherry Glazer; it sets up the chorus to unleash a heavier punch that really claws at your speakers in an attempt to deliver a melodic punch of noise to your ears. They’ll drop their new EP via Jazz Life on October 7th, and I reckon they’ll head right back into the study to write more sweet jams like this one.

The Black Watch Release The Neverland of Spoken Things EP

My personal faves, The Black Watch, quietly released their new The Neverland of Spoken Things EP via Bandcamp over the weekend, sneaking it under the radar! It won’t officially be out until the first weeks of September, but you know I can’t hold back on posting about the band. The lead track here will appear on the band’s forthcoming LP, slated for a release in 2023, but the next two are exclusives to this release…and personally, I’m totally drawn towards “Precious Little.” There’s something about the repeating guitar line, waiting for its turn to ring out in a more traditional fashion; it almost gives the song that motorik rhythm, though spun by the webs of guitars rather than percussion. For me, where some bands would wrap it up and call the song done, the Black Watch aren’t afraid to let the guitars noodle and open up a bit, riding the jam to the end. Always a pleasure to hear this band at work.

Mt. Misery Share The Time It Takes + Drop New EP

If you missed last year’s Once Home, No Longer, then you better rush back to get a copy for yourself, as it was one of the most underrated joys I came across last year. Today, Mt Misery drop a surprise new EP, and we’ve got a nice little pop selection for you to sample below. This tune hangs just on the cusp of dreamy indiepop, utilizing some great guitar sounds that remind me of early Kings of Convenience, though strummed with a bit more of a sparkle. As per usual, their vocals have this summery warmth, like bathing on the beach (be sure to use sunscreen!) with a crisp little wind nibbling at your toes. This band should be one of the biggest ones in indie rock right now. Check out their new The Time It Takes EP today!

Human Barbie Release Wait

The first Human Barbie tune from the forthcoming EP was a real gem, and it looks like we’ve got another tune to devour today. On days like today, where it’s 7:30 and I’m already daydreaming, this tune is perfect, and it’s all down to the way Christopher Leopold is crafting his tracks. You can hear the elements of dream pop or shoegaze lurking in the shadows, but they end up coming across in a different manner, as Leopold is intent upon dragging out the tune a bit, filling it with patience that takes the song into more of a slowcore mantra. It’s got the bits and pieces you love, but you get to digest differently; Human Barbie will release a new EP on October 12th via Poor Man Records.

Joyeria Announces Debut Fim EP

While we’re all clamoring (sort of) for Pavement reunion tickets, we might have taken our eyes off the prize, which in this case is Joyeria. Why the mention of Pavement? Well, if you’re not picking up on the Malkmus-ness of what’s going on here, well, then one of us clearly needs new ears! What I love though is that Joyeria seems more than willing to kind of turn things up and get loud out of nowhere, then mellow just as quickly, leaving you disoriented as you try to decipher the wordplay. After a few singles, the project is set to release a debut, the FIM EP, which drops October 14th via Speedy Wundergound.

Stream New EP From Mall Walker

As we get slammed sometimes later in the week with new music and various announcements, we often miss out on some great tunes as we wade through the muck. One of the things I missed out on last Friday was the killer, self-titled EP drop from Austin’s own Mall Walker. Though these gents feel like they may be quick to garnish the “emo revival” label, I see a lot more grit and hardcore tendencies from the band. Sure, the EP has some post-emo inspiration ala Braid or Jawbreaker, but the hints of post-punk and snarling vocals give this a sound truly their own. Definitely not just another “emo revival” band. Check out the full stream below.

Mall Walker’s new self-titled EP was out on Friday and is available as a vinyl release from Better Days Will Haunt You. Buy yourself a copy now.

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