Mon Cher Shares Better Days + New EP

Last week was shitty and disheartening, but despite the work ahead for us all, Meghan Holton’s latest single from the new Mon Cher EP promises that there are better days ahead. Musically, this feels like the best way to sort of begin our week, with the layers of this tune sort of lapping at your toes like gentle little waves, washing over and cleansing your spirit. There’s an effortlessness to the track, like its fit for whatever mood you’re in need of at the moment; there are moments where the drift turns into subdued bounce as the beat kicks in, or you can just ride back out to see with whatever layer you choose. Be sure to listen to the whole of the Tell Me Baby EP, out now.

Neocons Prep EP, Share Two Tracks

If you were to recreate a modern version of The Warriors today, only with futuristic gutterpunks, then the soundtrack is going to have to be done by Neocons. The LA outfit are bridging territory between stark synthetic pop and post-hardcore. On “Shoot/Kill” you’ll find these ripping riffs working over shuffling beats, while the vocals feel like they’re stalking prey of some sort, growling akin to what you’d find on any number of LPs out right now. There’s a little soft melody working in “New Boots,” so I’m interested in hearing how that plays out, as it still feels dangerous, particularly in the lyrical setting. Neocons will release their EP on July 1st via Industrial Cowboy, a sister-label of Paisley Shirt Records.

Wy Share Something Amazing EP

If you aren’t a frequent reader of our site, you’ve probably missed our many posts about Swedish based band Wy. Over the last year or so, Nathan and I have truly been obsessed with the band’s music and their growth between each release. Never resting easy or showing an ounce of complacency, Wy has yet another release this week with their new EP Something Amazing. Simply put, these 3 tracks are downright stunning. Though it just came out, this is likely my favorite new music of the year. Enjoy.

The Secret Beach Shares Miss You

Micah Erenberg, aka The Secret Beach, is gearing up for the release of his new Songs from the Secret Beach LP, which will be out in August, though you can hang onto this new jam of a single. The guitar works its way through the song with this pseudo folk wiggle, circling back to jiggle in your speakers again and again. There’s a slight structural twist that’s been really charming, when Erenberg hits the chorus of “I miss you,” giving the guitar a chance to be more expansive as the arrangements swell around the voice. Definitely a jam I keep revisiting as the day goes on.

Sorry I Missed It: The Garbage and the Flowers

It’s been a slow start to the week, which probably means I’m missing all the hot tracks while I teach summer school. But, before I start running that class, I wanted to get this Cinnamon Sea EP up from The Garbage and the Flowers, which came out in Australia in the middle of May. Those of you in the need for some slow-core magic will surely fall for the band’s mixture of Velvet Underground weepers and haphazard pop numbers that you’d find on an old K Records sampler. It’s five genius tracks that I’ve been spinning for the last couple of weeks, so why not turn you that way today. Check it.

Wy Continue to Grow with High Score

If you missed last year’s Marriage LP, then perhaps we haven’t done our part to turn you on to Wy, at least not properly. But, they’ve got a new EP on the way, and it continues to show how incredibly quickly they’ve broadened their sound, hitting on all the high notes we’d expect and then some. When the tune opens, it has this almost nostalgic pop lean to it, though enhanced by this heavy resonance that sets up Ebba’s vocal entry. She’s got this faint little quiver that toys with you, but as the track unfolds you see just how powerful her voice is, dominating the front of the mix. Still, careful ears will hear just how much effort was put into everything behind Ebba, with all sort of varying textures, balancing noisy bits with melodic ringing notes; it’s pop craftsmanship at its finest. The Something Amazing EP is out June 17th via Rama Lama Records.

Public Opinion Drop New Single

If you’re out there today looking for some solid, super well produced, rock n roll music with a twist of punk, may I suggest this new single from Denver based Public Opinion. The track entitled, “Sweets all the Time”, has this very White Reaper meets NOFX vibe to it with a clear post-punk inspiration. Sort of garage rock but with a bit more gusto and edge if you will. Take it with you on your morning adventures.

This track will appear on the new EP Modern Convenience due out May 27th on Convulse Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Night Moves Share Twangy New Track

Minneapolis based Night Moves really caught and held my attention in 2019 with the release of their stunning LP Can You Really Find Me. For a year or so after the release, like most bands in the Covid era, things were slow and not much was heard from the group. But to no one’s surprise, the dudes were holed up in a friend’s cabin to record a whole slew of new material in the coming year. Having already shared two recordings from the sessions, today I am pleased to share with you this new single called “Feel Another Day”. I feel like this band continues to fill this void in need for country inspired, twangy pop music that I just don’t seem to get much more here in TX. Thanks to my Minnesota brothers.

Wy Share New Single + EP Announcement

Sweden’s Wy have already found great success with their last few releases, finally breaking into the US audience with the excellent Marriage LP (2021). Today, the group return with news of a fresh EP on the way, and they’re doing it in striking fashion. Ebba opens the tune with her vocals crawling atop light sonic touches. Soon, the guitar enters the picture, heavily breaking the barrier between pop and rock. Still, Ebba’s voice has this huge range to it, something that would put her right alongside current US darlings like Angel or Sharon. Something Amazing is on the horizon, and it will be released by the ATH revered Rama Lama Records.

Hovvdy Do It Again

Though they may have left Austin due to ever rising costs of living, we will always have a special place in our hearts for Hovvdy. Honestly, at this point if you aren’t a fan, well you must just lack musical awareness or suffer from poor tastes. ZING. Ever the hard workers they tend to be, Hovvdy aren’t resting after their breakthrough album True Love from last year. No, the guys have taken some of the leftovers from the True Love recording sessions and have a new EP coming on May 27th entitled billboard for my feelings. Prior to the EP release, we’ve been treated to this mellow, enchanting new tune “Hide” to enjoy while we await the full drop.

Hovvdy are also about to embark on a lengthy US tour. Tickets are on sale now.

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