Apollo Ghosts Release Surprise Amethyst EP

If you didn’t grab a copy of 2022’s Pink Tiger LP from Apollo Ghosts, then you missed an absolute masterpiece, so I was really excited to open up my email to a surprise EP from the Vancouver vets. In a lot of ways, they remind me most recently of Lewsberg, sort of working with these delectable guitar treats you want to devour, while the vocals seemingly work in contrast to that energy. I can also hear lots of nods to acts like Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth, but spun in a more kind of organic indie fashion, so obviously I adore that. “Strawberry Moon” is my jam right now, so don’t skip it. Stream all of Amethyst below!

Sucker Drop Seein’ God EP

You’ve really got to check out the new EP from Sucker; it dropped today courtesy of Cherub Dream Records, and though its brief, I can’t say enough positive things about it. In my ear, the band feels like they’re spinning the modern infatuation with noise and discord around demos from the Halo Benders. There’s this definite penchant for smashing guitar work, like on tunes such as “Drop,” but the vocals come across as unsettling, sort of making you tune your ears into the sound, drawing you deeper into the natural emotion of the work. When you get to “Lackluster,” it’s anything but, turning this mess of cacophony into a piece that’s dripping with natural beauty. Go give Seein’ God a listen right now!

Cool Sounds Return with Bugobeat

Danis Lacey flipped the script on all of us with Like That, the 2022 LP that saw Cool Sounds moving away from a very run-of-the-mill Aussie sound into something with a bit more groove, a bit more funk. So, as we listen to the first single from the BUG0BEAT EP, it makes complete sense that Danis is pushing the oddities of funk just a little bit more; you can particularly hear the way the guitar lines and keys are shifted atop one another to kind of craft this dense dance groove. Personally, I love how there’s some middling guitar work that’s sort of the tether between the early days of the project and present funk. Chapter Music will be putting the BUG0BEAT EP out on March 1st.

Slow Fiction Share Apollo

Brooklyn based outfit Slow Fiction made a strong impression on me right around this time last year with the release of their debut EP paired with some stellar SXSW performances last March. While band activity and news was limited since the spring, you had to think it meant they were hard at work on new material during the quiet period. Sure enough, news just came through that Slow Fiction have signed to the London based label So Young Records and will be releasing a follow up EP sometime this year. As we wait for a release date on the EP, the band has dropped this new single called “Apollo,” which is sure to wet your appetite for new material. It has a Strokes style NYC inspiration and can groove with the best of them while still having that haunting Slow Fiction sound.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming EP as it comes in.

New Music from Big Hug

It’s a pretty dreary day outside of the various ATH offices, so I wanted to punch in this brand new track from UK outfit Big Hug, give myself a little kick in the pants. If you’re a close listener, you’re going to hear the careful craft of acts like Braid in the songwriting. Every instant of the song has these guitar lines wiggling in and out of the front of the mix, with a thumping bit of percussion crashing through the tracks’s core. Still, the earnestness of the vocal blasts give this tune the currency to slide right into your every day listening habits; they’ll have a brand new EP dropping on March 1st.

Fantastic Purple Spots Announce Vibrations Now EP

Due to unforeseen circumstances, namely having another kid and moving homes, I kind of pulled back on the ATH Records label after the Love Burns cassette. But, new year, and I’ve got things running again, today announcing a new digital EP from Fantastic Purple Spots. The Austin act has been on my mind for a bit, having discovered them after their eponymous LP from the Winter of 2022. We’ve been in touch since those early days, and the band are allowing me to work with them on their excellent new Vibrations Now EP. Their sound is somewhere between pastoral pop and psychedelia, allowing you to let your mind swirl with the mixture of sounds you’ll hear in each track. Their Vibrations Now EP will be officially out on January 26th, but you can stream the title track below!

Finnoguns Wake Drop New Single

One of the listens I’m most excited to dig into is the Finnoguns Wake EP, which drops at the end of January here. It’s the new project from Shogun of Royal Headache and friend Finn Berzin, and while the two are clearly aiming to make their own way sonically, there’s definitely still some lurking hints of Royal Headache. But, in some fashion, there’s an inclination for me to make some Replacements nods here, albeit spun through an Australian drawl. I love how you can hear the push for a soulful punch at the end of the vocals, bringing that bit of charm to a raucous stomping bit of rock n’ roll. Their Stay Young EP is out January 26th via Whats Your Rupture.

New Bop from Terry Venomous

Somewhere in between the lines of King Krule and the Fall, you’ll find the work of Liverpool’s Terry Venomous. Thought his latest track from his forthcoming EP would be an easy way to slide right into Friday. This tune revolves around a steady little beat that stays locked locked in the groove. Light keys twinkle and guitars sway and swing all around the vocal delivery, which carries a bit of a heavy smoker croon. It’s a super casual way to kick your Friday right into gear, letting you get your playful best ready so you can go out and win today! Look for a new EP in April!

Sachet Announce Brand New EP, Share Lead Single

It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from Aussie outfit Sachet; they last released Nets in 2020. But, we can breathe easier knowing the group have a fresh EP on the way for us in 2024. While the band fancy themselves as a prog-pop outfit, they’re not straying too far off from classic punk meets pop vibes. You can hear some of the Debbie Harry playfulness in the vocals this go round, hitting those crystalline disco notes as the band snakes its way through a sort of musical call-and-response. Plus, you’ll find just a bit of punk ethos squeaking in too, adding some sharp licks that build the tension. Totally digging on it, so looking forward to The Seeing Machine EP, out next February via Tenth Court.

Finnish Postcard Ready How to Mute Crows

Guess I’m in love with classic pop rock sounds today, as the latest single from Finnish Postcard definitely has that classic sound; the walls of noise that scream through the song can’t hide the track’s natural inclination towards seeking out the melody. I keep finding myself circling back just to hear the vocal delivery; there are these little moments when they seem to kind of climb in tone, only to climb back down that mountain; you’ll know it when you hear it. But, just as the song’s bravado swirls, the band pulls back to draw you into a more pensive close, leaving you with your emotions. If you dig it, How to Mute Crows is out this Friday!

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