Es Share Swallowed Whole Video

A few years back I raved about Es; they were a band that felt like they made post-punk dangerous again, almost frightening. Now that they’ve announced a fresh EP, its nice to see the band hasn’t lost their tenacity; this song opens up with a mixture of growling rhythm and howling vocals. To a degree, the song sounds like a death march of sorts, albeit punctuated by little melodic notes from the synth work so as to avoid hurling us down the cavernous depths of the band’s heavier side. Vicious and clever; I’m looking forward to the Fantasy EP; it drops on April 7th via Upset the Rhythm.

Meet The SXSW Band: Beatenberg

We are in full on SXSW preparation mode at this point ladies and gentlemen! This is officially your last weekend before things really start to go down next week with great tech, education and film things going on around town. Then we go full force into music week right after that. GET READY. Continuing our SXSW interview series today is another one from the lads in Beatenberg. Hit the jump for all the deets.

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Space Tan Drop Prison Planet

If you go way back to the year 2021, our little label of love, ATH Records released a vastly underrated album by Austin’s Space Tan titled Inti Raymi. But, just this last Friday, the quintet released the brand new Prison Planet EP, continuing to drop these huge pop rock numbers centered around the songwriting of Gianni Sarmiento. There’s a few tunes on this release that feel like an amped up version of Grandaddy or the Rentals, spinning these futuristic tunes rooted in classic alternative sounds. Five quick pop nuggets that will brighten your day, so do yourself that favor right now!

Dry Cleaning Announce Swampy EP

Having released the wonderful Stumpwork last year, Dry Cleaning realized they couldn’t fit every possible track on that LP, so they saved a few tunes from that session; today they turn those extra tracks into the Swampy EP. The songs certainly wear the lineage to that last LP, with one operating as an instrumental tune that would have served nicely to link tracks in their original tracklisting. Plus, the new EP features some remixes of Stumpwork tunes that should get mega-fans excited. Stream the two new tunes below, and if you like, order the Swampy EP from 4AD.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Announce Crumble EP

After releasing last year’s excellent IV, Austin’s Letting Up Despite Great Faults return today with the announcement of a brand new EP. That, of course, means we get a brand new single (with a Mobb Deep reference no less!). When you press play, you’re immediately greeted by this cacophony of melodic noise, matched with Annah’s vocals running through the middle. Suddenly, the noise drops off and you get the melody clear and open, sparkling with the immediacy of a great pop hook. Back and forth goes the song, balancing on the tightrope between an abyss of noise and pop. The band are set to release the Crumble EP on April 4th, with rumors of tour popping up online.

Don’t Sleep on SUEP + Stream Shop

Bands like Porridge Radio, Joanna Gruesome and the Tubs have gotten lots of press in the States, but I’ve been surprised by how many folks have slept on the SUEP stuff’ the band interestingly shares members with all the same acts, plus a few other thrown in to the mix. That said, I promise you, you can’t really pigeonhole what they’re working on. Their latest Shop EP feels like its got bits of ESG and Blondie and Talking Heads all butting heads with one another; I think my favorite is the darkened dub-ish number “Misery.” From track to track, they’re taking risks and never hanging in just one spot, so feel free to go on a journey with this lot. Their new Shop EP is available now via Memorials of Distinction.

Stream Looking for a Sphere EP from Dippers

Dippers, the band formerly known as Thigh Master, today release their new Looking for a Sphere EP, offering up a new vision/sound to coincide with the name change. The EP has two core traditional tracks, embracing slower tempos while honing in on the melodious nature in Matthew Ford’s songwriting. I love the way “Drift Space” moves, slightly opening up as drums come in quietly and notes just kind of hang in the atmosphere; it feels like something you’d have found on a K Records release in the early years. The other two tunes find the band playing with more of an instrumental approach, exploring new sonic visions as they prepared to write a slew of songs for a forthcoming long player on Goner Records. So go on then.

Peel Dream Magazine Releases Surprise EP

Pad has barely been worn out on my record player, but Peel Dream Magazine has already returned with a brand new surprise EP today. To me, it completely encompasses the concept of an Extended Play, as even creator Joe Stevens claims he was able to “view these songs as belonging on Pad, were it not for the restraints of what will fit on a 12 inch.” In listening, you get two little instrumental pieces, continuing to watch the project dabble with new sound, then two more traditional tracks that continue the musical motifs present on last year’s Pad. Of course, none of this would be available were it not for the brilliant folks over at Slumberland. Happy Friday to you.; here’s Magic is Pocketed.

Straight Rocker From Perfect Angel At Heaven

Clearly I have been struggling a bit getting back into the groove of things this week and I’m sure many of you can share the same sentiments. As I slowly find my footing this morning, I happened upon this nice lil jam from Indianapolis based artist Perfect Angel at Heaven over on bandcamp. It certainly reminds me of some of our hold heroes like The Thermals or Ted Leo, hence my urgency to share it with you all today. The single is part of a new EP coming from the band which is due out sometime… today? Or so says on their bandcamp page.

Bratty Release New Single ft. Nsqk and Mene

A new year is upon us, and RayRay and I won’t shy away from our love of Spanish pop, like this brand new tune from Mexico’s Bratty. Despite the linguistic difference, you can slide this track right alongside any of the adored acts in the States; it holds a gentle melody, light jangles and this sort of dreaminess that ties it to trends from the 80s. In this song we also get to hear the voices of other rising Mexican artists Nsqk and Mene, who both lend their help to Bratty here. If you’re digging these bits, then check out the Es Mi Fiesta y Si Quiero Hago Un EP, which is out today!

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