Waves of Dread Share Foregone

For the most part, we’ve recognized Waves of Dread as this mysterious consortium crafting these noise filled gaze numbers; the sort you expect to ruin your eardrums in the live setting. But, with a new EP on the horizon, they’ve also begun to show their hand, and perhaps dip a toe or two into a more ethereal water. Not only is their latest single striking because of its brevity, it also has this billowing haunt to it, like a ghost from your past following you, your heart racing as you feel the hairs on your neck stand up…and then it fades out. I’m very interested to see how this all ties together when the group release II at the end of July.

Cool Sounds Share New Single + Announce New EP

Having written one of my favorite albums of 2019, Cool Sounds are back with a brand new EP on the horizon. The songs on Sleepers EP were written over the past couple of months, surprisingly offering up a light-hearted feel, despite the dire situation surrounding us. Opening with a light strum and gentle percussive stomp, the band begs you to circle around the campfire and join them in their chorale vocal approach; it’s that united melody that made me immediately feel as if I was part of something better, bigger in the world. Plus, the middling “nah nah nah” don’t do a damn thing to diminish the inherent joy of this tune. Look for Sleepers on July 31st!

Premiere: Attic Fowler

We first wrote about Chris Rutledge and his Atlanta based project Attic Fowler way back in the good ‘ol days of 2015. Though I’m honestly not sure what Rutledge has been up to since then, he just sent along this stunning new track called “Neighbors” for us to premiere today. For me, this is just about as perfect a dream pop song can get in that defined genre. What I enjoy most about the song is the ability to take those super bright, dreamier, pop elements and intertwine them with really nice elements of driving indie rock. Loving this one today.

Attic Fowler will release a 3 song EP called Easier sometime later this year.

School of Language Drops Surprise EP

While he’s probably most well-known for his work with his brother in Field Music, David Brewis has been working with School of Language for nearly a decade. Today, he’s dropped a brand new EP titled I Could Have Loved U Better, which seems like it’s been influenced by some of Prince’s poppier numbers, all the way down to the vocal inflections. That’s not a bad thing by any means, just calling out the obvious, as we could all use a combo of funk and pop today, or any day for that matter. Be sure yo stick around for the slow-jam at the end; it’s my favorite of these five tunes. Right now you can grab the whole EP for NYOP!

Tidy Share MWI Video

Listening through this week, I realize I’ve got to keep bouncing around genres; it’s possibly the only thing keeping me sane, moving back and forth and back again. For me, Tidy is hitting the spot today with their brand of pop punk harkening to my favorite period of late 90s emo stylings. There’s an earnestness to the songwriting, like you’re hurdling towards the end of times (aren’t we?) and you’ve given up being afraid. The vocals are melodic, yet when pushed they have just the faintest harshness to make punk fanboys feel included. These Canadians will be releasing their Trying EP this Summer!

Kevin Hairs Share More Magic More Magic

Like all of you, it’s been a struggle, just trying to wrap my head around this whole world we’re in at the moment. Luckily, Kevin Hairs tossed over his More Magic, More Magic EP a few days early, and honestly, it totally changed my attitude; this has been the best week for me. “Strange Jangle” has been out for a few weeks now, but it still has that fuzzy fun feeling, along with a message that seems to be about just letting it all go. “Fire the Choir” kind of reminds me of Hunx and His Punx, only spun through the lens of a fan of pop music; it’s charming and kind of gritty in its presentation. One of my favorite’s on this EP comes in next; I just loved the way the guitars were recorded on top of each other in “More Comforting,” matched by this seemingly discordant melody that is reminiscent of Sarah Records. But, it does have to battle with “The Day I Became a Dick,” which oddly enough seems to have a certain sense of swagger about its jangling riffs and cool vocal delivery…but another favorite. It all comes to an end with “Subdued at the VCU,” bringing in a little bit more rambunctiousness to Hairs’ insatiable pop blend. And just like that, More Magic, More Magic is over, leaving you with a super impressionable EP of joyous indiepop that allow you to celebrate life’s littlest moments…like a 15 minute pop record!

Hella Catchy New Day Wave Tune

Though it’s been a hot second since we last posted on Oakland based Jackson Phillips and his project known as Day Wave, we’ve shared tons of his songs over the years. Today we are treated to a hot new track called “Potions” from the Cali based artist and it is a real delight to listen to on repeat. For me it has that Cali, indie pop sound similar to old school The Drums or even some of the earlier Day Wave tracks that originally revolutionized the genre. You’ll find that this song will perk up your mood in these strange times.

Day Wave is releasing a new EP entitled Crush on April 24th via [PIAS].


Sustains Announce Sick Ones EP

You’ve really got to have something in your songwriting to make me fall in love in 2 minutes, luckily for Sustains, it didn’t even take that long. Heavy distorted riffs rang true immediately, and I was interested, but not sold until that extra guitar line takes a nice turn into the song to introduce a nice dose of melody to fawn over. Sitting back behind that huge wall of guitars are these soft vocals, coolly hanging behind the scene acting completely indifferent to the buzzing noise swirling about. And just like that, it’s over. You want more and you need more. You can have more if you pick up the Sick Ones EP, out on March 20th via Hidden Bay Records.

Sludgy Rock Number From Stop Watch

As we all recover from the Texas blizzard and move into a beautiful day, I hope you will help me in welcoming new Ann Arbor band Stop Watch to our pages. For an introduction to the 4 piece, here is the single called “Stop.” which is what originally turned my attention towards the band. It’s a sludge rock number with some lovely bits of slowness mixed in with loud, distorted guitars. Basically, multiple layers of things I love.

Pting Announce Boo EP

Oh, just another day and another great track coming out of Melbourne, Australia. Today we’ve got this brand new tune from Pting, along with the announcement that they’ll soon be releasing the Boo EP. This one’s exactly as charming as you’d expect, with the appropriate amount of bounce mixed with super crisp guitar noodling. Once Elsie comes into the party with her voice, you can’t help but to feel swept up in the exuberant energy they’re pushing through your speakers. There’s an emphatic closing that finishes your listening off on a high note; you’re going to want to grab this EP when it hits on February 21 via Osborne Again.

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