Lost Ships Drop Nostalgia

Follow our site? Well, then you’ve likely seen us supporting Portsmouth’s Lost Ships band; they just released the Nostalgia EP via Subjangle Sounds. The group, in my opinion, likes to walk a fine line between jangling indiepop and classic power pop sounds. In this listen, you’ll get heavy riffs, fuzzy of course, but they can quickly turn things light-hearted and toe-tapping in a heartbeat. Take “Shirley from Shirley,” opening with more of a soft brood over heavy circling guitars and melodic “ahhs;” then those sharp riffs dance their way into your living room, forcing your hips to swing and your feet to shuffle. Thinking that “Inside My Head” might be my favorite of this lot, just an energetic bop the whole way through, and I can’t wait for you to enjoy it too! Stream the EP or buy it HERE.

Fresh Share My Redemption Arc

All sorts of great news as of late, and now lets add a new EP from Fresh to our reason to celebrate! The song’s got these huge stomping pop rock hooks, bouncing emphatically with the rhythm section, almost seemingly build for riotous performances in the live setting (just wait for that anthemic breakdown!). Kathryn Woods lets her voice soar above it all, penning lyrics about alienation and dealing with your problems, no matter where you find yourself out in the world. If you’re in the mood for joyous rock n’ roll with relatable subject matter, then give a listen below…and keep an eye on the outfit; they release The Summer I Got Good at Guitar on April 30th via Special Subject Records.

A Place to Bury Strangers Announce Hologram EP

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve gotten fresh new music from A Place to Bury Strangers, but with the announcement of the Hologram EP, we welcome a new track from the band. It begins with some cymbal and snare work, burrowing into the background before the song erupts with squalling guitars; I keep thinking you can hear vocals from new drummer Sandra Fedowitz in there too, but then I go back and forth thinking I’ve been fooled by the group. Oliver Ackermann’s voice is this heavy haunt in the tracks front end, playing somewhere between J Spaceman and the Gallagher brothers (and I don’t mind that). Plus, you get the added bonus of a hypnotic video to accompany your listen! Hologram will be out July 16th via Dedstrange.

Unschooling Give Us More is More

If you’re missing Omni, or just really into Omni, you’ve got to get over here and listen to this new Unschooling EP, Random Acts of Total Control. Just take a listen to the opening tune “More is More” if you need convincing of how great the band is. They’ve got that same sort of frantic nature to their riffs, kind of angular and buoyant simultaneously. One thing I’ve really enjoyed about the French outfit is super apparent on this tune is how little they care for formulaic arty post-punk; they do dip far more than their toes into that proverbial water, but they also seek out the ability to destroy its patterns, exploding like a fireball, cutting through your headphones. The EP is out courtesy of Howlin Banana Records.

Paul Cook and the Chronicles Share Old Pursuit

Paul Cook is one of those songwriters that just keeps at it, switching gears, changing directions, clearly leaving you in awe of his craft. The London musician just dropped this brand new tune with his outfit Paul Cook & the Chronicles, and its driving home that pure classic pop rock sound, the sort you might hear coming from a classic set by the Oneders, or more recently, Brendan Benson when he was younger…not to mention a little Teenage Fanclub nod in there around the 2 minute mark. Hooks are abundant throughout, but if you’re not singing the chorus along with Paul by the end of this song, you clearly weren’t listening. Clearly this is prime Paul Cook, so let yourself sit back and enjoy good old pop rock n’ roll. The whole Old Pursuit EP is live today!

Listen to Cybertimes from Je Suis France

Once again here I am just spending my morning jamming to something from a few weeks ago that I should have gotten into way earlier, namely Cybertimes. The EP is a back and forth collection of carefully constructed soundscapes and these oddball pop indulgent tunes from Je Suis France. On the opening tune, you get this sort of soft Dinosaur Jr meets Built to Spill vibe, which is worth the price of entry alone. But, then you can get into the sort of Kraftwerk-ian vibes of “Spearfisher (Purple Bread Pt.2)” before jumping to the synth-accented ballad “If You Please” that closes out the EP. It’s a NYP fee, which is perfect for tomorrow’s Bandcamp Day, so listen through, then put it on your radar for tomorrow.

Slick New Single From Wombo

Louisville is not typically a location that comes to mind when considering slick new forms of indie/garage rock, but new artist Wombo hope to change your mindset about their hometown. Fresh new single “Dreamsickle” certainly offers a bright, and sometimes edgy, contrast to a location typically known for southern rock and country. No this tune has a fabulous guitar sound perfectly balanced between slightly distorted yet still clean, paired with a thumping beat provided by the bass and drums. It’s definitely worth a listen today.

Wombo will be releasing this track as part of a new EP entitled Keesh Mountain due out on May 28th via Fire Talk Records.

New Tunes from Walt

Oh Mondays, catching up on what we missed over the weekend, which in this case seemed includes Melbourne’s Walt. Over the weekend, I Love You on the Internet was dropped, and the EP’s title track is a nice way for those of you new to the band to get your feet wet. There’s no rush here, as the song slowly works in with heavy synth notes before the guitars are even in the building. That speed is perfect, almost that sort of spaced glam pop that feels like we’ve lost all control of our own gravitational pull. I suppose it fits into the realm of dream pop, whatever-gaze, but it seems like it makes your entry into this Monday a perfect little venture…slow and spacey as yo escape the weekend haze and get ready to rock.

Dorio Drops Dorio’s Robot Friends EP

If you missed last year’s Yesterday the Sky Was Blue LP (Citrus City), then now seems like the perfect time to turn on some solid pop from Austin’s Dorio. Just yesterday, the band dropped Dorio’s Robot Friends EP, picking up on last year’s album and weaving the craft just a bit differently. The immediacy of the bounce in “Robot Friends” will hook you right from the start, only made more endearing by the perfect vocal combination that springs up here and there. Then the EP offers a couple of creative instrumental bits before turning you onto the screwed pop stylings, using the band’s penchant for pop hooks and chopping it up into this slow fizz. Hopefully this EP signals there’s more new stuff on the way!

Coffee Time Share For Seasons

It’s March and its Spring! So, let’s get ourselves a little ditty from the brothers, Coffee Time. The duo have this spirited pop number, though I’ll admit, it often feels like its about to slip into some sort of drug-addled slow jam. But, just as that vibe creeps in, those guitar chords jangle, and it turns the track into something a bit more on the surfy pop side of the world. What can I say, I’m a sucker for just that little breezy riff hanging out on the line, and I have a feeling you’re going to be bobbing too! Look for the band to release a new EP at the end of the month.

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