Jesse Tabish Announces Cowboy Ballads Pt. 1

I’ve known Jesse Tabish since he was a teenager. Long before he took the stage opening for the likes of Radiohead with his band Other Lives. But, with the announcement of Cowboy Ballads Pt. 1, you can hear a confident songwriter building the world he’s slowly been building for himself over the last two decades. Everything feels huge and extravagant, like the score to a movie on TMC, though much of this new LP was recorded by Jesse and his wife Kim, as well as various other friends form his musical circle. I love the way the song has this natural swing to it, sort of a bossanova groove that rides on the undercurrent, bringing in the positivity that Jesse hopes to share in this new record. Cowboy Ballads Pt. 1 is out on October 21st via Play It Again Sam.

Digging This New FEWS Tune

FEWS are yet another act in a long line of ridiculously talented Malmo based bands, and with their new LP on the horizon, it’s time we give this new tune a spin. It’s got this natural movement and sharpness to the guitars, akin to what I remember from that one good Bloc Party album…though more in an angular arty way, as opposed to the dance rhythms. What really sold me, however, was the sort of cool indifference of the chorus, polished off to leave you with this driving groove you can’t escape. The band’s Into Red will be released on March 1st via Play It Again Sam.

Noisy Number from FEWS

Just because this song’s filled with noise, don’t feel like FEWS are ascribing themselves to any particular genre of gaze or anything. Instead, they’re just creating this wall of heavy riffs that crash down upon your ears as the drums pound ominously in the distance. I’m interested in the matter-of-fact delivery of the vocals, almost hidden deep within the confines of the tune. And suddenly, it’s over. You’re jamming, you’re rocking…and then its done, so you can go back and play it again. Oh, and in case you haven’t caught the musical reference point yet, perhaps go check out Gary Numan.

Turn It Up Loud For This Post Punk From FEWS

fewsSwedish band FEWS have just signed to Play It Again Sam, which means that they deserve to be on your to-listen list. This track “The Zoo” from the group of gentleman is a three and a half minute cyclone of post punk, that whirls through with its violent guitars and brooding darkness. It doesn’t take long at all to be swept up in the tune, which makes me believe that their upcoming debut album, that we should expect sometime early next year, will be one not to miss. Take a listen below.

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Minimalist Post Punk From Editors

editorsIf there’s one thing I love most of all, it’s a front man with brooding vocals. When I heard this track from the Editors (U.K.), the first thing I noticed were the deep and commanding vocals from Tom Smith, and then I let the rest of the tune wash over me with its minimal subtleties and found myself engrossed in the slow moving track. “No Harm” is the newest track from this band, and it’s taken from their untitled forthcoming LP which will be out sometime in the near future. This song is largely based around the vocals, but if you listen, there’s a lot of nuance going on– layers of synth upon evenly serene percussion and later on some smooth electric guitar.

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