Jesse Tabish Announces Cowboy Ballads Pt. 1

I’ve known Jesse Tabish since he was a teenager. Long before he took the stage opening for the likes of Radiohead with his band Other Lives. But, with the announcement of Cowboy Ballads Pt. 1, you can hear a confident songwriter building the world he’s slowly been building for himself over the last two decades. Everything feels huge and extravagant, like the score to a movie on TMC, though much of this new LP was recorded by Jesse and his wife Kim, as well as various other friends form his musical circle. I love the way the song has this natural swing to it, sort of a bossanova groove that rides on the undercurrent, bringing in the positivity that Jesse hopes to share in this new record. Cowboy Ballads Pt. 1 is out on October 21st via Play It Again Sam.

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