Quiet Beauty From Carver Baronda

I hope you will join me in welcoming to the new artist buzz train New Orleans based songwriter Carver Baronda. She makes incredibly personal, heartfelt folk inspired tunes with hints of reverb and sparse backing beats. Our first exposure to this delightful new artist comes from her latest single “Devotion”. For me it fits perfectly as something coming out of New Orleans right now as hurricanes and weather threat the region again and we all seem to question our devotion to various things. Lovely songwriting.

Bardona will release a debut EP entitled Spooky Love on October 18th. (pre-order)

Dan Mangan – More Or Less

Rating: ★★★★ ·

I had to search our own site to find out how long it’s been since I’ve posted an album review and I will refrain from embarrassing myself with the exact timeframe, though you could search yourself I guess. We as an ATH staff have been neglectful as a whole when it comes to album reviews and we are hoping to rectify this moving forward. Hopefully you can understand that if an album has brought me out of my review slumber it must be a great one. The very soon to be released new album from Dan Mangan, More Or Less, is just such an album because, holy hell, it’s impressive. Hit the jump for some thoughts, photos, and tunes.

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Fun New Track From Jonathan Something

It’s almost summer around these parts for teachers, and as I struggle to make it to the finish line, I need some inspiring songs to help motivate me. This new song called “Outlandish Poetica” from Jonathan Something is sure to perk me up and help me survive the next coming weeks. The track has a very playful vibe to it, similar to something you might hear from the early days of Wilco, but with more of an explosive sound to it. Call it what you will, it’s sure to brighten your day.

An album sharing this song’s title will be released sometime in August or September via Solitaire Recordings.

Stream New John Hufford

Are you looking for something quiet today, something that speaks the spirit of humanity? Then stop here, have a listen to John Hufford and his new single. After a battle with Lyme disease, John took to penning songs in his home, in the vein of Elliott Smith and other like minded balladeers. But, on his latest release, he owns this quiet confidence that perfectly sets a balance in your day. There’s something warming in his vocal delivery, like a friendly whisper of encouragement giving you just a hint of light when needed. Soft guitar strumming and strong vocals always move us. Look for John’s Sleep EP to drop on December 15th.

ATX Spotlight: Calvin Locklear

I wish I could say I’m surprised when I discover new Austin artists since we think we know everything, but let’s get real, this town is full of up and coming artists waiting to be discovered. Take local songwriter Calvin Locklear for example. Prior to only a few days ago, I honestly had never heard his name mentioned despite my keen ear to the local scene. Well he’s recently released an EPs worth of material entitled No One is Listening and suggested we check out this track “Wet Cement” from the 6 song extended player. Immediately the voice of Locklear reminds me quite a bit of Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz) which, paired with his folk rock/R&B blend, creates something really in a genre all its own. It’s refreshing to hear something new is happening in Austin.

If you’re into it, Locklear has more music on Soundcloud and his entire new EP streaming on bandcamp.

Andrew St. James Gives Us Another Gem

At this point, San Francisco based singer/songwriter Andrew St. James is a not just a label mate, but also a friend. As the months go by, it’s incredible to see the amount of songs he records and pumps out. Seriously, it’s crazy. What’s even more crazy, is that all of the songs offer something unique and special. Andrew’s latest single “In the Morning” continues his recent hot streak of jams. This one offers a sort of Paul Simon vibe with it’s poppy drums and driving theme. Keep it up kid.

St. James is releasing a new album entitled The Big Ole Veronica Apology Record this Friday, June 16h.

Also don’t forget to pick up your copy of Andrew’s 7″ single we released recently on bandcamp.

Great New Track From Jack Ladder

artworks-000104359373-5o2vaa-t500x500Jack Ladder is an artist that I was introduced to a few years ago and I have been following him and his band The Dreamlanders ever since.  Today I’m excited to hear that a new album is in the works and the first single called “To Keep and be Kept”is available for streaming.  I’m loving the haunting, deep vocal style that originally made me a fan.  The sweet and soothing vocal contribution from Sharon Van Etten here plays beautifully off the baritone of Jack to create an enchanting and memorable song.

Playmates is available on February 24th via Fat Possum.

Intimate Number From Chris Staples

10440874_10152250750192857_1649314468670230278_nSeattle based musician Chris Staples is often times more well known for the artists he frequently supports as a guitarist than for his own outstanding solo material.  Today I want to put the spotlight on Chris and share with you his beauty of a new single called “Hold Onto Something”.  You can expect a mellow tune that may take some time to get under your skin and find a home, but once it does, you will find it’s not going anywhere.  Chris easily has one of my favorite voices in the business.

Pick up new album, American Soft, on August 12th via Barsuk Records.

Austin Spotlight: Diego McCartney

5a6b9325ca13a9d1-youtubeprofilepicAs I’ve previously mentioned, I feel like Austin is really make a strong resurgence with the high number of quality musicians we are currently churning out.  The last few years have really produced some memorable artists for me and I’m hoping we can continue that momentum going.  Moving us in the right direction is new and upcoming songwriter Diego McCartney.  Apparently Diego has been making music for quite some time on his own and has just now decided to offer his beautiful tunes up to the world.  This one, “Found in Few”, is fairly simple at first, but incredibly powerful after a few more listens.  The gentle guitar strumming mixed in with the perfect, emotional delivery of the vocals creates a really special moment here.  Enjoy.

Diego has a few more tunes over on his soundcloud page.  Say hi or drop him a line on his website.

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