The Eastern Sea @ The Parish (1.19)

Date Saturday, January 19th
Location The Parish
Doors 8:00 PM
Tickets $12 from The Parish

After an excellent 2012, The Eastern Sea is taking aim at the New Year, bringing their sounds to The Parish–they’ll benefit from such an excellent sound board.  Their release of Plague last year made a lot of year end lists, including our own, so you can expect an incredible set from the group Saturday night.  They’ll be joined by The Kopecky Family Band and Emily Wolfe on the evening, rounding out a solid bill for a jam-packed weekend of music.  If you like you’re tunes well-crafted, then this is the place to be this weekend.


Download:The Eastern Sea – A Lie [MP3]

Show Preview: Blockhead @ Parish (12/21)

Date 12/21/12
Location The Parish
Doors 8pm
Tickets $24

It’s the end of the world as we know it and what better way to go out than spending your last night on Earth at the Parish. Well, technically it’s not the “end” of the world, but the “Beginning of the World” according to the folks from Re-evolution Media. They have put together a great lineup of musicians and performance artists to celebrate the new era in our planet’s history, including Ninjatune‘s own Blockhead (AKA Tony Simon) who’s touting a great new LP, Interludes After Midnight. Come on out to get your aura cleansed and celebrate the dawning of a new day in style!


Blockhead – Never Forget Your Token

Show Preview: David Bazan @ The Parish (12/1)

Date 12/1/12
Location The Parish
Doors 9pm
Tickets SOLD OUT!

If only I was in town Saturday night, I’d surely be at the Parish on Saturday night for a nostalgic show featuring David Bazan playing the Pedro the Lion classic Control.  Now I don’t see any word of an opener on the website, so attendees are all in for a special treat to take us back to our younger days.  My apologies for those of you without tickets, because the show is sold out.  This show post made me go back and listen to that classic album from 2002, and you should really be there to relive the glory.


Download: Pedro the Lion – Penetration [MP3]

ATH Interviews: Doug Guller

We here at ATH have always been huge fans of east side venue Scoot Inn, so we were intrigued to hear that Austin business mogul Doug Guller was purchasing the property.  Doug obviously knows the live music scene here in town, as he has owned and maintained popular venue The Parish for quite awhile.  Our intrigue of this recent acquisition lead to an informal interview with Doug via email.  Follow the jump for Doug’s responses to how he plans to restart the famous east side locale.

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Show Preview: Mt. Eerie @ the Parish (9.27)

Date Thursday, September 27th
Location The Parish
Doors 900 PM
Tickets $12 @ Transmission

There are some venues that seem to be created for certain bands, and I whole-heartedly feel that the Parish is here to host acts like Mt. Eerie.  Phil Elvrum’s work, either with the Microphones, or with Mt. Eerie, has always been intimate and gentle.  I can’t imagine another place that would be as suited to host Phil’s work on Thursday, as the sound at the Parish is definitely going to bring you closer to Elvrum’s music.  He’s already released two great albums this year, Clear Moon and Ocean Roar, and he’ll be bringing those tunes to life for you.  If you’re in need of something emotionally affecting, then you need to make your way to see Phil on Thursday night.


Download: Mount Eerie – Ocean Roar [MP3]

Show Preview: KVRX End Of Summer Show @ The Parish (8/26)

Date 8/26/12
Location The Parish
Doors 7pm
Tickets $5 @ Frontgate

For those of you recovering from a weekend hangover and looking for a good show, head on over to The Parish on Sunday night for a nice show put together by local station KVRX.  The lineup features a slew of great local talent in the form of The Young, Sleep Good, Belaire, East Cameron Folkcore, and The White White Lights.  It’s rare that you’ll get to see this much talent in one night for such a cheap price.


Download: Sleep Good – Summer Explosion [MP3]

Show Preview: Here We Go Magic @ the Parish (6/19)

Date Saturday, Feb 15th
Location The Parish
Doors 800 pm
Tickets $12 from Frontgate

We’ve been huge fans of Here We Go Magic for years, so we’re always going to encourage you to get out and see their live shows.  The group’s got something going live, with Luke Temple orchestrating vibrant music with his band, creating joying pop music that everyone can appreciate. They come into town supporting their recent release, A Different Ship, which came out a short while ago on Secretly Canadian.  Also making an appearance will be Austin’s Hundred Visions and Moonlight Gram, who I can’t seem to find anything on, but I love a good Field of Dreams reference.  See you Tuesday folks.


Download:Here We Go Magic – Make Up Your Mind [MP3]


Show Pics: Tennis @ The Parish (5/8)

Spaulding, get dressed you’re playing golf. – No I’m not grandpa, I’m playing tennis.

Tennis played The Parish on a Tuesday, a rainy Tuesday. The show was sold out, very sold out. There a few shows a year that bring out the part time show-goers, this was definitely one of them. It’s not a bad thing, by any means. We need them to come out so that they get hooked again and we can get better booking and venue additions/remodels. In fact, this is precisely why The Parish was reborn with its great lights and fantastic sound.

Vacationer came along and we all had a good time, well most of us. Read for notes and pics.

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