Show Pics: Wild Cub @ The Parish (7/25)

Wild CubSometimes when I go to a show I want to be dazzled. Sometimes, I want to be challenged. Sometimes, I want to discover. However, we all need a night where you can just smile.

I caught Wild Cub at ACL a couple years back on the small BMI stage with a crowd that probably had never heard a Wild Cub song. By the end of their set, they had a few thousand new fans. I caught them again at the Mohawk during SxSW, a great way to end a day of chasing news. The reality is that this band isn’t our normal share, but the guys from Nashville put out perfect pop songs and deliver them in the live setting so convincingly, that you have to love them.

We headed out to The Parish for some much needed jams. Read on for thoughts and pics…

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Show Preview: The Antlers @ The Parish (7/20)

antlersIt seems like a few years ago, The Antlers were on top of the indie rock world.  They’d crafted two great records, won over countless fans, but with their latest album, Familiars, they didn’t seem to get as much fanfare as one would hope for.  Personally, I think that’s quite sad, as the ornate qualities of the record have made it a repeated joy to listen to time and time again.  They’ll be bringing their careful craftsmanship into town on Sunday night over at the Parish, which seems like the perfect venue for their sound. The show will start off at 8 PM with Thus Owls, so if you’ve got tickets, be sure to get there early to catch them as well.  You can see the latest live video as a reason why you need to show up early  HERE.



ATH Interview: Wye Oak + Show Preview (7/6)

wyeoakIf you’re looking for shows to attend this week, odds are you’ve found something to your liking.  But, before the work week starts back up, there’s a nice little show over at the Parish featuring Wye Oak that you should catch.  They’ll be playing with Pattern is Movement, and you can buy yourself a ticket to the show right HERE.  We caught up with Andy real quickly for some questions about their tour, and their latest album, Shriek.  Read on for the interview.  Read more

Show Preview: Hanni El Khatib @ the Parish (10.18)

Bass Drum Of Death

Date Friday, October 18th
Location The Parish
Doors 8:00 PM
Tickets $15 from Frontgate

Shows are coming fast and quick around here in Austin, and a this week seems jam packed with great events. Those of you with a heavy-hand should definitely keep your eyes on this Hanni El Khatib show at the Parish on Friday night.  The headliner is out in support of Head in the Dirt, which is a raucous affair of hooks and bangers.  Even more important is that Bass Drum of Death will be opening the evening for you all.  Their riotous live shows are something of legend around here…almost as legendary as their phenomenal recorded output. I bet the night’s loud in the best way possible. Join us won’t you!


Download: Bass Drum of Death – I Dunno [MP3]

Show Pics: Young Girls @ Parish Underground (8/16)

Was it worth the wait?

Sometimes, you get so jacked up about seeing a headliner that it gets hard to deal with opening bands, antsy for the dancy. Last Friday was one such night. We all like the gents in Young Girls. They get silly and are ready to party. Nathan convinced them to put out their pending 7″ on Austin Town Hall Records. How about that?

ATH went to Parish Underground and checked out the new material from one of our current favorite acts. I took pics and grabbed a little video sample of their inevitable hit.

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Show Preview: Young Girls

younggirlsI know a lot of you think that heading to My Bloody Valentine is the smart choice Friday night, but we’ve got something better for you…at least as far as your wallet is concerned. There are some great local acts playing over at Parish, including up-and-comers, Empire Machines, as well as 3D Friends and El Paso’s Mattox  But, my money is on our friends from Young Girls stealing the show.  They’re in the process of recording new tracks, and they’ve already been playing some of those new hits for us all–guaranteed fun! Not only should our recommendation set things going, but it’s only $5! Super cheap, super fun. We’ll be there.


Download: Young Girls – Another Day [MP3]

Show Preview: Overseas @ The Parish (8/3)


Date 8/3/13
Location The Parish
Doors 8pm
Tickets $15 @ Frontgate

Indie supergroup Overseas are stopping into town on Saturday at the Parish and we highly recommend you go and check it out.  For those not in the know, the band is comprised of ATH favorites David Bazan of Pedro the Lion, Will Johnson of Centro-matic, and Matt and Bubba Kadane of Bedhead.  I don’t know about you, but that sounds like something magical.  Joining the super group on stage you’ll get great locals Monahans and Chase Weinacht of Marmalakes.  See ya there?


Download: Overseas – Ghost To Be [MP3]


Show Preview: Futurebirds @ The Parish (8/1)

Date 8/1/13
Location The Parish
Doors 8:00pm
Tickets $13 or $15 door

So you aren’t going to the dance party at ACL Live with Empire of the Sun? (Plug for IT Dept. Summer playlist) How about something completely different?

Sure, Futurebirds are headlining, but damn, what an undercard with buzz-band Diarrhea Planet and locals The Midgetmen. I am going to set you up with a pair of songs to listen to to get your money spent in the stairwell and a stamp put on your hand. My favorite is the smiley face.

First up, a lovely piece by Futurebirds from a couple years back.


Download: Futurebirds – Dirty D [MP3]

…and here is a jam from Diarrhea Planet.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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