Abram Shook Shares Your Time

Since the inception of this site back in the 00s, Abram Shook has been a constant feature on these Internet pages…either as a solo artists or one of his various projects like Feverbones or Great Nostalgic. Next week, he’ll be releasing his new LP, the Neon Machine, and while it definitely has his imprint, I think a lot of folks will be surprised by the sounds. For me, the synth pulse, albeit in a smooth fashion, was an unexpected twist; it’s interesting how some of those notes match the rhythm of Abram’s vocal delivery. Speaking of his vocals, there’s this velvety soulfulness that it far more pronounced than anything he’s done; I think the “with your time” line is the only time when I was like “yeah, this sounds like Abram, 100%.” It’s a really impressive shift into new territory, and I can see this getting some Neon Indian comparisons for those with careful ears. The new LP is out August 16th via Western Vinyl. He’ll be out on the road through October with White Denim, mostly through East Coast/Midwest; check some of those dates HERE.

New Music from Abram Shook

As you know, we’re big Abram Shook fans; he even let us put out an LP by his Feverbones project, so when he’s crafting new tunes, our heads turn right away. I think those longtime fans will immediately notice that this record is a bit of a new twist for Abram; it sounds and looks like a pop record, albeit one spun through the lens of Shook. His soft vocal delivery seems to highlight the song’s natural rhythm, while synth stabs build in a toe-tapping groove beneath the whole mix; it’s all crafted under Abram’s typical attention to detail, with every note throughout being purposeful. The Neon Machine will be available on August 16th via Western Vinyl.

Abram Shook Shares New Tune

We’ve known Abram Shook for a really long time, since the beginning of this little site, actually. We’ve watched him grow, worked with he and his project Feverbones to release their LP, and now we seeing him grow again. The last few months he’s teased us with images that border on space-alien or maybe even disco; we knew something was coming, and now we finally get to hear it! In the first 40 seconds he offers up this sort of tinkering pop ambiance, but just after that, the song really drops in and there’s a funkier element to what Shook is working with in the song. That funk has always existed, especially if you’ve been fortunate enough to watch him play live, but it’s way out in the open here, then smoothed and polished for the chorus. We hear he might have a new album on the horizon, but for now, we just get this single!

Stephen Steinbrink Shares New Single

This new Stephen Steinbrink number dropped at the end of the day yesterday, so why not start off our Friday by pointing you in the right direction…in case you missed out. While he’s toured in various acts through the years, he also has an extensive discography…but perhaps Utopia Teased will be the pinnacle. This track works around the softness of Steinbjrink’s voice and this rolling guitar line that seems built for ferrying you and your friends down some lone river even gets some aid from Melina from Jay Som to throw in some nice harmonies. Look for the new LP on November 9th via Western Vinyl.

Juliana Daugherty Releases New Single

Juliana Daugherty has already popped up on our radar with her first single from her forthcoming LP, and the latest single only cements our earlier praise. Musically, it’s pretty minimal, with the song predominantly working around a quieted guitar strum; you’ll get extra little electronic samples bubbling up carefully so as not to overstate their presence. Throughout the track, her voice mesmerizes, rising and falling with purpose as each lyric is delivered; there’s almost a hint of a quiver that creates an added aura of intimacy between performer and listener. Her new LP, Light, will be delivered on Jun 1st via Western Vinyl.

New Music from Juliana Daugherty

This debut album from Juliana Daughtery is shaping up to be some kind of wonderful. Today she shares the title track from her Light record, illustrating the captivating magic of her voice. She opens the song primarily on her own, matching notes with piano chords; it’s here you can first hear that angelic quiver in the voice that draws listeners into her work. Musically, the song’s pretty bare, but that only adds to the emotional tug of Daughtery’s voice; she manages rising and falling notes, wrapping them around a sampled loop that runs through the song’s latter half. You can get your hands on this LP on June 1st via Western Vinyl.

More from the New Air Waves LP

Warrior, the new album from Nicole Schneit’s Air Waves project comes at you next Friday, but before we get there, let’s have one final single, shall we? The album’s title track is not only a powerful step in the thematic elements of the record, but it’s also a testament to the driving infectiousness that pervades the LP. A propulsive guitar line pushes you through the entirety of the tune, vocals delivered in an almost chant/protest fashion. It will also carry a bit of weight that her friend Kevin Morby joins her for some backing vocals on this number; look for the LP April 6th via Western Vinyl.

New Aisha Burns Album On Its Way

Aisha Burns is a long-time friend of the site, and we’re really glad she’s got a new LP on its way. This track hits you emotionally right from the start, pulled deep within by the sheer magnificence of her voice. Strong and powerful, it soars, but the depth of this song is truly reached when the strings are woven into the song’s tapestry. The power of the music alone should connect you to the thematic elements in Aisha’s new record; it’s an album where she works through the struggles of losing her mother and coping with such a loss. It’s a powerful piece, and we can fully expect that Argonauta will be just as strong; it’s released on May 25th via Western Vinyl.

Circling Back on In Tall Buildings

RayRay already wrote about the forthcoming In Tall Buildings album, and it’s my turn to throw my hat into the ring after the band recently released this new video for “Curtain.” Steady electronic pulses serve as the song’s central backbone, while you’ve got to pay careful attention to Erik Hall’s voice to hear the switches from verse to chorus; these are subtle changes that beg a careful ear, as you’re likely easily entranced by the soft quality Hall presents. Near the track’s end, a discordant noise indicates a raise in volume and power, leaving you with an emphatic emotional punch before fading to black. Akinetic will drop on March 2nd via Western Vinyl.

Brand New Music from Air Waves

I’ve been a huge supporter of Air Waves, and was really excited when Nicole Schneit returned to the work with Parting Glances (2015). Today she’s announced her brand new effort, Warrior, which will be released April 6th via Western Vinyl. The record is said to employ the concept “warrior” in various fashions, whether that be her mother fighting cancer or a queer person struggling in the present political climate. Musically, it’s a pretty stripped down song, at least on the surface; has some quieted percussion and backing vocals supporting Nicole’s remarkable voice in the front. Honestly, it has a bit of Beach House to it, only with a little more clarity coming through. Another welcome tune to her catalog…be sure to grab the LP come April.


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