Gabriel Birnbaum Shares A Feeling Unbroken

We’ve had our eye on Gabriel Birnbaum for some time, whether that be his solo work, like the forthcoming Patron Saint of Tireless Losers, or his work with Wilder Maker. Today, we get this lonesome ballad from the solo side of things, drawing upon Birnbaum’s excellent voice to really sell the track itself. Musically, it’s pretty stark, with light hums from the gentle strum reverberating, kind of giving this almost percussive nature to the picked notes. By building in that depth of sound, it really allows Gabriel’s vocals to completely charm; there are moments when the melody is so sweet that you almost feel like its a chorale group serenading you. Patron Saint of Tireless Losers is out June 28th via Western Vinyl.

Strand of Oaks Shares Party at Monster Lake

Not sure exactly what it was that grabbed me, but there’s something magical about the new single from Strand of Oaks. Part of me wants to pledge allegiance to the father/son panda duo of the video version, but I’m also keenly aware that Tim Showalter’s vocal performance here is what really made this track a marvel. A synthetic backbone sets up a light strum, and though simple, that’s all Showalter needed to roll out his voice; it hits a true high point when he hits the line “there’s something about the rain,” which oddly coincides with what’s going on outside my window at the moment. If you think the vocals are all that matter though, be careful when you open up the music box as the tune is filled to the brim with accents and nuance that create this huge texture that soaks you in emotion. Miracle Focus is out June 7th via Western Vinyl….with an Austin release show on June 21st at the Parish.

Gabriel Birnbaum Announces Patron Saint of Tireless Losers

Good things come to those who wait, or at least that’s the camp I’m in when it comes to news of Gabriel Birnbaum‘s new LP, five years after releasing the excellent Not Alone. I first came to appreciate Birnbaum as a songwriter with Wilder Maker, and he’s only grown in his approach. When recording the new album, he kept the demos to himself, bringing them to the musicians he was recording with so as to flesh the song’s out together. That sort of organic nature is definitely apparent on the single, with a liveliness bleeding through the recording when it comes to the arrangements; it feels almost as if you’re right there as they’re jamming out. His new album has found a home on Western Vinyl, who release Patron Saint of Tireless Losers on June 28th.

Strand of Oaks Announces Miracle Focus

Tim Showalter has described his new record Miracle Focus as a record that represents “a temple of peace in my life,” so when listening to the first single, it’s interesting trying to piece together the puzzle in where this would fit in a record; you’ll find that it’s the opening tune on the album, which perhaps hints at its mesmerizing blend of soulful vocals and wash of electronic atmosphere. His voice, for longtime Strand of Oaks fans, is always going to be the draw, and this approach sees him moving that even further into a croon-adjacent voice; I think of moments of Cohen or Cave (also Patrick Wolf, but not sure that’s a household name), just letting their notes drip with emotion. It’s going to be really special when this all gets put together; Miracle Focus is out on June 7th via Western Vinyl.

Lamplight Share Confrontation Video

We’re a little over a month away from Lamplight‘s new self-titled album, and with that, we get to partake in a musical meditation of sorts, so join us for “Confrontation.” When the song gets underway, we find a slight little guitar tickle working over percussive string strokes and handclaps; the unified rhythm section almost lulls you into the track. It hangs there for nearly 1.5 minutes, lyrics sung almost like daggers, emphatically striking the notes for punctuation…and then it opens up. Guitars begin to bend and meld, much like the visual work of the video, carrying you away, like that moment during meditation when you have to focus to bring it all back…and Ian Hatcher-Williams does just that, bringing you back into the folds of the tune. The self-titled LP is out on March 1st via Western Vinyl.

Aisha Burns Covers Chris Isaak

I shit you not; I received four different emails from four different projects, all of which were covering Chris Isaak, and all of them covering “Wicked Game.” But, I’m only running this Aisha Burns cover because a) she’s always been kind to us at ATH b) it’s being released by Western Vinyl, who have also shared a lot of kindnesses over the years c) Aisha’s voice almost betters Isaak’s (yeah, I said it). Burns, in the press release, looks at the spell of unrequited love in terms of what its like to be both an artist and an African-American woman living in the United States, drawn to art and humanity despite those things not being reciprocated. Well, played Aisha!

Lamplight Announce Self-Titled LP

While it may be sunny here in Austin today, there’s bound to be some colder climes, patiently waiting for the music of Lamplight to brilliantly warm their souls. Every musical step here carries this weighted intent, with the edges of the tune billowing with emotional arrangements; I loved the piano plodding, but the twang of the slide guitar and gentle horns just lift this track to the heavens. In a way, it feels like something Pedro the Lion adjacent, albeit with huge feels that are pretty near inescapable. There’s this nostalgia to it, even in the lyrics, all of it allowing the song to just sit with you, stay awhile with your heart. Western Vinyl was surely on to something when they agreed to release the band’s self-titled LP next March!

Quien Es Geronimo Shares Levedad

If ever there was a song that felt like rubbing the sleep out of your eyes on a Monday, it’s this new track from Quien es Geronimo. The project is the moniker for Chilean songwriter Tomas Mendizabal, who is currently spending time in Mexico City, though the roots of this song stem from the artist’s time spent in Berlin. There’s a really light strum, almost like the melodic nature of the vocals was meant to be the dominating factor. Bits of electronic orchestration build and swirl around the strum and voice, peaking, then fading into obscurity as the track quietly leaves you, sated and calmed, ready for the rest of your day. This track is made available courtesy of Western Vinyl.


Activity Share I Saw His Eyes Single

Monday is generally thought of as the start of the work week, and I feel like Activity have created the perfect song that encapsulates that day and unfolds just as the week does. Carefully, the track opens, almost as if you’re rubbing the sleep from your eyes, little creaks of strings and ambiance hanging in the distance. Beneath, you can feel a rising tension, moving towards the next moment (or day), with the drums picking up pace and the guitars churning out a more dangerous mood. You get this back and forth, quiet and subdued, then bursting back into the swelling bit of noise. If you’re digging on it, the band drop Spirit in the Room this Friday via Western Vinyl.

Old Fire Share Window Without a World ft. Julia Holter

There’s this building tranquility in the forthcoming LP from John Mark Lapham’s Old Fire project, and perhaps no track on the album better epitomizes that than this carefully constructed new single, featuring Julia Holter. Everything about this tune feels like slow-motion, like some sort of glitch in the matrix where you can see/hear the goings-on, but only watch from your window. Julia’s voice is actually a sample Lapham used from “World,” but he’s almost made it robotic, which only increases the solitude of the vocal in the midst of this ever expansive tune. It’s really a quieting journey you won’t want to skip in this chaotic mess of a world. Voids will be out on November 4th via Western Vinyl.

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