Austin Free Week Reflections

ATH Free Week 14 BannerDespite the debates of recent months concerning Free Week and proper pay, it’s probably best if we look at the unique situation set up by promoters here in town (and Transmission wasn’t the only force putting on great shows!).  For a little over a week, every big venue in town was filling out line-ups with their favorite acts, the newest bands and the old stand-bys. Personally, I had an incredible time, and relished in the environment Austin offers.  

Here’s some thoughts for you, as well as my highlights. 

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Show Pics: Young Girls @ Parish Underground (8/16)

Was it worth the wait?

Sometimes, you get so jacked up about seeing a headliner that it gets hard to deal with opening bands, antsy for the dancy. Last Friday was one such night. We all like the gents in Young Girls. They get silly and are ready to party. Nathan convinced them to put out their pending 7″ on Austin Town Hall Records. How about that?

ATH went to Parish Underground and checked out the new material from one of our current favorite acts. I took pics and grabbed a little video sample of their inevitable hit.

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Show Preview: Young Girls

younggirlsI know a lot of you think that heading to My Bloody Valentine is the smart choice Friday night, but we’ve got something better for you…at least as far as your wallet is concerned. There are some great local acts playing over at Parish, including up-and-comers, Empire Machines, as well as 3D Friends and El Paso’s Mattox  But, my money is on our friends from Young Girls stealing the show.  They’re in the process of recording new tracks, and they’ve already been playing some of those new hits for us all–guaranteed fun! Not only should our recommendation set things going, but it’s only $5! Super cheap, super fun. We’ll be there.


Download: Young Girls – Another Day [MP3]

Texas Spotlight: New Tune from Young Girls

youngWe’ll stand by this band forever and ever, amen. The dudes in Young Girls are a blast to hang with, and they write exceptionally great tunes to go with their personality.  I don’t know why, but I always think about a weird combination of Richie Valens and the Smiths, but it might be Charlie’s hair that does that. Regardless, the group just recorded a short live set at Austin’s KVRX, and it’s got all new hits for you to taste.  You can pick up all four songs and donate to the group’s valiant cause HERE.  This is my personal favorite, though they’re all hits in my mind.


Download: Young Girls – Another Day

Show Preview: Young Girls @ Mohawk (4.16)


Date Tuesday, April 16th
Location Mohawk
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $6 @ the Door

Let’s face it, we can all use a good pick me up, emotionally speaking.  It may sound a bit off, but sometimes escapism is a simple solution, albeit one that might be short lived.  In that case, I can’t think of a more uplifting way to spend tonight than surrounded by friends at Mohawk watching Young Girls.  Their music reminds me of the innocence and purity in indie pop, where lyrics are simple and hooks collide.  They’ll be joined by Gang Sign and Single Lash, so the energy should be high, and the music should be rad.  Let’s make the best of things the only way we know how.


Download: Young Girls – Mexico in December [MP3]

Austin Free Week: Friday Night Highlights

Man, this next week and a half is shaping up to be a blast for everyone in Austin, and Friday is really starting to turn things up a notch.  I’ve already caught great sets by Endless Thoughts, Politics and Parquet Courts, so I’m really looking forward to the rest of what’s in-store. If you can’t make it out this weekend, don’t forget that Free Week now goes on into next week too! Here’s my suggestions for Friday.  Read more

Show Preview: Ume @ Frontier Bar (7/4)


Date 7/4/12
Location Frontier Bar
Doors 4pm
Tickets FREE!!

Those of you not into the whole fireworks, lake, etc. type thing for the 4th of July should really consider probably the best show in town for the night at the recently opened Frontier Bar in Austin.  The show features some of our favorite local acts like Young Girls, Grape St., Ume, Fouled Out, Well Dressed Thieves, and Black Salve.  This entertaining show will also feature free beer and food while it lasts, a huge slip and slide, and other free goodies throughout the day/night.  Hey look, I just made your Fourth of July plans!  You’re welcome.


Download: Ume – Captive [MP3]

Show Preview: Roky Moon Birthday Show @ 29th Street Ballroom (5/4)

Date Friday, May 4th
Location 29th Street Ballroom
Doors 900p
Tickets CHEAP!!!

Dudes, you gotta go to this.  I know it’s in the non-traditional part of the music scene, but sometimes that’s where the best stuff goes down. Friday night is a huge bash featuring tons of local acts on three different stages, so you can bounce around and see what you dig.  Me, well, I’ll definitely be checking out our friends Young Girls and Shivery Shakes; Sour Notes will also be on my list! Of course, some of these bands I haven’t seen yet, so I’m going to try to get in as many bands as possible. Come out and have a blast with us!


Download: Young Girls – Party Tape [MP3]


Download: Shivery Shakes – Wait [MP3]

Sunday Fun with Young Girls

It’s Easter Sunday, and while a great many of you are out celebrating eggs with your families, I’m at home working on our site, hoping to let my body recover.  Why must it recover? Well, RayRay and I spent the evening out on the town with our friends Young Girls, trying to convince them to put out their next record with us later this summer.  If you haven’t had a chance already to get into these guys, take a listen below to see precisely why we’re so excited about working with these dudes.  Their tracks are catchy, their spirit spreads, and you just can’t help having a good time with them.  Take a listen to a track from their last self-titled album and enjoy your Sunday.


Download:Young Girls – Party Tape [MP3]

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