• track 7 is EPIC. E P I C ! ! ! CANT STOP SHOUTING!!!! CANT PUT ARMS DOWN!!!!

    builds and builds for several minutes starting in the middle.

    Urn Bitur?

    I like it. Seeing the Heima movie makes all the difference for this band. Helps you see where they are coming from, musically and geographically

  • Dude that movie is the bomb diggity!

  • pitchfork didn’t care for the epic track:
    “Far more unforgivable is the comically overstuffed “Ára bátur”, which is a bet-hedging and nerveless exercise that bridges another aimless solo piano movement with a culminating swell so over-the-top that Andrew Lloyd Webber himself would have deemed it a little much. That the album’s official bio proudly touts the 90-strong recording (which boasts both the London Sinfonietta and the London Oratory Boys’ Choir) as “the largest musical undertaking of the band’s career”– and that it’s easily the worst thing on here– speaks volumes of a different kind.”

    Pretty scathing review for getting a score of 7.5. They really wanted them to sound more like animal collective. Sparse, less over the top. But that’s not what this band is about is it? Hope not.

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