06/21 Sera Cahoone Show + Interview

The country music & bluegrass world needs more women like Sera Cahoone. Long before my time, women like Emmy Lou Harris & Loretta Lynn carried the torch as THE women of the genre. Not afraid to say what they think about their latest man or toss out the occasional dirty word along with the strum on the finest Gibson acoustic. Sure the world still has their Kathleen Edwards or even Allison Krause to some extent but I feel we need more from the women of the genre. I feel like Sera is one of these women of country music who can carry that torch in the new generation. On Saturday night at Stubbs, she provided an intimate set full of the grit and vulnerability that used to come with those elder stateswomen of country music. Sera is backed by a slick backing band, giving her support with banjo picks, a pedal steel or the subtle smack of a drum. Jeff Fiedler also offers just the right amount of backing vocals for several songs. Have a look see if Sera Cahoone passes through your town, she’ll show you what I mean about being an empowered woman of country/bluegrass music.

ATH sat down with Sera right after her brief set and asked her a few questions about music and the Denver Broncos:

ATH: So you did SXSW in March, what have you been up to since?
SC: I went back home to Seattle. I pretty much just hung out for a while and got this tour set up. I’ve also been trying to write some new songs.

ATH: What do you/did you like about Austin?
SC: It’s a pretty typical vibrant city ya know. Like tonight I was walking around and there were people everywhere, some bands were playing, it just seems like a really fun city.

ATH: Going back to Seattle… I know Seattle is like Austin in that some bands tend to get frustrated with how many bands their are in the town and sometimes find it hard to make it outside or even in the city with so many options.
SC: In a way but I don’t think it’s anything bad. It’s more for you to try to push yourself to get out there. I love that their are so many different bands in Seattle and so many different ideas. People are pretty supportive of each other and pushing each other.

ATH: Where are you guys going after this?
SC: We are going to Santa Fe.

ATH: What’s it like touring with so many boys?
SC: I mean I’m kind of a tom-boy so it kinda just seems like I’m hanging out with my brothers. We’ve been a band for quite a long time so I’m really comfortable with all them. The guys in Grand Archives are really fun guys so it’s pretty laid back.

ATH: So you’ve been playing music since 12. What’s it like growing up in music and in bands?
SC: It’s kind of strange cause my family and my mom always were playing records but their was no one that was actually playing music. I was just always obsessed with it and I picked up the drums and started playing. I can’t really explain it that well. I was just obsessed with drums, I mean that’s all I did up until I got out of high school and kind of chilled out a little bit. But drums were always kind of my comfortable instrument.

ATH: So you were a drummer for several bands like Cassandra’s Wierd and Band of Horses. What’s it been like coming from behind the drums, writing your own songs and putting yourself out there?
SC: At first it was really hard because I’m a bit shy. Ya know with the drums you can kind of hide back there. It’s deffinately hard to put yourself on people and have them hear what you’re saying. As you do it more, it gets easier, but it’s still weird.

ATH: So do you still play the drums & or record for anyone?
SC: Yea, I don’t play in a band or anything. I have a light little drum set at my house were I have Pro Tools and record things. I would like to play with bands but I just don’t have time.

ATH: Are you happy with the way the new record came out?
SC: Yea I’m really happy with the way it came out. The first record as well. I’m really proud of it. It came out exactly the way I wanted.

ATH: For someone who hasn’t heard it before what would you say it sounds like or what inspired you?
SC: Thats a hard question. I guess I would say kinda bluesish/folkish. I listen to a lot of records. I can’t compare myself to them but it’s inspired by a lot of bands.

ATH: Any new music your into? Grand Archives gave you some props.
SC: Ya know I haven’t bought a lot of new music lately. Oh yeah Grand Archives for sure is one. Kathleen Edwards is also one of my favorites. I don’t buy a lot of records and stuff.

ATH: Any old stuff on heavy rotation?
SC: Oh gosh… yeah. I guess a lot of Merle Haggard & Fleetwood Mac, oh and really old Lucinda Williams.

ATH: Are you following the Euro Cup?
SC: I don’t really follow soccer. I’m actually a big football fan.

ATH: Okay, who do you like next season?
SC: Denver Broncos

ATH: They going to the Super Bowl next year? You like their chances?
SC: I do. Of course I do.

ATH: R. Kelly, not guilty. How do you feel about that?
SC: I think it’s bullshit. I mean that guy is a piece of work. I mean I can’t believe it but then the girl denied it to though right? She probably had a gun to her head. He got off easy.

You heard it right here first. Sera Cahoone calls the Broncos in the Super Bowl. Don’t think we won’t remember that bold call.

The photo of Sera was taken by our wonderful photographer Jonathon Edwards. Visit him on MySpace.

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  • I couldn’t agree more with the statement that the world needs more from strong women in this great genre of music (and no, I’m not saying that just because I’m a girl). We caught this show in Dallas the night after they played Austin, and Sera Cahoone was as great as you’ve made her out to be. Her stunning rendition of “Delta Dawn” had the whole place either singing along or sitting with their jaw on the floor, amazed at how powerful her voice is.

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