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I know it’s a little hard to believe that Fun Fest is somehow going down this weekend.  It seems like we just recovered for a festival and now we have more fun to be had.  ATH will be ready of course with our previews (check out some from last week), interviews, and general advice for the weekend.  Our first interview of the years comes from up and coming locals Future Death.  We’re big fans of the band so imagine the excitement when they agreed to answer some of our ridiculous questions.  Follow the jump for more.

ATH: It’s always exciting for us to speak with some locals about Austin and the scene and we’re always curious to get opinions from locals.  So what do you guys think of the current status of the “live music capitol”?  Do we still deserve that label?  What have you seen changing over the last few years?

Angie: I feel that the term “live music capitol” is a gimmick that appeals to the tourism industry. “A Live Music City” would be more accurate. The city is growing so rapidly that I can’t even keep up. The east side is virtually unrecognizable to me.

Bill: Yea it’s more of a drinking Capitol than a music one.  But that might not be as appealing… There’s still creative people and a creative vibe though.  Which comes in handy when you have to come up with creative ways to afford living somewhere..

ATH: On that note, care to share you thoughts on the current status of Red River?

Angie: New condo developers and hoteliers are stifling the local music scene by screwing all the venues that make the local scene thrive. The city needs to protect these music venues if they want people to spend money downtown. Not just the locals, but tourists as well. I don’t understand people who move downtown and complain about the noise. I wish those people would move to Round Rock already.

Bill: Hopefully some things can be preserved, but it’s no surprise to see money come in and try and develop/ destroy something that their future tenants might have actually enjoyed, had they been given the chance.  But it’s cool..probably just have to have shows done by 8 pretty soon.

ATH: On to the music!  You guys just released a new EP this summer.  Tell us a little about the recording process.  Where did you go it, writing process, etc.

Angie: We took more time to write Cryptids EP because we put ourselves under a bit of pressure for the first two albums. We were still figuring out our sound. There are more samples, synth parts and a sort of positive, almost spiritual influence that we have been working towards. You will hear the resolution of it all in our upcoming full length LP in 2016.

Bill:  We recorded it in town at Ohm Recording.  We definitely explored more on this one; incorporating new elements and also putting it together for a cohesive flow from start to finish.

ATH: How does the new EP show growth in your band when compared to the last album?

Angie: We’re moving towards a bigger sound, more complex and layered. Every member has improved in technical ability. We’re trying to deconstruct the pop format, piece it back together and present it as a severely scratched up AC/DC record. Queen (the band) sized anthems, dystopian future sounds.

Bill:  We definitely make a point to not make the same record twice.  It’s pretty important for us to be moving into new realms.  I think we all personally exercise that in our own lives, so being creatively adventurous comes naturally when we write and brainstorm.  Not only with writing and recording, but also just conceptualizing.  It all still feels new to me, so that’s nice.

ATH: I giggle a little to myself when I read comments from critics who try to describe your sound.  How would you guys describe it?  Or are labels just not your thing?

Angie: Music criticism is hilarious. My favorite critic is from Amazon: “Fun to run to! Way more tracks than the last one!” He’s so right. I think the overall the vibe is noisy thrash pop with psych elements.

Bill:  I would make an absolutely terrible music critic.  But thrash pop sounds perfect… Yea.

ATH: As sometimes happens with locals, you guys are playing the festival pretty early.  Why should we all get up early to come see your set?  Sell us!

Angie: Because we’ll wake yer sleepy ass up. The Friday Black Stage line up turned out to be incredible – Nothing, Parquet Courts, Babes in Toyland, Converge, Drive Like Jehu, Coheed & Cambria. Future Death is also playing Sidewinder on Saturday at 11pm.

Bill:  Cheap Trick offered to switch slots but we wanted to stay on the Black Stage.

ATH: In that vein, who are you excited about on the lineup?

Angie: We were really excited to see D’Angelo, but Lauryn Hill is replacing him so that’s pretty tight. I’m looking forward to almost all the bands on the Black Stage, Shamir, Gesaffelstein, Wu-Tang Clan. There’s so many this year.

Bill: Converge!  Cheap Trick, Wu Tang.. But I have a feeling I’ll be all over that comedy tent….

ATH: Let’s end with a quick fire Austin only round:

  • Favorite venue(s)?
    • Angie: The Mohawk
    • Bill: Your House! (let’s book it)
  • Favorite watering hole?
    • Angie: Rio Rita’s
    • Bill: My house
  • Best Tacos in town?
    • Angie: Al Pastor Restaurant and Taco truck
    • Bill: Taco More
  • Local band we all need to be listening to?
    • Angie: Street Sects
    • Bill: Street Sects
  • Best festival in town?
    • Angie: I’ve never been, but probably Fun Fun Fun Fest
    • Bill: Definitely the FFF.

Thanks again guys for the time!  You can catch Future Death on Friday at 12:30 over on the Black Stage.

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