Premiere: This Frontier Needs Heroes Ready Real Job

thisfrontierI’m continuing this year with my love affair (reignited!) with country/folk tunes. This Frontier Needs Heroes are readying their new album, Real Job, which falls perfectly in line with the country genre, though I’m partial to the band’s brand of storytelling. For their latest single, they start off slowly with a story of smoking in Colorado before venturing off camping. As they move on, the pace is picked up by a rolling drum and extra musical accents to add depth to the lyrics of Brad Lauretti. For me, the attraction is two-fold, as I love the rambling attitude of the musicianship, but adore the friendly dictation from Lauretti (not to mention the alliteration in the song title)…like sitting around a camping campfire with a good old friend. Indulge yourself, and look for the new album on October 14th.

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